Securus Technologies Is Taking On The Inmates’ System

Inmates throughout America have a specific system, which deals with them illegally having cell phones in their jail cell. Inmates get these phones from visitors smuggling them in, people throwing them over prison walls, and few other ways. Inmates who illegally have cell phones are responsible for orchestrating murders, robberies, and other terrible crimes, but Securus Technologies is now taking on this inmate system with a new technology they have developed.


Securus Technologies created a program called Wireless Containment Systems. This system allows them to track down electronic communication devices, particularly cell phones, within the prison walls. Securus then connects the phones they discover to their personal network. Whenever the inmate makes a call, his/her call must go through Securus’ network first. Securus can then cancel the call. Securus Technologies have stopped over one million calls, and they have plans to refine this program even more in order to make sure no inmate is illegally using a cell phone.


Securus Technologies decided to create this technology after being contacted by Robert Johnson, an ex-prison guard who was almost murdered after an inmate used a cell phone to call someone to kill Johnson. Johnson was even more upset after he discovered, in just a few states away, a baby was murdered after an inmate called someone to kill the baby. Johnson knew he had to do something to stop this from happening.


Securus Technologies is extending this program beyond cell phones. They want to attach their network to tablets and even social media websites. This way inmates will not be allowed to initiate any illegal activity. This program is fully funded by Securus Technologies. They want every jail to install this program so people in the public can sleep better at night. Public officials from all states are for this new technology.