10 Things That Wouldn’t Be Nearly as Popular if It Wasn’t for the United States


For generations, the United States has enjoyed its status as a tastemaker for the rest of the world.

From blue jeans to McDonald’s, America is why many products and companies enjoy massive popularity.

Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal everything that wouldn’t be nearly as popular if it wasn’t for the U.S.’s influence. 

1. High School Proms

High School Prom Picture
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Thanks to television, many teenagers in foreign countries confess to being utterly jealous of American high school culture, especially proms. “I lived in Europe in a few different countries, and the amount of people I met who are so jealous of the typical U.S. high school life is unreal,” reveals one man.

“Things like having school teams, Friday night high school football, clubs after school, prom, and pep rallies. I’ve met many Europeans who say they wished they could’ve gone to school in America.” 

2. McDonald’s

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If the world has a fast-food problem, countless people will rest the blame on McDonald’s shoulders.

The iconic fast-food chain had humble beginnings in the United States in 1940 and has become a global food juggernaut. As one of McDonald’s most loyal customers, I’m glad the trailblazing company has enjoyed success on a global stage. 

3. Propane Grilling

Barbecue grill bbq on propane gas grill steaks bratwurst sausages meat meal
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The great state of Texas has given the world two things: Delicious barbeque and propane grilling! Before propane grills exploded in popularity, they were never found in Europe and Asia.

Thanks to its stratospheric popularity in the United States, the rest of the world finally came around to the greatness of grilling with propane. 

4. Reality Television

Woman watching tv show
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Pat yourself on the back, America. Because of you, reality television shows have become a worldwide phenomenon.

In 2023, it’s showing no signs of slowing down! “I must say, Americans have truly perfected that specific genre of garbage television,” deadpans one diehard fan of Temptation Island. 

5. Jazz Music

Closeup of a female jazz singer on stage
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Contemporary music has roots in American jazz music, making it one of the most influential musical styles in the world.

The American South has given the world many gifts (Creole cuisine is my favorite), but jazz may be the most timeless. World music like R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music would have never been invented if it weren’t for some enterprising musicians in New Orleans generations ago. 

6. Sink Garbage Disposals

Food waste disposer machine in sink in modern kitchen
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Leave it to America to concoct a household device that can dispose of food down your sink’s drain if you use it correctly — and cut off your fingers in seconds if you’re not careful!

“They are not allowed by default according to European Union regulations, but individual countries can allow them,” reveals one European. “It has to do with older treatment plants and infrastructure.”

7. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans
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It doesn’t get more American than a pair of denim jeans, does it? Since 1873, jeans have enjoyed massive popularity.

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were on to something when they added rivets to men’s work pants. Denim commands a high price, and the pants’ popularity in the United States means overseas customers must pay a premium to enjoy comfortable American jeans. 

8. Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks
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I take back what I just wrote — oversized pickup trucks are arguably the most significant contribution to society on a global scale that America has given.

Large trucks scream, “I’m American!” and other nations have co-opted the vehicle to give their citizens a way to show their pride despite not living in the United States.

9. Democracy

White house with American Flag
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As one of the democratic superpowers in the world, the United States’ influence on foreign countries’ politics, culture, and legislation is unparalleled.

“Obviously, we didn’t invent it, but the American Revolution and the United States Constitution were blueprints for a lot of other countries,” explains one woman. Unfortunately, this has also led to the U.S. being involved in many arguably unnecessary wears on foreign soil over the years.

10. Professional Basketball

NCAA Basketballl USC vs OU, Tulsa, USA - 15 Dec 2018: USC forward Bennie Boatwright (25) grabs the rebound against OU forward Brady Manek (35) during USC-OU game.

Basketball is currently enjoying massive popularity worldwide for one reason: The United States.

Thanks to the success of the NBA and its roster of marketable, larger-than-life stars, professional basketball has become a global phenomenon. In fact, the sport has enjoyed appreciating popularity in Europe, rivaling soccer’s fervent fanbase in recent years. 

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