The Genuine Expertise of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the writer of smart money and has a publication called the Bauman Letter, which has 100,000 subscribers. He likes to help his audience with innovative ways to invest their money. Also, he gives legal and personal strategies. Ted Bauman gives advice on the things that strengthen personal investments or that can cause harm.

Ted Bauman was born in the United States, but once in college he moved to South Africa. After He finished college he went into a non-profit career for 2 decades, which focused on low income housing that helped many out of the slums. In one organization he has helped 14 million people!

In the article “Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes” He shines his expertise on the possible outcomes of a market crash which are: return to average ratio, yield curve recognition and crash and bounce. He wants people to understand the importance of the changes that can cause a negative effect on the stock market.

He explains how the market is overvalued right now. He gives insight on the cape ratio (price- to- earning), which compares corporate earnings stock over the past 10 years. He says that with the ratio being at a 32 if it goes back to normal ratio which is a 17, the stock market will drop 35 percent. He continues to Explain that the first to be affected in this scenario will be the investors.

Ted Bauman also explains that since the interest rates of bonds are staying low on long term investments there is nothing that will dramatically change the economy. If a recession happens then the S&P 500 will drop 25 percent. This could happen in the 4th quarter if an impeachment happens after the recession.

Lastly, He talks about a rise happening after a drop. The drop will happen because of rule-based selling but will be partially recovered. This scenario is like the 1987 Dow Jones 1 percent a day drop incident. If this happen to the S&P 500 it is likely to drop 18 percent.

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Ryan Seacrest And His Busy Schedule

Many celebrities in Hollywood have a lot on their plates but nobody’s schedule is busier than that of Ryan Seacrest. Yet, somehow, one of the busiest men in Hollywood found time to do an interview to talk about how he keeps himself so busy and how he’s able to juggle so many different positions at once. He begins his day by waking up at five in the morning so he can be at the studio by six to host one of the most popular radios shows out there, On Air With Ryan. After he’s finished at the radio station, he heads to the studio to co-host one of the most popular morning talk shows on the air alongside his co-host, Kelly Ripa. This year will be his second season on the show and he has said he’s looking forward to all the exciting things they have planned for this upcoming season.

After he finishes shooting each episode, he goes to the office to work The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It’s a nonprofit organization that seeks to help aspiring actors and hosts break into show business and help them achieve success. As someone who hopes to leave a lasting impression on the next generation, TV host Ryan Seacrest has said that this organization, in particular, is one of his passion projects. Once he’s done with that, he moves on to his other office as he works on his new fashion line known as Distinction.

As a kid, he struggled to find comfortable clothes that were also affordable. So this new line of clothes is set to rectify that situation. He also has a line of skin care products known as Posh which is specifically designed to keep your epidermis looking youthful and smooth forever. And of course, at night, he returns to the studio to begin shooting the new season of one of the most popular reality shows, American Idol. The series is heading into its final season this fall and, while he doesn’t know what he wants to do replace this job, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) definitely plans to find something to fill that role. Get in touch with Ryan Seacrest on Instagram.

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Jason Hope Is Looking Towards The Future With Philanthropy

There are few things as valuable to society as giving back to the community and anyone is capable of doing so. It is especially unique to see highly successful individuals give back to the community and donate to worthwhile programs. It’s not that it means more when a successful person donates or contributes, but they usually have more influence and can help a lot of people through their wealth if they choose.

Jason Hope is an accomplished businessman that is very focused on his contributions to society. He is a futurist, philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona.

When Jason was just starting out, he was focused on mobile technology and working on his idea as an entrepreneur. Through each success, Jason became more focused on philanthropy and industries that could help a lot of people, such as healthcare and technology. Jason Hope is currently a business owner and has a t-shirt company in Arizona. Jason Hope Tees Company has been in business for ten years and has become widespread throughout the state thanks to Jason’s unique but simple designs.

Jason Hope is big on philanthropy these days as a futurist for humanity he has been involved in many different humanitarian projects over the years. He has also been an active supporter of a large number of different non-profit organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the True Colors Fund, and the International Foundation for Education and Self Help.

