Penelope Kokkinides Leading InnovaCare Health In Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is a New Jersey based healthcare company is the largest healthcare supplier in all of Puerto Rico. The company has a life-long commitment of serving individuals with quality care. They create custom plans that all have one thing in common and this is cost-effectiveness, coordination with staff and patient and advanced medical technologies.


The company is mot known for serving in Puerto Rico. They came to the rescue after hundreds of thousands of residents were displaced after Maria’s damage. Even after the island regained its strength and got back on its feet, so many people had no one or nowhere to look to for medical help.


Under the leadership of Penelope Kokkinides, the company has compiled its many members of nurses, doctors, and pharmacists to visit Puerto Rico and help those suffering. Pop up clinics have turned retail locations into makeshift medical offices. Innovacare’s efforts does not stop there. For the rural communities that are often forgotten about, mobile clinics have been started. The company works to understand the needs of their patients that identify with a poverty stricken lifestyle of lack of housing and transportation stability.


Innovacare Health has worked to address mental and emotional needs of these Maria victims. Behavioral specialists are available to those needing help. Food and medication has been donated to distribute to the thousands who are in desperate need. The company works to aid those applying for social service benefits. The company focuses a lot on elderly people. The stress of the hurricane, proven by research, can kill the elderly for up to eight weeks after a traumatic event like this.


So, when Penelope Kokkinides got invited to the Women In Healthcare panel at the White House, she took advantage of the rare opportunity. Sitting down with President Trump allowed her to express her concerns for funding, for healthcare and for frankly the people of Puerto Rico. As residents of Puerto Rico and citizens of the United States, she wanted to address the fact that the island’s funding continues to decrease as for the funding for the U.S. states have not seen any medical budget cuts. Favorable improvements to the Puerto Rico healthcare system are underway as a result of her meeting with the president.