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It’s the work of security to move ahead of illegal activity. There’s a private sector of U.S. operations, and then there’s a public side that you and I see everyday. Staying ahead within the private sector is about creating security processes as an ongoing experiment. These experiments are done on and to modern technology.


Modern technology poses a threat to the private industry. It’s not just advanced technology in private labs that pose dangers to society. The average life of people in a major city connects them to a substantial amount of technology. The daily tech we access are the components of society that can be a danger.



Learning More About Private Sector Activity


The private sector is prone to infiltrations. This can only happen when humans in the outside world discover what private agencies are working to protect. In some cases, these are resources, gold, data, advanced technologies and personnel. The work of the private sector is grounded in how well it meets the standard of modern security.


Security in the private sector is being led by Securus Technologies. The advancement of private-sector infiltration is studied by the agency and to ultimately devise the world’s greatest security tech. The recent project of Securus brings society to better understand the potentials of safety for our wireless signals and transmissions.



The Effects Of Technology In The Process


The power of technology puts Securus in a leading position in U.S. markets. The agency operates to bring the USA optimal protection. The advances of illegal activity in the private industry is the result of what society is achieving. The threats of advancing technology can give any person with a smart-device illegal power.


Deadly cases have called for a greater voice and a greater understanding of illegal activity as made real through advancing technology. The answers and questions reside in the security measures we ultimately take. Securus Technologies is leading the private industry in this sector and is bringing together greater safety for the future.


This allows the United States private sector to accomplish more.

Securus Technologies Is Taking On The Inmates’ System

Inmates throughout America have a specific system, which deals with them illegally having cell phones in their jail cell. Inmates get these phones from visitors smuggling them in, people throwing them over prison walls, and few other ways. Inmates who illegally have cell phones are responsible for orchestrating murders, robberies, and other terrible crimes, but Securus Technologies is now taking on this inmate system with a new technology they have developed.


Securus Technologies created a program called Wireless Containment Systems. This system allows them to track down electronic communication devices, particularly cell phones, within the prison walls. Securus then connects the phones they discover to their personal network. Whenever the inmate makes a call, his/her call must go through Securus’ network first. Securus can then cancel the call. Securus Technologies have stopped over one million calls, and they have plans to refine this program even more in order to make sure no inmate is illegally using a cell phone.


Securus Technologies decided to create this technology after being contacted by Robert Johnson, an ex-prison guard who was almost murdered after an inmate used a cell phone to call someone to kill Johnson. Johnson was even more upset after he discovered, in just a few states away, a baby was murdered after an inmate called someone to kill the baby. Johnson knew he had to do something to stop this from happening.


Securus Technologies is extending this program beyond cell phones. They want to attach their network to tablets and even social media websites. This way inmates will not be allowed to initiate any illegal activity. This program is fully funded by Securus Technologies. They want every jail to install this program so people in the public can sleep better at night. Public officials from all states are for this new technology.


Securus Technologies Achievements

Securus Technologies company is a profit making company whose man activities are to advance prison technologies. The company has been able to develop technology that aims to protect the society. They are currently specializing in both criminal and civil justice. Rick is the CEO of a company that helps in providing solutions that help in solving several types of crimes. This is both in prison by the inmates and also the free world. The company has excellent tech experts who work towards ensuring that these dream come true and they also work towards making their work unique.


Securus Technologies was lucky to get one Rick Smith since the year 2008 which he has served in various positions of leadership. Before joining the group, he worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. At that company, he held multiple positions. He started working as the chief information officer in the year 1998 until March 2000. He also worked as the head operations officer up to the year 2003, a position he served diligently for three years.In the year 2000, he got a promotion and was now the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 2000. He worked professionally until he was promoted to the position of a CEO. He has also worked at Frontier Corp for 20 years. He has worked in various locations in this company. His performance records were awesome and still possesses the same value as a leader. He has been on the frontline working just towards success.


Securus Technologies happens to provide technology that has helped in improving and facilitating the performance of the prison-related activities. This technology has given the inmates a chance to feel the technology that is happening out there. He is in no doubt one of the best CEOs. Securus has also been on the frontline enhancing safety for all the patients by helping to curb the cases of abuse and mistreatment. In other words, these inmates can communicate with their families comfortably through the enhanced provision of cell phones at the prisons. The access to this information makes them better citizens.


