Jason Hope Is Looking Towards The Future With Philanthropy

There are few things as valuable to society as giving back to the community and anyone is capable of doing so. It is especially unique to see highly successful individuals give back to the community and donate to worthwhile programs. It’s not that it means more when a successful person donates or contributes, but they usually have more influence and can help a lot of people through their wealth if they choose.

Jason Hope is an accomplished businessman that is very focused on his contributions to society. He is a futurist, philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona.

When Jason was just starting out, he was focused on mobile technology and working on his idea as an entrepreneur. Through each success, Jason became more focused on philanthropy and industries that could help a lot of people, such as healthcare and technology. Jason Hope is currently a business owner and has a t-shirt company in Arizona. Jason Hope Tees Company has been in business for ten years and has become widespread throughout the state thanks to Jason’s unique but simple designs.

Jason Hope is big on philanthropy these days as a futurist for humanity he has been involved in many different humanitarian projects over the years. He has also been an active supporter of a large number of different non-profit organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the True Colors Fund, and the International Foundation for Education and Self Help.

The biggest contribution Jason has made up to this point is a 500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to finding treatments for Alzheimer’s and degenerative diseases. According to the SENS CSO, Aubrey Grey, Jason Hope’s donation will help research through hundreds of pharmacological tests to discover the correct molecular bonds to restore elasticity to the body’s cells.

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