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James Larkin was born in 1876 21st January in England, Liverpool. Larkin founded the Irish General Workers and Transport Union that turned out to be the biggest union in the region. The union was, but after the Lockout of Dublin, things in ITGWU fell apart. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and James Larkin | Biography

In 1914 James decided to move in the U.S. The fact about James Larkin is that he was an intense Marxist and in the 1940s he proceeded with his job in the organization of labor. Larkin died in 1947 30th January in Ireland Dublin. He grew up in Liverpool slums and had a minimal education that was formal. In order to boost the income of his family, James was engaged in an assortment of works in his childhood life; eventually, he became a foreman in the docks of Liverpool.

James Larkin was a dedicated socialist who trusted that employees were being treated and handled unfairly. He made a decision to be part of the Dock Laborers National Union, and in 1905 he turned into an organizer of the trade union on a full-time basis.

He used militant methods of strike which frightened NUDL. In 1907 he was moved to Dublin, and it is when James Larkin decided to establish the Irish General Workers and Transport Union.

The union’s objective involved consolidating all Irish employees, whether unskilled or skilled to be part of one association. After some time James founded the Irish Party for Labor, it was in charge of carrying out a number of strikes.

The most important one of them all was the Lockout of Dublin in 1913 where over a hundred thousand laborers organized a strike that almost lasted for about eight months and in the long run winning the fair employment right.

In World War I outbreak, James Larkin arranged huge Dublin anti-war demonstration. James went to the U.S to mobilize funds that were going to be used to battle the British.

Larkin was indicted of communism and criminal anarchy in 1920, and later on, after three years he was pardoned. In Ireland Larkin was engaged in workers union organization and in 1924 he successfully got international communist recognition. In 1903 he wedded Elizabeth Brown; their marriage was blessed with four sons.

Betsy DeVos Is Reaching Across The Political Line To Improve Education

Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos has shocked people who know her and the people that oppose her policies recently. The new Secretary of Education publicly opposed an order of President Donald Trump that dealt with education policy.


President Trump decided to terminate an Obama-era protection mandate for transgender students. The mandate allowed transgender students to select the bathroom they identified with at school. Under Trump’s new order this luxury is now being rescinded.


Betsy DeVos’ outspoken language regarding this matter shows that she is not afraid to go against her party and the president. Her opposition also comes as a big surprise. She is known to be highly conservative on many issues. Her conservative beliefs also include her stances on many social issues.


The recently appointed Education Secretary is now being lauded by those on the opposite side of the political spectrum. This shows something profound about Betsy DeVos. It seems that she is taking her role as the top education official very seriously. She is not playing the partisan politics game. Instead, she is doing what she says is the best course of action for students in school.


Betsy DeVos has said that she wants all students to feel safe and comfortable at school. It is clear that President Trump’s new order will potentially negatively impact transgender students. Mrs. DeVos has now become a defender of transgender students. This is despite pressure from the President, the Attorney General and a large number of Republican voters.


Another surprising move by Betsy DeVos is the fact that she is teaming up with a famous hip-hop artist called Pitbull. The two may seem to have very little in common. Pitbull is known for his support of Barack Obama and more liberal policies. Betsy DeVos is a lifelong Republican and a staunch conservative when it comes to public policy.


The unlikely duo has one common overlap, though. They both support charter schools. The music artist, Pitbull has established charter schools throughout the Miami area. It should be noted that Pitbull is a Miami, Florida native. Betsy DeVos is famous for her support of school choice. That support also includes the right of parents to send their children to charter schools instead of public schools.


The fact that Betsy DeVos is reaching beyond political and ideological lines can be considered a win for students and educators. It shows that the Education Secretary is putting students and top quality education first. This is the way you want elected officials to act, and Secretary DeVos is doing precisely that.


DeVos is also trying to get the input of teachers and other educational stakeholders. She has reached out to the powerful Federation of American Teachers for a meeting. The Teacher’s unions are a prominent opponent of school choice because it threatens their power and influence. Education Secretary DeVos has also reached out to a significant educational organization as well. She is trying to get the input of opposing parties to improve education for all students in America. The approach is unorthodox, but it may just enhance American education for the benefit of everyone involved in teaching and learning.


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