The Simple but Fact-Filled Information People May Have Missed About Vijay Eswaran

There are many articles out there that help people get a solid background of businessman Vijay Eswaran. That’s not surprising to hear, since while Vijay Eswaran has achieved a lot in his career, he still has the time to share his insight in interviews and press conferences, which gives him the reach and reputation that many people respect. However, there are still news sources like Ideamensch that present a comprehensive business profile of Vijay Eswaran that not many news sources are able to elaborate.

In the Ideamensch article, readers can learn that Vijay Eswaran’s reputation today comes from the fact that he’s the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Qi Group of Companies. He’s the man behind its operations, innovation and sustainability, and his leadership is what forms the company to its finest. Known also as Dr. Vijay Eswaran, his management style is also regarded by many to be exceptionally well, mainly because it is built on strong foundation rooted in collaboration and teamwork.

The Ideamensch article also added some of the prestigious awards and recognition that Vijay Eswaran got all through his career. For starters, he’s the International Leader in Global Business Strategies for the Indian corporation, GOPIO or Global Organization for People of Indian Origin. He’s also been regarded as an ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Lifetime Achievement Awardee for his leadership in entrepreneurial endeavors in 2016. One should also not forget to state here that Dr. Vijay is the man who established the RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam Foundation, which are fantastic groups that focus themselves in improving communities around the world.

It may also be a strong source of inspiration and awe for many business leaders that Vijay Eswaran has been given a Honorary Doctorate in Economics and Global Business by the prestigious Pannasastra University in Cambodia last 2016.

Infinity Group Australia Is Recognized For Its Innovation

Infinity Group Australia is a financial services that helps families all throughout Australia. It was recently awarded the prestigious honors of being ranked in the Australian Financial Review’s list. The Infinity Group Australia was capable of placing number 58 in the top 100 list. The list was compiled and judged by the company that was leading Australia in innovation consultancy, Invetium, and a panel of industry experts. The Australian Financial Review reviewed over one thousand companies and only one hundred of them made the list.


Graeme Hold was the one to graciously accept the award from the Australian Financial Review. He proceeded to thank the many hard working employees of Infinity Group Australia. It was the passion and dedication to honesty of the team members of Infinity Group Australia that earned the company the prestigious award. The Australian Financial Review has has a vast audience with over 1.8 million readers. All of the candidate companies were reviewed and judged based on their ability to properly address the problem that they have been trying to solve. The candidates were also judged on their abilities to innovate, their management of resources, and their overall process.


Graeme Holm co-founded the Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with his life and business partner, Rebecca Walker. Before he co-founded one of the fastest growing financial services company, Graeme Holm was working in the major four banking environment. It was there that he felt frustrated with the pushing of one branded products. He also noticed how the banks were giving all of the Australian Families very poor deals. His frustration turned to inspiration and drive to solve the problem that was right before his eyes.


Graeme Holm were conducting research and development for their future company when they came upon the realization of what exactly was going wrong with the banking structure. The pair of entrepreneurs noticed that the banks were not provided the people with the necessary ongoing support and guidance for them to pay off their loans as fast as possible. This was a problem that they knew how to solve. Graeme Holm implemented what he calls a “personal trainer” approach.


When a traditional broker successfully gives out a loan to a client, their job is usually over. This is where Infinity Group Australia is different. The top one hundred most innovative company continues provided the best service possible to the client, especially after the loan is given. The Infinity Group Australia provides their clients with a personal banker.


The personal banker is there to help them pay off their loan as fast as possible. The customer-first approach has gotten tremendously good results. The personal bankers are able to reduce their clients debt by an average of $41,000 in only one year. Their most successful case was when they helped a couple with a young family to eliminate $96,271 in only twelve months. The Infinity Group Australia has also provided their clients monthly performance review to better help them reduce their debt and create wealth. Learn more :

Flavio Maluf Talks about Tax Incentives and Benefits for Companies

For many entrepreneurs, maintaining a “live” business in Brazil is a difficult task because of the high tax burdens that need to be paid to the government. However, some tactics can help companies breathe in this direction – this is the case for tax incentives, stresses the president of the companies Eucatex, the businessman and executive Flavio Maluf. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

The proposal of the Fiscal Incentive Laws is to give companies the opportunity to direct part of the value they pay in taxes to projects contemplated by these legislations, which may be social, cultural, sporting, technological, scientific research and health programs, for example. In this way, instead of the money go directly to the government, it is used to benefit society, reports Flavio Maluf. The main idea is to foster the economic and social development of the country.

