10 Serious Insights: What Would You Do if Money Were No Object?


It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves countless times: What would we do if money was no object? What would we purchase?

How would our worldviews change? Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal candid answers to these very intriguing questions!

1. Build an Animal Sanctuary

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Some people’s love of all animals is pure and true. I know animals would be cared for by people who would build a sanctuary if money was no object.

“I just want to give them someplace safe,” explains one woman. “I would employ, obviously, people who were qualified to care for animals, but also people who needed help or a second chance.”

2. Be the First Human on Mars

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In 2023, a large chunk of the population feels confined by the planet we’re currently inhabiting.

If money were indeed no object, many of these people admit they would do whatever they could to ensure they were the first human to reach Mars — whether it means buying their way there or taking the necessary NASA training. 

3. Help the Homeless

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For countless good Samaritans, the need to help people shines through in everything they do.

If money were no object, most of these folks would dedicate their lives to building affordable low-income housing, drug rehabilitation centers, and homeless outreach programs to give back to their communities.

4. Quit Their Job

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Many people would quit their jobs and go to extreme lengths to ensure they never got pulled back into the rat race again!

“I’d quit my job, delete all my alarms on my phone, live life on my terms, and never have to bow down to a boss or a schedule or wake up to an alarm ever again,” declares one man.

5. Disappear Off the Grid

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A life off the grid, away from modern society, is a life many people crave. So it’s not surprising that countless people would take their unlimited wealth and disappear.

They wouldn’t indulge themselves with super yachts, vacations, or vanity projects — they would much rather live isolated. 

6. Get Many Jobs 

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Some devious people would go on a world tour of dead-end jobs with one goal: To be fired in the craziest way possible.

“I’d work a bunch of lousy minimum wage jobs and get fired in fun and creative ways,” says one man. “I bet it’d be super satisfying to mess with the folks that scream at fast food workers or to annoy terrible managers.” This sounds like a great idea; I fully endorse it.

7. Eat – And Never Stop

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It’s alarming to find out how many people confess they’d do nothing but eat until their body ceases functioning.

It’s good to have dreams and all, but man; these people certainly know how they want to live!

8. Destroy It All, Then Rebuild

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One particular person has big plans for not only himself but for society in general. You have to admire this man’s ambition!

“I’d dismantle this entire American system and start fresh,” he confesses. “I’m talking about the food supply, medical system, prison complex, the cops, schools, and last but not least, the environment.” Wow, talk about a top-to-bottom societal shift! 

9. Travel 

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Unsurprisingly, traveling the world is high on the priority list for many people. The notion of exploring every inch of the planet and meeting exciting people along the way is an exhausting, albeit admirable, proposition! Who would say no to endlessly traveling the globe?

10. Become an Inventor

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The road to becoming a world-famous inventor is exponentially more manageable when you have endless wealth to draw from.

Think of all the innovative things you could create if money were no object — many people believe they would be able to change the world for the better.

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