Doe Deere – Article recap

Doe Deere is a successful female entrepreneur that is responsible for starting a new makeup trend that revolutionized the beauty industry. In addition, the pastel haired CEO of Lime Crime established a vegan and cruelty free makeup line that produced very high quality products. Clearly, her makeup line changed the face of beauty in a very positive and provocative way. Today, blue lips, pink hair, and purple eye shadow are the looks that grace her website and her little unicorn followers on social media sites that like to share their newest makeup creations.


Lime Crime Beginnings

Today, Doe Deere manages the successful beauty line out of an office in Los Angeles, California. The Russian beauty mogul’s first venture was actually designing clothing that she sold on eBay. The eBay store was established back in 2004. Deere modeled the clothing line. However, she experienced difficulty finding makeup that would match her line of bold colored clothing. This led to Deere striking out on her own and creating a makeup line to match her unique line of clothing. Soon, Deere realized that her real passion was with makeup and she started the Lime Crime makeup line in 2008. The surprising fact is that the beauty products were sold exclusively online. Deere promoted her makeup line through interesting makeup tutorials that she posted on her Lime Crime website.


The Lime Crime Brand Philosophy

Doe Deere relates that even as a little girl, she always had an interest in bold and vibrant colors. Certainly, it was inevitable that the Lime Crime founder would add those colors to her makeup line. Deere states in numerous interviews that she was on a mission to change the way that people view makeup. Makeup is not merely a tool to enhance one’s looks or cover up an assumed imperfection. The fact is that makeup is a way for the individual to demonstrate their creativity to the world.


Advice To Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere relates that she started making steady sales through her eBay store quickly. She started her makeup line in 2008, but it didn’t start taking off until 2009. The fact is that it takes time to grow a business and really see profits. This is something every entrepreneur should realize. Deere relates that a lot of entrepreneur’s experience doubt about their venture. For example, Deere started out with her own clothing line, after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Later, she realized that makeup was her true passion. It’s always important for an entrepreneur to be able to recognize the real gold at the end of the rainbow. Certainly, Doe Deere did and she never looked back.


Success Tips

Doe Deere relates that it is important to keep an eye on trends and watch them closely. However, she does not believe in following other trends. Instead, Deere likes to create her own trends. This is possible through listening to your customer’s feedback about current products. This feedback will give you inspiration to create more products that set a new trend.


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