11 Super Simple Skills For Fattening Your Wallet Without Earning More


Learning how to save money is the best way to help your income go further, and there are a host of strategies designed to achieve this.

If you want to cut down on your spending, let’s walk through 11 money-saving skills that won’t earn you a dime but will keep your wallet full.

#1. Learning How to Sew

Woman doing sewing business
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Learning how to sew is a valuable skill they just don’t teach anymore.

If you know how to tackle the basics, you can easily mend some of your clothing or hem it up to make sure pieces fit.

If you’re more skilled, you might even be able to make some of your own clothing or create an entire wardrobe by stocking up on bulk fabric and other materials.

#2. Making Home-Cooked Meals (Instead of Takeout or Delivery)

Woman cooking
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Takeout and delivery are expensive these days, offering very little in return for the exorbitant amount you pay.

While grocery prices have risen, making home-cooked meals is still often the cheapest of the two options.

You can even use one day to meal prep if you find that you’re too busy to cook during the week.

#3. Gardening

box of fresh vegetables
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Gardening can be a wonderful way to grow your own produce and reduce the amount you spend at the grocery market.

Whether you have a large outdoor space where you can plant a substantial garden or live in a small apartment where you’re limited in where you can grow plants, there are ways to get started.

Although produce doesn’t tend to be the most expensive grocery item, every penny counts!

#4. Couponing

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Couponing is one of the top money-saving skills to master in a society where inflation has hit the wallets of nearly everyone.

Good couponing skills can help you save on everyday purchases, regardless of whether you’re using printed coupons, app rewards at your favorite grocery store, or promo code plugins that find savings for you.

Start seeing which stores you go to that often offer deals, and keep your eye out for discounts on things you need.

Also, make sure that you’re not buying certain things just because they’re on sale.

Make sure every purchase is something you need, and look for a way to reduce the overall price.

#5. Forming Relationships and Community Bonds

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It takes a whole village, regardless of the task at hand.

Developing relationships with those around you and forming a community can help you all cut down on costs.

When everybody pitches in for each other and offers skills that others don’t have but could benefit from, everyone can support each other, reducing overall living costs and creating a cohesive group that will thrive moving forward.

#6. Basic Repairs

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Not everyone will know the ins and outs and the complexities of every piece of machinery they have around the home.

However, taking the time to learn some of the basic repairs you can do around the house or things you can take care of in your car can significantly reduce the costs of enlisting outside help.

Make it a priority to learn more about each of your appliances, as well as some basic car maintenance.

Your wallet will thank you later on when you’re not paying a ton to get basic support that you can manage on your own.

#7. Dog Grooming

Dog Walker
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Dog grooming can be one of the highest pet costs besides vet visits.

This adds up over time and can make affording some of the other essentials in your budget more difficult.

The solution?

If you have the space to do it and are confident you can give your pet the care they need to stay clean and happy, why not groom your dog yourself?

Getting your hands on the right tools might require some upfront investment, but it will be worth it if you can reduce an expense that might cost you hundreds every month.

#8. Cycling or Walking

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Do you find that gas prices and car maintenance keep taking money out of your wallet before you can do anything with it?

You’re not alone.

Being a car owner and paying for gas, both seemingly unavoidable in today’s world, are major expenses.

One solution is to start cycling or walking to places you don’t need to drive to.

This can help you reduce the amount of money you’re spending on gas and your car.

It might not be helpful for everyone, but it can be a money-saver some may not have considered.

#9. Canning

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Gardening is an excellent money-saving skill unless you have a surplus of food that goes to waste.

Learning how to can is a great way to make sure the food you grow is also preserved well into the future, helping ensure you have certain products on hand instead of having to go to the store for them.

Some great food items you can start canning include foods like green beans and pickles, homemade jam, and even salsa.

#10. Woodworking

Man fixing furniture
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Woodworking is a skill that can require years of learning as well as money to invest in the proper tools to get the job done.

That being said, it can help you fill your house with beautiful furniture that you couldn’t otherwise afford.

Given that most furniture on the market is made from particleboard and doesn’t provide you with the quality you expect in your home, learning woodworking can save you thousands and ensure your furniture lasts for years to come.

#11. Using the Library

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The library is an underutilized resource many don’t think about because they don’t visit often.

If you need entertainment, you can get a library card and borrow books or movies you don’t want to spend money on.

If you don’t have a computer, you can go down there to search for jobs and take care of other important online tasks.

If you don’t already, use your local library.

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