How a Good Credit Mix Can Improve Your Score

Your parents warned you about all the missteps they made early in their credit journey. From facing foreclosure on their first house to racking up hundreds of dollars in late fees to the electric company, their credit score wasn’t always the rosy picture of a stable household it is today.  So you’ve spent the last … Read more

SALT Crypto Lending Review – A Blockchain Loan Platform

I’ve been following cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since Bitcoin was the only crypto on the market. It’s been enjoyable to watch the industry evolve, bringing new features to customers and offering higher levels of simplicity in finance.  One thing I’ve found challenging in the world of cryptocurrency is utility. Sure, you can sell your cryptocurrency … Read more

Are Bank Bonuses Really Worth It?

Few words in the English language are as positive and upbeat as “bonus.” Sure, it can be used sarcastically at times, but it makes most of us think of extra cash around the holidays or perhaps a prize from a contest or raffle. I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements online, found fliers in your mailbox, and … Read more

Huntington Business Banking Review – Checking, Savings & More

Huntington Bank has a comprehensive lineup of business bank accounts. These include three checking accounts tailored to the needs of small and midsize enterprises, three feature-rich business savings accounts, an array of business credit products, and powerful value-added online banking capabilities housed in Huntington’s Hub for Business. If you’re looking for a new business banking … Read more