OSI Industries A Hundred Years of Innovative Food Processing

OSI industries is a leading global supplier of bespoken value-added food products. The firm supplier some of the world’s leading retail foods and food service brands. Kolschowsky, a German immigrant started the business in 1909 in Oak Park Chicago. Initially, the small business was just a retail meat market and butcher shop. By 1928, the company was renamed Otto & Sons.

Over the years, a combination of good business sense and an extensive expansion plan has enabled the firm to become of the OSI Industries biggest privately held enterprise in the United States. Today, OSI industries employs 20, 000 workers in their 65 facilities located in more than 17 countries across the world. The business enjoys $6.1 billion in annual sales.

One of the greatest drivers to OSI’s success can be traced back to the firm’s alliance with MacDonald’s. Apparently, the company was one of MacDonald’s earliest suppliers, since when the two enterprises were small and obscure family businesses. The growth of MacDonald’s as a global brand facilitated the growth of OSI Industries as global supplier of food products. Apart from the influence of MacDonald’s, OSI is mainly a success today due to the management’s aggressive expansion strategy and innovativeness.

For example, when MacDonald’s implemented the franchise model, OSI Industries was among the top suppliers charged to supply consistent, consumer-driven and affordable products. The firm responded by exploiting emerging opportunities in cryogenic food processing. Such technologies made it possible for the meat to be preserved and transported to long distances.

Currently, out of more than 100 suppliers of meat to MacDonald’s, the firm is among the four main suppliers in the former’s consolidated franchise supply chain. OSI’s present position as one of the most significant food provider throughout the world also rests on a series of joint ventures and expansions. The firm has facilities in all continents, spanning countries like Brazil, the Pacific Rim, Poland, Mexico and Austria among others.

OSI has pioneered new products in the OSI Industries food processing sector. The firm currently leads in the supply of value-added protein products like hamburger patties, sausage and pizza. The organization has recently ventured into non-meats industry segment, further diversifying their offerings.

Partnering with OSI Industries for your food needs is the best decision that you can make for your organization. After all, the firm has a history of technological innovation, unrivaled client relations, a knack for emerging opportunities and solutions.

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