Securus Technologies Offering High-End Inmate Communication Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the leading firms in the correctional industry with a broad range of products on offer. The company has ensured that it can provide many different kinds of products, which would provide relief to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. The field of inmate communication is getting highly competitive due to the presence of many different companies in the sector, but Securus Technologies has been able to maintain a lead for a long time due to its focus on research, development, and innovation.
Securus Technologies’ CEO, Rick Smith, even invites the customers and the investors through a recently released press release to visit the technology center of the company based in Dallas. Securus Technologies loves to maintain transparency with its customers, and Rick Smith believes that it would enable trust building if the enterprise can demonstrate company’s plans to its investors and clients. One of the recent introductions to its long list of services in the inmate communication department is video visitation. It is a service that would help the inmates to talk as well as see their relatives and friends over a smart device. It would increase the communication opportunities and stop the need for the families to visit the prison often after spending a lot of money to travel to the prison.
Securus Technologies has been able to maintain a lead in the said sector also because of its recent investment spree, where the company invested over $600 million for patent acquisition, research and development, and investing in building futuristic technology for investigative solutions and inmate communications. The people who have used the services of Securus Technologies know that there is a marked difference between the services offered by Securus Technologies and that of its counterparts. The crime rate has been lowered considerably using such high-end services.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a communications platform that is allowing inmates to communicate with their significant others, family members, or friends without requiring them to visit their physic location. This is a great benefit for any visitor who may have been required to travel quite a distance to visit the inmate. Not only is distance an issue for many visitors, but so is appointment scheduling. Appointment scheduling has often been an issue for many visitors of inmates, as the times that they had wanted to visit may have already been taken. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to benefit from Securus Technologies or not, please do not hesitate to visit the website to see whether it is available for use at your location. You may find that it is offered at your facility, and if it is, you may certainly have the right to utilize it for your communication needs. Be sure to contact the customer service department if you have any questions or concerns in pertinence to your utilization of the system.


Securus Technologies is not only benefiting those who use it for their needs of communication, but also law enforcement officials, as it is enabling them to monitor the conversations that occur. Due to their capabilities of monitoring the conversations, they are now capable of solving crimes by using anything that is talked about in the conversations that occur over the Securus Technologies lines. Although it is a safe and secure connection, inmates should be aware that the police can use anything that is said over the platform in court if needed, thus, they should not only avoid speaking about illegal matters, but also avoid being involved with any in the first place. Just because an inmate is in jail does not mean that they are forever required to live the lifestyle, or make the choices that they may have made that had out them in there in the first place. They can and should change the bad decisions that they may have made in the past.


Securus Technologies Challenges GTL to an Independent Assessment

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technological solutions. These various technological solutions are designed for public safety and investigation. They are also designed corrections and monitoring.


Securus Technologies announced that the company has offered a challenge to its main competitor, Global Tel Link or GTL. Securus Technologies specifically challenged GTL to join that company in submitting to an independent technology judge. The purpose of the submission is determine which company has the largest and best product set as well as the most modernized high-tech telephone calling platform.


Other matters to examine include which company has the most capital and the most efficient platform.


Securus Technologies contends that GTL has made up facts regarding which of the two companies is ahead of the game in these various areas. Securus Technologies maintains that there really is no competition and Securus Technologies is leading the way in all of the areas at issue.


Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer os Securus Technologies, personally called for the involvement of an independent evaluation of the metrics at issue between the two companies. The CEO maintains that Securus Technologies has invested heavily in upgrading its operations. Because of this investment, Securus Technologies maintains that fairness dictates that GTL not provide false information on the state of the two enterprises.


In discussing the call for an independent evaluation, Smith noted that GTL is using older, less efficient, and even outdated technology. He also noted that the technology used by GTL is also less feature-rich than what is utilized across the board by Securus Technologies.


In addition to advances in technology, Securus Technologies has also expanded its operations through acquisitions. As a result, the company is an industry leader in a number of different areas.