10 Things That Were Supposed To Be “The Next Big Thing” but Totally Flopped


It isn’t easy to see what’s behind the next door, and foretelling the future of an idea or invention can befuddle even the greatest of minds. However, the buzz and eureka moments behind novel ideas push them into the neon light of scrutiny and hope that they eventually become the next big thing.

Quite often, reality doesn’t agree, and in time we are made to live with many ideas whose flames went out before they shined brightest. 

1. Google Glass 

Do you remember google glass? One user thinks it’s easily one of the hyped pieces that didn’t meet expectations. Daniel, a contributor on the thread, claimed the bogginess and docky nature of google glass was its major undoing. Several people feel privacy issues around this product affected its commercial viability.

The supposedly intuitive technology offers more privacy concerns than beneficial features.

2. 3D TV

There is a consensus about the failure of 3D TV. One person expounds that the offerings of the technology in respect to improving watch time experience failed a function of the absence of enough movies filmed in 3D. A cluster of comments also complained about the need to spend extra bucks on 3D glasses, plus the difficulty experienced due to its dorkiness.

3D TV sounds like seeing through the 2020s in 2050 vision! 

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3. Google +

Google+, someone has espoused, was supposed to push Facebook off the internet rave-rail with its array of features; the social network, however, faded into oblivion after an unsuccessful hype stint. One user affirms the ‘hardline, invite-only system’ the innovators adopted at launch lured the idea to ruin.

Another user thinks the mandatory cross-platform integration of the applet with Youtube to grow Google+ popularity birthed the social network’s demise. 

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4. Google Wave

Tipped to replace email, having brought a more personalized feel to electronic mailing, several people seamlessly consider Google Wave as one of the over-hyped innovative flops. Judging from another person’s account, Google Wave was pretty good in that it made group discussions easy. According to one user, its failure was that the technology came way ahead of its time. 

5. Airship Travel 

Away from the endless list of Google innovations, Airship travel had its ‘spice in the rum’ moments. It was, by several accounts, pitched as the seamless approach to long-distance travel. Excited to revolutionize travel and replace the automobile, airship travel didn’t live to see the Mach speed age.  

6. Hoverboards 

According to several people, hoverboards were the totem of trends, with music videos and popular acts fielding them during the rave.

Nearly everyone had them before they fizzled out like smoke from the mouth of a match stick. People dumped them ‘because they break down so easily and quickly after purchase,’ a user named Shelby emphasized. 

7. Xbox Kinect

The rave of the Xbox Kinect excited first-time gamers back in the day. Reminiscing those hyped moments, one person says the highlight of the pumped game was in the ‘Xbox On and Xbox Off’ feature.

Another says nothing trumps getting sent off in Fifa ‘when the mic hears you swear at the Tv.’ Looks kind of like the one instance nobody ever needs a voice prompt.

8. Moviepass 

Moviepass rhapsodized its era; hard to believe the Netflix and HBO of this world would ever come close. ‘Such a horrible consumer-friendly concept’ is the way someone describes it. Another thinks it is ridiculous how much hard to bank idea like that could pull any investors in the first place. 

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9. HD DVD 

Hard to reconcile the widely proclaimed hype with the offering of the HD DVD. This trumpeted innovation should have performed better, especially in the light of HDR pictures in the current cinematic space. ‘I still remember half the movies being blue and red,’ one person recounts. 

10. Smaller Phones 

We could imagine some years back that this future would have nearly invisible yet sophisticated phone devices, one user says, explaining the craze for smaller devices as the height of cell phone tech genius back in the day.

I wouldn’t want to watch my Netflix drama squinting to know if Kiefer Sutherland was wearing a Nike or Adidas while hopping on a truck of bioweapon to save fictional America. Nope, I’ll pass. 

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