The Unlikely Alliance: Where Boomers and Gen Z Stand Together


Even though Baby Boomers and Gen Z have their differences, at the end of the day, we are all human, and there are some things we agree on, like how Millennials are the worst generation ever. I kid.

In a popular online forum, a user asked those that make up Gen Z what topics they most agree with Boomers. Here are some of the responses that bridge the gap between boomers and Gen Z. 

#1. Having to Download Apps to Access Restaurant Menus

Technology can be helpful in many ways, but many applications are practically nonsensical. One such application is the convoluted app required to do something as simple as looking at a restaurant menu. 

It’s a sentiment echoed by many boomers and GenZers, and something sure to crop up at least once if you like to eat out frequently. I have never met one person I’ve gone out to eat with who gets excited to look at the menu on their mobile phone. Someone needs to start a GoFundMe to pay restaurants so they can print actual menus.

#2. Cars That Require Screens to Use Various Features

If you have a newer vehicle, the touchscreen reigns supreme. However, older and younger individuals agree that this isn’t always desirable. 

One person said, “Most features in cars should have buttons. Want to turn on your heated seat, button, not scroll through three screens.”

Another person also brought up a point I agree with, “This is just bad UI. Screens require us to take our eyes off the road – a recipe for disaster. Buttons and dials? Only need one hand. Eyes on the road. I miss car radios with buttons and dials.”

Sadly, car manufacturers are doubling down. Instead of listening to consumers, they are going in the other direction and making the touchscreens bigger.

#3. Needing a Subscription for Everything

If there’s one thing worse than needing an app for everything, it’s requiring a subscription. In today’s world, you don’t own many things outright when you purchase them. Instead, you pay a monthly fee to access whatever service you buy. 

While this may be slightly less annoying for something like a self-care box, it can be overwhelming when it extends across every aspect of life, from entertainment to simply getting in your car to drive. 

Of course, businesses are wise to use this model, as it offers recurring monthly income for them. And most people will go months, or even years, paying before they decide to make the phone call or jump online to cancel.

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#4. TV Always Being Too Quiet and Dark

Have you ever turned on the TV to watch your favorite show, only to find that you couldn’t properly see anything or even hear what you’re watching? 

If you are a Boomer, you might think your eyes are going bad, or you are losing your hearing. But the good news is, you’re not alone, as many people that make up Gen Z have this issue too.

Of course, you crank up the volume just to hear the show you are watching, but then the commercials are so loud that people three states over can hear your TV. If anyone has a solution, please share it in the comments!

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#5. Having to Remember a Password for Everything

We live in a digital age, meaning everything we do must be secure. Unfortunately, you must set a different password for every site you ever log into to be extremely safe. 

Keeping tabs on your passwords might be easy if you have an amazing system. However, for the general population, doing so can be near impossible without writing all the passwords down or using a password organizer, which isn’t always that safe.

Add in the increased complexity of requirements, like uppercase and lowercase letters, a number, a symbol, a minimum of eight characters, and the deed to your house, and it’s no wonder why people use the same password for everything. 

#6. Fast Fashion

Contrary to what you may think, fast fashion is not the next installment of the Fast & The Furious movie franchise starring Vin Diesel.

It’s actually a term for clothing, and many people don’t like it.

The feelings of many are summed up with this reply. “My wife and I were watching a Canadian TV show once where they go undercover to investigate different things (I forget the name, but they’d look into anything sketchy) and had an episode about Shein and other fast fashion companies like them. Not only are they horrible working conditions and awful for the environment, but many of their clothes also contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals (and not the good ones like Iron Maiden, either). Basically by wearing their clothing, you are poisoning yourself.”

#7. Having to Document Everything on Social Media

Social media is a relatively new invention, but it doesn’t just bother Boomers. Many are unsatisfied with how others live their lives by completely living it online. 

Whether that means documenting everything that happens to them throughout the day on their Instagram Feed, posting a wide range of photos in the hopes of garnering more likes and driving traffic to their page, or even trying to promote MLMs online, there are so many ways that social media has proven to be toxic for many of today’s users. 

As one person said, “It’s not just that phones take you away from reality while documenting everything, it’s that people often just document in a very “fake” manner and don’t portray how reality really is. Faking their way through their social environment.” 

This thread inspired this article.

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