10 Purchases People Wanted Badly and Then Never Used, Can You Relate


We live in a world of instant gratification and impulsive buying.

We often find ourselves lured by the promises of exciting new gadgets and trendy items, only to realize later that they serve little purpose in our lives.

In this article, we look at ten items members of an online forum wanted badly but never ended up using.

1. VR Headset: Reality Undone

father and daughter in vr headsets playing video games on couch at home
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When virtual reality first hit the market, it seemed like a groundbreaking innovation that would revolutionize entertainment. However, one mentions that many overestimated their inner ear’s ability to cope with the disorienting effects of VR. 

The once-anticipated headset now sits untouched for most, buried in a drawer, a reminder of the mismatch between expectation and reality.

2. Exercise Equipment: False Fitness Promises

Woman weight training
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Exercise equipment was being bought left, right, and center with the advent of the coronavirus.

The allure of sculpted bodies and a healthier lifestyle prompted many to invest in treadmills, weights, and much more. However, as time went by, the equipment transformed into nothing more than dust collectors.

3. Telescope: Terrestrial Tragedies

Woman using Telescope
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Stargazing and exploring the mysteries of the universe have always captivated people.

Thus, acquiring one seems like a ticket to a celestial adventure. Unfortunately, for many, the fascination fades after witnessing the movements of the planets a few times. 

4. Designer Clothing: Too Good to Wear

Woman wearing Designer Clothes
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One user mentioned she bought a dress from a Parisian brand, Rouje. The gorgeous dress took over her rational thinking.

While it is elegant and looks like it belongs to a Bond girl, there is practically no place the user can think of wearing it. It hangs idly in the closet, a silent testament to unfulfilled dreams of extravagance. 

5. Nintendo Wii: Failed Workout

MILAN, ITALY - MARCH 14: Girl with Nintendo controllers at Cartoomics, event dedicated to comics, cartoons, cosplay, fantasy and gaming on MARCH 14, 2014 in Milan
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When this first burst onto the gaming scene, it captured the imagination of millions. The idea of immersive, motion-controlled gameplay seemed revolutionary.

Yet, the initial excitement quickly faded. One says they expected it to replace exercising but soon learned you can play equally well without using your muscles too much.

6. Nait Art Supplies: Cladded Claws

Woman wearing beautiful nail polish
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Pinterest boards filled with intricate nail art designs inspired many to purchase many supplies, including polishes, stickers, and nail tools.

However, the reality of the time and effort required for nail art may not use them.

7. Apple Watch: Time is Money

SEATTLE, USA - May 2, 2015: Man Wearing Apple Watch While Working on Computer at Local Coffee Shop
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Is anyone not attracted to the promising seamless connectivity and multiple features of an Apple watch?

Yet, once the initial excitement comes off for many, it becomes nothing more than a glorified notification hub. Soon it becomes more of a bedside table accessory than a wristwatch.

8. Professional Camera: Convenience Catastrophe

Woman using Professional Camera
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The desire to capture life’s precious moments led one to invest in a high-quality camera.

But the fear of breaking it and lack of motivation prevented them from venturing beyond occasional shots. Moreover, with top-quality cameras in the latest smartphones, it is more convenient to use them over this heavy equipment. 

9. Piano: Interactive Decor

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The romantic idea of playing beautiful melodies on a grand piano seduces many into purchasing one.

However, the difficulty level of learning how to play it makes it more likely to become a decorative piece rather than a source of musical joy. At least it looks good sitting in your living room!

10. Air Fryer: Inadequate Substitute

Woman using Air fryer
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

During the pandemic, many people sought comfort in culinary adventures.

The air fryer, promising healthier and tastier meals, became a must-have gadget. However, it was soon realized that food cooked in the air fryer doesn’t taste the same.

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