The biggest contribution Jason has made up to this point is a 500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to finding treatments for Alzheimer’s and degenerative diseases. According to the SENS CSO, Aubrey Grey, Jason Hope’s donation will help research through hundreds of pharmacological tests to discover the correct molecular bonds to restore elasticity to the body’s cells.

Ted Bauman Is Advising Investors About The Future

Ted Bauman is a man that was born in Washington, D. C. and brought up on the eastern shores of Maryland. When he was young, Bauman left and went to South Africa to live. And it was there that he went to the University of Cape Town and got his degree in both History and Economics. During the time that Ted Bauman spent in South Africa, he had a lot of high level roles in the non-profit field. He also had an executive job of fund manager of housing projects. Bauman helped start up a project called Slum Dwellers Internationals. This project helped about 14 million people all over the world.

Bauman dedicated years to providing people with resources so that they can have control of their own lives, without having to rely on any government. In 2013, Ted Bauman became apart of Banyan Hill Publishing. Here, his roles are The Bauman Letter’s editor, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B. Bauman also specializes in protecting assets, handling international issues, and is in charge of strategies that involves investments. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Information.

In May 10, 2018; Samuel Thorpe wrote an article about Ted Bauman on It discusses that Bauman had three outcomes that are possible in the stock market when it crashes. He mentioned the two effects would be that investors wouldn’t be able to use dividends in the future to get their investments back, and there’s a high chance that the returns of alternative assets would become more appealing since the U. S. is in a big deficit. The interest rates are going to be low for a long while. This means that investors will see very little funds especially if a recession happens. And then right after a stock rises up, it could very quickly drop. Bauman says that investors should look closely at the chance of a reduction, choose a stock that has good history, and don’t make a quick decision if a stock goes down. We all can learn a lot from Ted Bauman about this market.

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Sujit Choudhry: A Man behind the World’s Decision Making

Sujit Choudhry, an institution in itself is an accomplished name in relative constitutional law. He currently aids at Center of Constitutional Transitions as the Faculty Director. On an additional note, Choudhry is the Founder of the institution. Previously, Sujit Choudhry has served at Berkeley Law School as Dean for two years and remains the foremost person of Indian ethnicity to hold the office at a top notch US law institute. He holds the prestige of being Scholl Chair at the Toronto University.

Sujit Choudhry’s study addresses a comprehensive form of complications in relative constitutional ruling and politics, composed with constitutional style as a means to bring about the switch from vicious conflict to passive democratic policies. Sujit Choudhry is a globally perceived expert on relative constitutional law and governmental issues, who has talked across two dozen states, and joins a colossal research plan with comprehensive field practice as a counsel to constitution building forms in various countries across the globe, see ( He has issued across ninety articles, book sections, research papers and articulate reports.

Sujit Choudhry visited Sri Lanka in 2003 with a proposition in a federalist answer for the nation’s contention, check ( He upheld lawful negotiations in Nepal in 2007 and 2010 went for updating a steadier legal framework. His inclusion in public strategy proceeded in 2010 through the uprising and common wars in North Africa and the Middle East. As of late, Sujit Choudhry has taken his aptitude to the table in Ukraine, driving workshops in Kiev with the world’s best counselors to audit constitutional changes, helpful source on

A milestone in Sujit Choudhry’s life has been the creation of a center at NYU. The center targets to create and activate information in aid of constitution formation. The center drives global linkages of consultants to ample topical research ventures that offer proof based strategy alternatives to professionals. The foundation partners with a network of several multinational associations, think tanks, academic institutes and NGOs. The times of research combined with Sujit’s huge involvement in the field superbly suits the mission of the CCT, looking at the plans being put before more youthful republics against relative constitutional rule planned out over the world, click


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Quality Insight on Gareth Henry and His Business Success

Gareth Henry has a strong passion for business and finances and today he is quickly becoming one of the leading authorities in the investment industry. As a financial expert, Gareth Henry is sought after regularly for his advice and he has helped hundreds of people over the years.

Gareth focused on mathematics while he was in college, earning a degree in actuarial mathematics from Edinburgh University, which is located in Scotland. Gareth didn’t want to end up at an insurance company or doing accounting work and instead was very interested in investing. With a background in mathematics, Gareth has a deep knowledge of finances today and has a unique approach to his investing compared to most other investors. One of Gareth’s talents also helps him build his own knowledge, which is communication. Gareth has a way of being able to talk to almost anyone and have a thoughtful conversation, whether it is strangers, colleagues, or even his clients. To know more about him click here.