However, it does not mean that with tax incentive programs, companies will no longer spend the amount that would be earmarked for taxes. They just start using that money more strategically. Therefore, the president of the Eucatex companies emphasizes that the main benefit of the tax incentive is to allow the company to gain a positive image by associating its name with a social, cultural or sports project, for example through sponsorship. If a good strategy is drawn, this may represent a financial saving in the advertising industry of the venture.

It should be noted that there are also regional tax incentives. It is an incentive policy in which tax benefits are granted to companies settling in certain regions. In Brazil, one of the greatest examples is the Manaus Free Zone, founded in 1957. The objective, with the measure, is to promote the development of the Western Amazon.

Flavio Maluf also points out that some tax incentives are granted by the public administration to certain companies, according to their area of operation. The purpose is to stimulate a specific industry or particular economic activity. These incentives can take the form of tax reduction, exemption, compensation, among others – allowing companies to invest the amount in their operations and, in this way, generate jobs and move the economy of the sector in question. Sectors such as information technology, infrastructure, export companies, aerospace, port, agricultural, and audiovisual structures are examples of fields that benefit from incentive laws.

Fiscal programs and incentives vary for each state and municipality and can be either federal, state or municipal. Also, in order to participate in tax incentives, the enterprise must be taxed based on real profit. If the company collects taxes for presumed or arbitrated profit, or opting to use the Simples Nacional, it is not able to use this type of incentive, says the president of Eucatex companies.

 The Businessman Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf began his career in 1987, in the trade area of the Eucatex Group, and then went to the industrial area. He remained there until 1996. At the same time, the businessman’s uncle, who was the current president of Eucatex, called him to join the company’s executives. In 1997, with the consent of all those involved, and relatives related to the business, Maluf took over the current position – the presidency of the enterprise.

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Ted Bauman Helps Thousands Of Investors Gain Wealth Daily

Banyan Hill Publishing offers a wide range of different information for investors out there to take advantage of to help them in their investing endeavors. With dozens of different financial experts working as editors for Banyan Hill, including Ted Bauman, the very best and latest strategies in the market can be read by more than 400,000 readers that tune into the website daily. Banyan Hill started up more than 20 years ago as the Sovereign Society and today they are one of the biggest publications focusing on the financial industry. As a leading financial advisor, Ted is regularly sought out for his advice and has brought in many investors to Banyan Hill over the years.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman Is the primary editor for various different weekly publications, including the Alpha Stock, the Blan B Club, and the Bauman Letter. The majority of the information introduced in these articles are focused on low-risk investments and overcoming various obstacles. Since Ted Bauman has spent a good deal of his life traveling around the world, he has extensive experience in the global markets and he has a solid foundation for how it fluctuates from region to region.

Ted started off his career as a consultant, focusing on urban house development and planning while working with various non-profit organizations. Ted has personally been in more than 75 different countries throughout his life and he also has a bit of advice to offer that someone hasn’t heard yet. Much of his time today is spent on his publications at Banyan Hill, though he is still a heavy investor making serious profits in the financial industry.

Ted Bauman is experienced and works hard to ensure his readers have reliable information to use for the investing exploits. His publications cover all different aspects of investing so that even more experienced investors can find information that is helpful in his writings.

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Bruno Fagali Provides Excellent Legal Representation

If you have been sued, you may be wondering what to do. Perhaps you don’t know where to get the right lawyer to advise or guide you.

