The RealReal Melrose Shop

The RealReal is a consignment shop that sells luxury items. This includes from house hold items to designer clothing. The RealReal sells merchandise from kids up to adults.

The RealReal is excited with the grand opening of their new consignment shop located in the heart of Los Angeles. The new LA shop can be found in Melrose Ave. This is a perfect location, because Melrose is known for it’s shopping district and it’s also a tourist destination. The in-store services are consistent with their other consignment shops. You’ll find top designers that will include Chanel, Cartier and Rolex. The in-store services provide free evaluations. As a customer you will have the luxury of meeting an expert to assist you in learning how much your items are worth. Also, if the customer elects to do a consignment drop-off, they can make an appointment or choose to drop-off their items at anytime.

Another added bonus that The RealReal has done, is the ability to do their shopping through their App. The RealReal has an app for either iOS or Android. When you shop through their site or app, you have the ability to view their items in person, or have an expert put together the pieces just for you. Additionally, The RealReal took it one step further, to provide the customer a VIP Shopping Experience. As a customer, you have the option to schedule a 1-hour Personal Styling Appointment. The shop will host you a VIP Shopping Experience.

If you decide to drop in the store for a free evaluation on one of your luxury items, the store offers experts in fine jewelry, watches, and handbags. You also have the option to schedule an appointment to meet an expert.

In addition, to the in-store services the LA Melrose store will offer luxury repair services. This includes services in watch repair, handbag reconditioning, and jewelry cleaning. To schedule an appointment or for further questions, please contact the store about these services. While your waiting for your luxury item to get repaired, the store has a refreshments café with free wifi.