10 Things People Say Is Worth The Money No Matter The Cost


Do you ever hesitate to splurge on something expensive? We all have those moments when we worry about spending too much. After all, sometimes, things can quickly snowball out of control. But that doesn’t mean you should never spend money, regardless of the cost. Certain items and experiences in life are worth every penny, no matter how costly they may be.

Here is a rundown of things people answered when Redditor u/Graygigabytee asked, “What is extremely worth the money but no one ever talks about?”

Regular Doctor Checkups

Regular doctor appointments are essential to preventive health and can save money in the long run. By seeing your doctor routinely, you can detect symptoms early on that may indicate a more serious issue, allowing you or your doctor to prescribe treatments or lifestyle changes before any underlying problems become too great.

This means fewer unnecessary procedures or expensive medications due to complications that could have been dealt with earlier, allowing you to stay healthier and out of the ER or hospital as much as possible. Even if your regular visit doesn’t lead to diagnostic tests or a major treatment plan, it’s still worth considering the cost compared with what might happen if a potential problem is left unchecked.

This is what chewy8291 said, “Regular checkups at the doctor. Many issues are way easier to deal with early.” and over 130 others agreed.

Drain Snake

A drain snake is an item that most people would not think about. As Poorly-Drawn-Beagle puts it, “One of those drain snakes. Man, what a disgusting lifesaver.”

50mm-f2 added, “I swear I pulled out what looked like a fully grown Pomeranian the other day from the shower drain.”

But why the need for a drain snake? The average hourly rate for a plumber is $100. You are looking at double this cost in an emergency or on the weekends. You can save yourself a lot of money with a bit of elbow grease and a drain snake.

As redkat85 puts it, “And the money is nothing too btw, you can get a plastic one for like $5 and it will do more than $200 of Liquid Plumr.”

Eating Healthier

Eating healthy may initially appear to cost more than its unhealthy alternative. However, the benefits that come with it are often worth the investment when considering long-term effects. Healthy meals help boost energy levels, improve memory and concentration, prevent chronic illnesses, and bolster overall physical health.

Moreover, you will enjoy meals with greater taste and longer-lasting fullness due to increased fiber content. All these benefits can add years of improved life quality, making a healthy eating lifestyle worth every bit of the additional cost.

Rare302 says, “Eating healthier is definitely worth the perceived extra cost (if done right it’s actually cheaper than constantly eating fast food).”

Another Redditor, potatoeswithfries adds, “You can eat healthier things that are cheaper, I don’t think that’s what’s stopping people so much, I think it’s the longer prep time that’s the issue.”

At the end of the day, you can eat healthier and spend less money on groceries with a little effort.


Seeing a therapist has had a negative connotation for a long time. But ask anyone who has seen a therapist, and they will tell you it is the best money they have ever spent.

Bellesavage says, “I’ve spent a lot and it’s been the absolute best investment. You need a good therapist though, otherwise you can burn a lot of cash for very little return.”

Block444Universe added, “My therapist has made a fortune just on my business but hell I am a whole different person today.”


While popular in Europe, bidets are now becoming a thing here in the United States. As a result, this answer popped up in this thread as well.

Bunderthutt says, “I got an inexpensive one online for about $30.00, and it has wrecked me for other toilets. I seriously don’t want to go anywhere there isn’t a bidet. Just do it.”

Cafeautumn adds, “Mine has a heated seat. Huge quality of life upgrade. I feel so much cleaner.”

A Tailor

Having professionally tailored clothes is a costly undertaking. But many people have realized how amazing they feel when wearing clothing that properly fits them.

As grandmofftalkin says, “Most men hate wearing suits and sports coats but when you’re measured by someone and get a properly sized shirt and a jacket that has enough room in the chest yet is cinched in the waist, you look like a million bucks while wearing it comfortably.”

Investing in a Roth IRA

There is power behind investing money in a Roth IRA. This is primarily due to the money you invest grows tax-free. While putting money into a 401k plan at work is also smart, you should not overlook the power of a Roth IRA.

As one Redditor shares, “I can confirm, I just opened one as soon as I turned 18 and put $250 away every month. Year and a half later, I have $4,500 saved up and with projected consistency, I will have over $300,000 by the time I retire (if I continue to put $250 away each month, which I certainly will not and will raise the amount when I comfortably can) so who knows how much I’ll really have by the age of 65.”

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Good Shoes

Not only is having well-fitting clothes worth the investment but so too are shoes. In fact, they are more of a priority to many people.

BudgetBotMakinTots says, “Good shoes. Bad shoes will trash your whole body.”

redkat85 adds, “Even more than that, people are so used to bad shoes that they really don’t understand. Truly good shoes will make your knees, back, neck and your whole body feel like a new person.”

Hiring Movers

Moving when you are young involves calling up your buddies, asking for help, and paying them with pizza and some beer. The reality is, however, no one likes to help their friends move. It is hard work that leaves you bruised and sore.

The solution is to hire movers. So many commented that hiring movers was the best thing they ever did. But there are some warnings.

Dragger said, “Yes, but you need to do your diligence when hiring. My ex and I learned a lot when we hired a moving company – there is so much that people need to know with them.”

LazarusKing added, “I have never had someone talk about movers without mentioning things they owned disappearing. Never once. That’s enough for me. Maybe if I just had them do the furniture, and I took all my personal effects myself, would I consider it.”

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Hands down, the most popular response was a good quality mattress. It was mentioned a handful of times throughout the thread.

As BlearRaptor puts it, “A good mattress. You spend such a high amount of your life on one. I finally bought a really high quality one after years of going cheap. Never again will I skimp.”

Suspicious-Plant-728 adds, “Spending extra on a good mattress. You’re going to spend a third of your life laying on a mattress. That’s not something that worth saving a few hundred bucks for.”

And canehdian78 summarizes it up with, “And it directly affects the other 2/3 of your life.”

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