It is extremely important to hire a powerful attorney when you are dealing with a complex legal matter. Having an experienced and reliable lawyer on your team will improve your chances of getting good results. A lawyer like Bruno has the expertise and experience to handle tough business and personal legal matters for clients. Read more about Fagali on Crunchbase.

Bruno Fagali is well known for rendering top notch legal service in Brazil and comes highly recommended in the industry. He is a leading lawyer and he works closely with his clients to resolve their legal matters effectively.

Bruno Fagali is a powerful lawyer and he represents individuals and business in a wide variety of legal issues. His areas of expertise include, Urban law, Ethics, Regulatory law and Compliance. Bruno also has vast experience in Administrative law,.

Numerous businesses, organizations and institutions hire Bruno Fagali to handle their tough legal cases. Whether you are facing a breach of contract case or other tough dispute situation and need someone to look into the matter, consider contacting a knowledgeable lawyer like Bruno Fagali.

Dealing with a legal situation can be a frustrating experience. To help address the situation effectively and move on with your business you need to enlist the services of a highly knowledgeable lawyer. Many people do not know where to get help in times of legal problems. There are many resources that can guide you in choosing a good lawyer.

One way to find a lawyer is to use online lawyer directories to search for a reputable lawyer. It is advisable to choose an attorney who is well versed in the type of case you need help with. You can get recommendations from family, friends and colleagues.

Bruno has been providing excellent service for a long time and you can turn to him to help resolve your legal matter. Bruno works closely with clients to evaluate their case and represent them effectively. Read more:



James Larkin was born in 1876 21st January in England, Liverpool. Larkin founded the Irish General Workers and Transport Union that turned out to be the biggest union in the region. The union was, but after the Lockout of Dublin, things in ITGWU fell apart. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and James Larkin | Biography

In 1914 James decided to move in the U.S. The fact about James Larkin is that he was an intense Marxist and in the 1940s he proceeded with his job in the organization of labor. Larkin died in 1947 30th January in Ireland Dublin. He grew up in Liverpool slums and had a minimal education that was formal. In order to boost the income of his family, James was engaged in an assortment of works in his childhood life; eventually, he became a foreman in the docks of Liverpool.

James Larkin was a dedicated socialist who trusted that employees were being treated and handled unfairly. He made a decision to be part of the Dock Laborers National Union, and in 1905 he turned into an organizer of the trade union on a full-time basis.

He used militant methods of strike which frightened NUDL. In 1907 he was moved to Dublin, and it is when James Larkin decided to establish the Irish General Workers and Transport Union.

The union’s objective involved consolidating all Irish employees, whether unskilled or skilled to be part of one association. After some time James founded the Irish Party for Labor, it was in charge of carrying out a number of strikes.

The most important one of them all was the Lockout of Dublin in 1913 where over a hundred thousand laborers organized a strike that almost lasted for about eight months and in the long run winning the fair employment right.

In World War I outbreak, James Larkin arranged huge Dublin anti-war demonstration. James went to the U.S to mobilize funds that were going to be used to battle the British.

Larkin was indicted of communism and criminal anarchy in 1920, and later on, after three years he was pardoned. In Ireland Larkin was engaged in workers union organization and in 1924 he successfully got international communist recognition. In 1903 he wedded Elizabeth Brown; their marriage was blessed with four sons.

Betsy DeVos Is Reaching Across The Political Line To Improve Education

Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos has shocked people who know her and the people that oppose her policies recently. The new Secretary of Education publicly opposed an order of President Donald Trump that dealt with education policy.


President Trump decided to terminate an Obama-era protection mandate for transgender students. The mandate allowed transgender students to select the bathroom they identified with at school. Under Trump’s new order this luxury is now being rescinded.


Betsy DeVos’ outspoken language regarding this matter shows that she is not afraid to go against her party and the president. Her opposition also comes as a big surprise. She is known to be highly conservative on many issues. Her conservative beliefs also include her stances on many social issues.


The recently appointed Education Secretary is now being lauded by those on the opposite side of the political spectrum. This shows something profound about Betsy DeVos. It seems that she is taking her role as the top education official very seriously. She is not playing the partisan politics game. Instead, she is doing what she says is the best course of action for students in school.


