Infinity Group Australia Is Recognized For Its Innovation

Infinity Group Australia is a financial services that helps families all throughout Australia. It was recently awarded the prestigious honors of being ranked in the Australian Financial Review’s list. The Infinity Group Australia was capable of placing number 58 in the top 100 list. The list was compiled and judged by the company that was leading Australia in innovation consultancy, Invetium, and a panel of industry experts. The Australian Financial Review reviewed over one thousand companies and only one hundred of them made the list.


Graeme Hold was the one to graciously accept the award from the Australian Financial Review. He proceeded to thank the many hard working employees of Infinity Group Australia. It was the passion and dedication to honesty of the team members of Infinity Group Australia that earned the company the prestigious award. The Australian Financial Review has has a vast audience with over 1.8 million readers. All of the candidate companies were reviewed and judged based on their ability to properly address the problem that they have been trying to solve. The candidates were also judged on their abilities to innovate, their management of resources, and their overall process.


Graeme Holm co-founded the Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with his life and business partner, Rebecca Walker. Before he co-founded one of the fastest growing financial services company, Graeme Holm was working in the major four banking environment. It was there that he felt frustrated with the pushing of one branded products. He also noticed how the banks were giving all of the Australian Families very poor deals. His frustration turned to inspiration and drive to solve the problem that was right before his eyes.


Graeme Holm were conducting research and development for their future company when they came upon the realization of what exactly was going wrong with the banking structure. The pair of entrepreneurs noticed that the banks were not provided the people with the necessary ongoing support and guidance for them to pay off their loans as fast as possible. This was a problem that they knew how to solve. Graeme Holm implemented what he calls a “personal trainer” approach.


When a traditional broker successfully gives out a loan to a client, their job is usually over. This is where Infinity Group Australia is different. The top one hundred most innovative company continues provided the best service possible to the client, especially after the loan is given. The Infinity Group Australia provides their clients with a personal banker.


The personal banker is there to help them pay off their loan as fast as possible. The customer-first approach has gotten tremendously good results. The personal bankers are able to reduce their clients debt by an average of $41,000 in only one year. Their most successful case was when they helped a couple with a young family to eliminate $96,271 in only twelve months. The Infinity Group Australia has also provided their clients monthly performance review to better help them reduce their debt and create wealth. Learn more :