12 Tips for Smart Money Management After a Salary Increase


Getting a boost in salary can be life-changing.

But while a salary boost offers a much-needed cash infusion to help you get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, it can be easy to use the money in such a way that plunges you back into financial stress.

If your salary has already gone up or you’re anticipating a greater salary in the future, here are 12 tips for smart money management after a salary increase.

#1. Continue to Live Below Your Means

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Lifestyle creep is something that happens when you start to slowly spend more and more until your current salary isn’t able to keep pace.

The key to avoiding this and ensuring your improved salary goes farther for longer is to live below your means and reduce your spending as much as possible.

#2. Don’t Make Frivolous Purchases

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It can be easy to see more money in your bank account and start buying everything you’ve wanted in the past.

However, this is an easy way to go broke quickly.

Don’t make frivolous purchases if you hope to make your new salary count.

#3. Invest in Items That Improve Your Quality of Life

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With the above in mind, what counts as a frivolous purchase?

Frivolous purchases are anything you don’t need, especially things that cost a ton of money and offer little besides being a status symbol.

Instead, invest in items that improve your quality of life.

Some great ideas include a new bed, shoes, and similar items promoting self-care.

#4. Develop an Emergency Fund

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People living paycheck-to-paycheck don’t have enough money to save in an emergency.

Take some extra money from your new salary to start building an emergency fund.

A solid emergency fund generally covers four to six months of living expenses so that you have a buffer in case something happens to you in the future.

#5. Set Aside Money for Vacations

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PTO isn’t guaranteed; vacations are necessary to maintain your sanity throughout your professional life.

Set aside some of your cash to create a vacation fund.

As you reach a reasonable amount, you can start planning a trip that will allow you to unplug and unwind for however long you need to be away from work. 

#6. Start Investing Your Cash

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It’s never too late to start investing.

Your new salary will give you the extra funds to work toward a more stable financial future.

Whether you start with a 401(k) or a Roth IRA, getting started now is the best way to avoid issues once you reach your golden years.

#7. Take Care of Any Health Problems You’ve Been Avoiding

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Healthcare is expensive, so many put it off when they lack money.

Now that you have the money, staying on top of your health and consistently getting checkups and cleanings is crucial.

The longer you wait to deal with health problems, the more they’ll financially and physically cost you.

#8. Immediately Create a New Budget

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Anytime there’s a change in income, it’s a good idea to alter your budget so you know how much money is coming in and where you can allocate it.

Sit down and craft a new budget that helps you utilize your new funds responsibly.

#9. See How You Can Use Your Additional Income to Make More Money

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A bump in salary is great, but it isn’t sustainable unless you continue to receive a raise that keeps up with inflation.

Ask yourself, how can I leverage my money to make more?

Whether you’re interested in alternative investments or creating your own side hustle, see how you can grow your money to improve your financial situation further.

#10. Tackle Existing Debt

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Debt is like a black cloud hanging over you until it’s all gone.

Without debt, you can put more money towards saving and investing without feeling that these actions will have repercussions.

No matter how much debt you have, there are plenty of debt reduction strategies out there you can use to start chipping away at your own.

#11. Consult a Financial Advisor for Support

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Not everyone knows what to do with their money to set themselves up for success.

Contact a financial advisor if a raise brings you more anxiety than joy.

They’ll sit down with you to better understand your current financial situation, help you improve it, and then develop a plan of action you can execute together.

#12. Get High-Quality Home Appliances

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Home appliances can be costly if they’re older, using far more energy and water to do the job.

Consider using some of your salary increase to replace these appliances.

Your wallet will thank you later!

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