Gareth Henry is excellent when it comes to customer service, which is how he is able to relate to people so well and build strong relationships with his clients. This is one of the qualities that Gareth was able to use to really climb the corporate ladder. Fortress Investment Group and Angelo Gordon both made Gareth the head international relationships and investors.

At Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry was able to raise a huge amount of capital through the real estate and private credit departments. As the head of international relations, Gareth has built many partnerships and clients across the world throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. According to Gareth, one of the biggest parts of being a good investor and financialist is being able to read others and gather information. Client and colleague feedback is crucial for understanding what clients need and how to accommodate them.

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Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad that have Saved Lives Significantly

Dr. Saad Saad is a renowned pediatric surgeon who has done many successful operations in his career. In his career, Dr. Saad Saad has sought to improve the normal ways of doing pediatric activities.

He was instrumental in challenging the former to get the ways to reduce the pain and dangers that the patients faced. Due to this he came up with two inventions and improved new procedures on pediatric surgeries. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

In a period exceeding 40 years, both inside his community and outside he did complicated pediatric operations. He not only helped people in the United States but also saved children and helped the youths in the Holy Land, he put up four Medical Missions in the US, in Jerusalem eight Medical Missions and the West Bank.

He aimed to help as many children from the poor backgrounds get complex surgeries for free. Dr. Saad Saad holds two patents for his medical discoveries.

One of the inventions is the catheter. The catheter is a device that has an electromagnetic integral that helps in identifying the location. These are basically tubes that can play a wide range of functions. There are specific tubes that are inserted inside the body to either make a treatment procedure or do an operation. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

They can perform a variety of issues such as draining gases, help to access instruments during the surgical procedure and many other functions depending on the kind of the catheter. There are types of catheters that can be left in the body either for a certain period or permanently.

For a catheter to be put in the right place in the patient’s body, the doctor must be able to see the exact location that he is putting it. Commonly, the doctors used to perform e-rays to the patient to fix the catheter.

However, it should be known that numerous x-rays to a patient may lead to other medical conditions. That is why Dr. Saad Saad came up with ways to help identify the exact place to place a catheter without any kind of scan on the patient.

Another invention by Dr. Saad Saad is on endoscopy. Endoscopes are a form of tubes that are used by doctors during examining or surgery inside the body. They are optical devices used to examine the throat, stomach, the bladder, and the colon.

This helps the doctors to know exactly what is happening inside the patient’s body without doing any kind of operation or even a scan. The devices have been giving the doctors a challenge by forming some mist whenever they come into contact with the human body fluids. The new gadget that has been invented by Saad Saad is mist and fog-resistant.

Madison Street Capital Announces New Director

The investment bank Madison Street Capital has announced a new managing director. Jim Cohen will now serve the investment bank as an M&A advisor. He will help clients understand how mergers, acquisitions, and corporate transactions will affect them. Madison Street Capital considered Jim Cohen for the managing director position after examining his track record. His previous work at other firms stands out as an example of how to advise. Financial experts need to understand the factors behind successful investments, but they need to take caution as well. A financial advisor who understands these factors can help any investment bank rise.


Madison Street Capital has decades of financial advising behind it, but the firm has plans to expand in the future. The Madison Street Capital reputation is solid, and the advisory team behind its success wants to focus on corporations. The corporate world has its own challenges, but corporate finance provides more opportunities for success. Investment banks lead the finance industry by example. If Madison Street Capital notices a trend, other firms are going to follow their advice. The finance industry undergoes changes as the market equilibrium shifts. Often, emerging industries shift the equilibrium, but investors can make a difference with strategy.


Mergers and acquisitions are essential investments for investment banks. Investment banks focus on quality instead of quantity, and that approach brings in more money. M&A investments can have significant effects on the market, so investors need to make cautious moves. Expert advisors can make the difference between success and failure. Madison Street Capital stays above its competition because it relies on a strong team. The long-term trends are going to determine who the market winners will be. Short term trends won’t make much of a difference in the long run.


