Rocketship Education Responds to Latest Media Reports

In recent reports, Rocketship Education received reviews that were negative. With these reviews, the private school network was regarded as being an institution that did not meet proper standards for educational quality and operations. However, it was revealed that the reporting on the school was biased and unfair. As a result, Rocketship Education addressed the matter by saying that the media sources that gave them negative reviews were not evaluating them fairly. Eventually, Rocketship Education was later able to inform others about the biased reporting and get the negative reports eliminated.

Members of some media sources claimed that Rocketship Education had some of the most questionable practices for an educational institution. The reports said that the school had unreasonable discipline policies, long hours and also rituals that were inappropriate for a school. However, it was later revealed that a number of private schools have issues such as these. As a result it was unfair to say that Rocketship Education was the only one engaging in such practices. It was later revealed that these negative reports about the private charter school network were made in an effort to tarnish its reputation in the community. With this fact revealed, the negative reports about Rocketship Education were eventually debunked and discredited.

Rocketship Education is a network of private charter schools. It is a network of educational institutions that provide an alternative to public school. These schools were founded in 2006 and later opened up their first school in the year 2007. The school network was founded in San Jose, California and serves this local area. Each of these schools were developed in an effort to help address the issue of access to education among disadvantaged children. There are a number of children who are unable to get a quality education through traditional means. As a result, Rocketship Education was founded to help give children from low income families access to a high quality education. Over the past decade, Rocketship Education has established itself as one of the leading private charter school networks in the state. It provides a number of benefits such as high quality instruction and a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for their future in education.

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