Doe Deere: Putting The Glam Back In The Makeup Business

Doe Deere is the colorful and charismatic founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, a beauty line that has blown the roof off the makeup industry. She serves as a role model for new entrepreneurs who are looking for inspiration in their own ventures. Her hunger for a cosmetics color palette that would keep pace with her unique clothing style inspired her to start her own business.

While the things that you love can inspire you to start your own business, make sure that whatever inspires you would work as a viable product or service. Your passions can either make or break your small business venture. The first step is to make a business plan – once it’s on paper, then you can review if and find the pitfalls if there are any. Once you’ve looked at your plan closely, then it’s time to determine important factors such as startup costs, long-term finances and how much time you will need to invest.

The bottom line is this: if you have a great idea and want to be your own boss then go for it! The benefits of being a business owner are numerous, but it takes time, effort and sweat equity to make a profit. By having a solid plan, you can achieve your dreams. Positive role models such as Doe Deere can remind you of the power behind ideas, planning and action to get your company rolling.

The idea for Lime Crime was born on eBay in 2004, when Doe Deere used the name for her DIY online fashion store. The company Lime Crime was founded in 2008. Doe didn’t agree with the people in the industry who said nobody would buy cosmetics online. Her adventurous spirit and good business sense allowed her to shun the negative ideas, and get her where she is today.

Doe Deere was named as a Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur by Self Made magazine. She also supports animal rights and has ensured that all of Lime Crime’s beauty products are 100% cruelty free and vegan. Doe believes that her success can be attributed to listening to others (whether you agree with them or not), breaking the rules and to always following her visions.

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Securus Technologies Offering High-End Inmate Communication Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the leading firms in the correctional industry with a broad range of products on offer. The company has ensured that it can provide many different kinds of products, which would provide relief to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. The field of inmate communication is getting highly competitive due to the presence of many different companies in the sector, but Securus Technologies has been able to maintain a lead for a long time due to its focus on research, development, and innovation.
Securus Technologies’ CEO, Rick Smith, even invites the customers and the investors through a recently released press release to visit the technology center of the company based in Dallas. Securus Technologies loves to maintain transparency with its customers, and Rick Smith believes that it would enable trust building if the enterprise can demonstrate company’s plans to its investors and clients. One of the recent introductions to its long list of services in the inmate communication department is video visitation. It is a service that would help the inmates to talk as well as see their relatives and friends over a smart device. It would increase the communication opportunities and stop the need for the families to visit the prison often after spending a lot of money to travel to the prison.
Securus Technologies has been able to maintain a lead in the said sector also because of its recent investment spree, where the company invested over $600 million for patent acquisition, research and development, and investing in building futuristic technology for investigative solutions and inmate communications. The people who have used the services of Securus Technologies know that there is a marked difference between the services offered by Securus Technologies and that of its counterparts. The crime rate has been lowered considerably using such high-end services.

How Whitney Wolfe Transitioned From Tinder To Bumble

Whitney Wolfe wanted to be one of the first people that would bring forth a dating app community where women would be the ones in control. With Bumble there are a lot of women that are praising her for what she is doing because she finally gives women the chance to make the first move. This is not something that is a regular thing for dating app users.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to lure users with something new, but she also wanted to use Bumble to present something that was familiar. This is why she made a decision to work towards the platform that was very close to what was already being done with Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe also Co-Founded Tinder, but she wanted to give people a new experience with Bumble. App users can see the world differently when they look at work Whitney Wolfe is doing with Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe was in place to start up Tinder, but she really wanted to make people see that there was more to her than the success of her past with Tinder. Whitney Wolfe also wanted to be a leader in her own right. She took her headquarters to a whole new area.

She would base her business in Texas while everyone else took their businesses to New York and California. Whitney Wolfe knew that she was creating an app that was different, and she did not have any desire to do what everyone else was doing. Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF were unexpected to all that were fans of Whitney Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to grow largely because she has been connected to a whole new environment of millennials that are interested in different aspects of social media. This is how people are meeting today, and Whitney Wolfe wants to help anyone that desires to meet online.

It doesn’t matter if this is a business connection or a friendship connection. Whitney Wolfe helps people change the way that they look at social media. She puts people in a place where they can use Bumble for everything without roaming to other apps.

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