Managing directors are the heavyweights of the finance industry. The strategies that will shape the future are created by them. Jim Cohen is going to have an impact on the future of Madison Street Capital. He understands how to generate multi-million dollar profits, and he has the work ethic needed to solve problems. Madison Street Capital is a market leader, but the firm can find ways to expand. As new industries emerge, investors will search for ways to dominate them. Cohen is going to shake up the world of corporate finance. Corporate finance is changing in certain ways, and managing directors are the force behind all of these shakeups.


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U.S Money Reserve Is Honored At Award Ceremony

America’s Gold Authority could be none other than U.S. Money Reserve. The Austin, Texas based business serves hundreds of thousands of customers yearly with their precious metal and legal tenders products.

The company is completely unique from all the other mint makers. U.S. Money Reserve has created a distribution center that attracts customers who are seeking ways to add to their wealth of assets. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The staff at this company are very knowledgeable about precious metals. These staff members include inventory specialists, researchers and executives. Together, they form the U.S. Money Reserve team. These financial experts and creative experts all create the company’s direct response television campaigns that gets this company so much exposure.

Winning is something U.S. Reserve does well. The precious metal provider won in two categories at the 2018 AdSphere Awards. These awards recognized brands and advertisers in the direct response television industry.

U.S. Reserve won again this year for in the categories of short form products and infomercials. The AdSphere Awards are presented by DRMetrix. DRMetrix is a company that analyzes the commercials and direct response campaigns that are apart of this multi billion dollar industry.

Winning for a second year in a row surprised U.S. Money Reserve. This award ceremony is a very coveted ceremony and brands and advertisers work extremely hard to take home an award. For the precious metal distributor to win two awards, the company is overjoyed.

The chief executive officer stated that winning these two awards continues to keep the company driven. Winning is a form of motivation for the brand. Winning shows that the work of all the media, production and marketing staff at U.S. Money Reserve is not in vain.

U.S. Reserve won for a number of reasons. The ceremony followed the release of a set of gold coin collections that really caught the attention of DRMetrix and customers. The Perth Mint, the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s II coronation and the 75th anniversary of Peral Harbor were collections produced by the precious metal company.

These collections performed well across direct response campaigns and earned them two awards this year. The mint provider plans to continue to provide quality precious metals and legal tender to their customers.

They also plan to continue to run direct response television campaigns on television to increase brand exposure with millions of Americans.

Wes Edens Makes Major Investments in Transport and Sports

You only need about 45 minutes to drive from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, but that hardly happens. Dreadful gridlocks can extend the drive to an hour or beyond. Wes Edens, a renowned private equity investor who co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA, has unveiled an ideal way of getting around South Florida. Brightline, the first privately owned and managed passenger railway system in the state, on May 2018 made its first trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. During the 30 minutes-trip, commuters enjoy comfy leather seats, unparalleled food service, and strong free Wi-Fi.

With just $10, you can book a one-way ticket with Brightline, which will cost $40 more if you had to take an Uber. Car and trucks drive at a slow speed of 34 mph along this passage of Interstate 95. Traveling at about 80 mph, cars and trucks are no match for the Brightline.

This train service is ideal for South Florida travelers, who are extremely hesitant to part with their vehicles. Now, the train proceeds to the West Palm Beach, but it will later offer services to Orlando. Running at a full speed of 135 mph, the Brightline will cover that last leg in two hours. The same trip will take a car nearly 3 hours.

Brightline is a perfect solution for passengers that are too far to use cars and trucks but too near to use flights. Wes Edens believes such a solution would work perfectly between cities such as Atlanta and Charlotte as well as other overcrowded corridors.

Aston Villa Agree to Partner with Wes Dens

Aston Villa has announced Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris as their major partners in a deal that will see the two wealthy investors invest heavily into the Championship Club. Edens and Sawiris expressed their gratitude for growing from lifelong fans of Aston Villa to partners. They promised to leverage their deep business and sports expertise to reinforce the club and help Aston Villa reclaim its rightful position in the top ranks of English Football. They said their goal is to help the Club become successful, build on its extensive history while respecting its ardent fan base and exceptional culture.