Betsy DeVos has said that she wants all students to feel safe and comfortable at school. It is clear that President Trump’s new order will potentially negatively impact transgender students. Mrs. DeVos has now become a defender of transgender students. This is despite pressure from the President, the Attorney General and a large number of Republican voters.


Another surprising move by Betsy DeVos is the fact that she is teaming up with a famous hip-hop artist called Pitbull. The two may seem to have very little in common. Pitbull is known for his support of Barack Obama and more liberal policies. Betsy DeVos is a lifelong Republican and a staunch conservative when it comes to public policy.


The unlikely duo has one common overlap, though. They both support charter schools. The music artist, Pitbull has established charter schools throughout the Miami area. It should be noted that Pitbull is a Miami, Florida native. Betsy DeVos is famous for her support of school choice. That support also includes the right of parents to send their children to charter schools instead of public schools.


The fact that Betsy DeVos is reaching beyond political and ideological lines can be considered a win for students and educators. It shows that the Education Secretary is putting students and top quality education first. This is the way you want elected officials to act, and Secretary DeVos is doing precisely that.


DeVos is also trying to get the input of teachers and other educational stakeholders. She has reached out to the powerful Federation of American Teachers for a meeting. The Teacher’s unions are a prominent opponent of school choice because it threatens their power and influence. Education Secretary DeVos has also reached out to a significant educational organization as well. She is trying to get the input of opposing parties to improve education for all students in America. The approach is unorthodox, but it may just enhance American education for the benefit of everyone involved in teaching and learning.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Penelope Kokkinides Leading InnovaCare Health In Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is a New Jersey based healthcare company is the largest healthcare supplier in all of Puerto Rico. The company has a life-long commitment of serving individuals with quality care. They create custom plans that all have one thing in common and this is cost-effectiveness, coordination with staff and patient and advanced medical technologies.


The company is mot known for serving in Puerto Rico. They came to the rescue after hundreds of thousands of residents were displaced after Maria’s damage. Even after the island regained its strength and got back on its feet, so many people had no one or nowhere to look to for medical help.


Under the leadership of Penelope Kokkinides, the company has compiled its many members of nurses, doctors, and pharmacists to visit Puerto Rico and help those suffering. Pop up clinics have turned retail locations into makeshift medical offices. Innovacare’s efforts does not stop there. For the rural communities that are often forgotten about, mobile clinics have been started. The company works to understand the needs of their patients that identify with a poverty stricken lifestyle of lack of housing and transportation stability.


Innovacare Health has worked to address mental and emotional needs of these Maria victims. Behavioral specialists are available to those needing help. Food and medication has been donated to distribute to the thousands who are in desperate need. The company works to aid those applying for social service benefits. The company focuses a lot on elderly people. The stress of the hurricane, proven by research, can kill the elderly for up to eight weeks after a traumatic event like this.


So, when Penelope Kokkinides got invited to the Women In Healthcare panel at the White House, she took advantage of the rare opportunity. Sitting down with President Trump allowed her to express her concerns for funding, for healthcare and for frankly the people of Puerto Rico. As residents of Puerto Rico and citizens of the United States, she wanted to address the fact that the island’s funding continues to decrease as for the funding for the U.S. states have not seen any medical budget cuts. Favorable improvements to the Puerto Rico healthcare system are underway as a result of her meeting with the president.


OSI Industries A Hundred Years of Innovative Food Processing

OSI industries is a leading global supplier of bespoken value-added food products. The firm supplier some of the world’s leading retail foods and food service brands. Kolschowsky, a German immigrant started the business in 1909 in Oak Park Chicago. Initially, the small business was just a retail meat market and butcher shop. By 1928, the company was renamed Otto & Sons.

Over the years, a combination of good business sense and an extensive expansion plan has enabled the firm to become of the OSI Industries biggest privately held enterprise in the United States. Today, OSI industries employs 20, 000 workers in their 65 facilities located in more than 17 countries across the world. The business enjoys $6.1 billion in annual sales.

