12 Surprising Expenses That Blindside Most People


Most of us have an idea of how much we should be spending throughout adulthood, whether it’s regarding toiletries or another common spending category.

But once you get there, you might be shocked by how much you have to pay for various things (and how much prices seem to continue increasing over time).

Here are 12 unexpected expenses that took people by surprise that you might relate to as well.

#1. The Cost of Streaming Services

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Streaming services were initially exciting because you could watch some of your favorite movies and TV shows without spending hundreds every month on cable.

Today, you need a subscription for every show you want to watch, and it’s shocking how you can quickly end up spending cable prices for streaming.

If you want to watch anything on TV, forget about it.

Even modern TV streaming replacements are growing more expensive by the day.

#2. Takeout

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Fast food is supposed to be a cheap, quick way to satisfy your hunger.

But if you’ve visited your favorite establishment recently, you know this isn’t the case.

Food prices keep going up, making it unjustifiable to grab a quick bite instead of getting groceries.

If you’re using a food delivery service, expect to pay double plus additional fees to get your food to you.

#3. Groceries

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Many think that groceries allow you to cut down on overall food spending.

While groceries can be cheaper, the reality is that they aren’t as affordable as they used to be.

Grocery spending keeps going up, especially for family units.

Everyone is surprised by just how much they spend on food, even when trying to cut down on spending by using coupons and rewards memberships.

#4. Coffee

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Coffee is practically an American staple.

It’s what gets us up and ready to tackle the day.

However, many Americans might be shocked to learn just how much they spend on coffee.

Coffee spending can total in the hundreds each month, especially if you enjoy specialty coffee or coffee made by a major coffee chain.

#5. Insurance and Utilities

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Insurance and utilities are a part of existing.

From health insurance to dental and vision and even car insurance, people are spending a ton of money on potential damages they haven’t experienced yet in order to reduce bills when they do need support and coverage.

Utilities have only grown more expensive as well. Gas and electricity prices seem to be consistently rising, with many struggling to keep up during the summer and winter months.

#6. Healthcare

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Health insurance costs aren’t the only things surprising people.

The biggest surprise comes when you actually need to use your health insurance.

You’ll find that even the simplest of visits can result in hundreds of dollars worth of charges, with more serious incidents requiring you to pay back thousands of dollars.

It’s a shock that never goes away, as the price of healthcare never seems to go down.

#7. Alcohol

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Alcohol doesn’t always have to be shockingly expensive, but it can be if you have expensive taste, a habit of drinking alcohol regularly, or you’re shopping at stores where alcohol is generally more costly.

Those who fall into the above categories had to do a double-take when they saw their alcohol budget.

#8. Almond Butter

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Almond butter is among the more expensive kinds of nut butter out there (even if just regular peanut butter costs around $5 a jar).

Some people say that they’ve spent around $100 a month on almond butter alone, which, while a more extreme example, goes to show how much jars cost those who really like almond butter.

#9. Pet-Related Expenses

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Pets are joys to have around the house, but they’re also major responsibilities that some don’t properly plan for.

The cost of food is enough to surprise people, but when you add things like pet insurance, grooming, toys, and everything else, pet ownership becomes a significant expense, all written down on paper.

#10. Gas

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Most people know how much gas costs at any point in time, which means it’s not necessarily shocking.

However, watching the numbers continue to go up as you pump your gas is a feeling you never truly get over.

#11. Home Repairs

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Homeownership is an investment that’s never truly finished.

Once you’ve dealt with all of the fees and costs of acquiring your new property, you’re likely to be blindsided by a host of repairs and problems that keep cropping up when you least expect them (and they’re rarely ever cheap to deal with).

#12. Newspapers

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Newspapers do still exist, and they’re not as cheap as you would expect them to be.

Like many other services, those who have a newspaper subscription are seeing prices rise significantly just for semi-regular deliveries.

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