One of the greatest drivers to OSI’s success can be traced back to the firm’s alliance with MacDonald’s. Apparently, the company was one of MacDonald’s earliest suppliers, since when the two enterprises were small and obscure family businesses. The growth of MacDonald’s as a global brand facilitated the growth of OSI Industries as global supplier of food products. Apart from the influence of MacDonald’s, OSI is mainly a success today due to the management’s aggressive expansion strategy and innovativeness.

For example, when MacDonald’s implemented the franchise model, OSI Industries was among the top suppliers charged to supply consistent, consumer-driven and affordable products. The firm responded by exploiting emerging opportunities in cryogenic food processing. Such technologies made it possible for the meat to be preserved and transported to long distances.

Currently, out of more than 100 suppliers of meat to MacDonald’s, the firm is among the four main suppliers in the former’s consolidated franchise supply chain. OSI’s present position as one of the most significant food provider throughout the world also rests on a series of joint ventures and expansions. The firm has facilities in all continents, spanning countries like Brazil, the Pacific Rim, Poland, Mexico and Austria among others.

OSI has pioneered new products in the OSI Industries food processing sector. The firm currently leads in the supply of value-added protein products like hamburger patties, sausage and pizza. The organization has recently ventured into non-meats industry segment, further diversifying their offerings.

Partnering with OSI Industries for your food needs is the best decision that you can make for your organization. After all, the firm has a history of technological innovation, unrivaled client relations, a knack for emerging opportunities and solutions.

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Jeremy Goldstein Shares Useful Tips on Career Success

About Jeremy Goldstein

Goldstein is one of the founders of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC: a law firm serving broad issues like business governance, corporate transformations, and any other delicate matters affecting corporates.

Apart from his current role in this law firm, he has been involved in several partnerships, the most prominent one being Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz law firm.

His sharp law skills are founded on a successful educational background. He studied in the New York University School of Law, before taking his Masters from the University of Chicago. Besides, he got distinctions in every subject of his B.A from Cornell University.

With experience in corporate affairs, Jeremy Goldstein has overseen multiple transactions. For instance, he participated in various acquisitions in entities such as Phillips Petroleum Company, Bank One Corporation, Bank of America Corporation, Duke Energy, Verizon Wireless, and many others. He also serves in the American Bar Association as the chairman of Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee.

Origin of JLG Associates Idea

Jeremy Goldstein’s idea on JLG associate was sparked a decade ago when he saw an opportunity for law firms to engage in corporate transitions. It was a time of many small entities breaking from larger companies, and he wanted to aid the development with knowledge of law firm.

Maintaining Productivity

Jeremy Goldstein acknowledges the intensity of his work. But to remain productive, he advises on the need to take projects that only matters, besides offering full dedication to service delivery.

How he Generates Life Ideas

His firm depends on its immense experience of about two decades. Thus, they can easily relate a new situation to their expertise.

Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation

The most significant trend in corporate governance, as Jeremy Goldstein observes, is the right of shareholders. Multiple changes have ensured a stable compensation price for shareholders. Consequently, companies can focus prominently on critical areas such as emerging issues, rather than concentrating on executive compensations. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Quora and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Why is he an Effective Lawyer?

His habit is maintaining close relationships with his clients. He believes in understanding clients better for efficient service delivery. He treats all his clients with a sense of professionalism. Besides, he takes every obstacle as an opportunity. He also advises on the need for aggressiveness, not waiting to take actions.

His Business Growing Strategy

Client-centeredness- Take an interest in people if you want to grow a business. Build closer relationships with clients and always follow up through mail, calls, etc. Caring cannot be substituted when developing a business. His biggest business idea to readers would be the knockout options.

Final thought: Most Recent Productive Cash Spent

The most productive and recent cash spent by Goldstein was in TurboScan App. He spent less than $100, and the app is so valuable to any lawyer as it allows easy conversion of handwritten documents into PDFs through a phone.