12 Ways People Would Treat Themselves With an Extra $2000


Having a little extra money never hurts, and there may be plenty of things you have your eye on should you have the wiggle room in your budget to treat yourself.

But what are others looking forward to?

What are some ideas they have that might inspire you?

Let’s look at 12 ways people would treat themselves with an extra $2,000.

#1. A New Bed

Man sleeping in bed
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Many people are unsatisfied with the bed they’re in but aren’t able to spend money on a new mattress or the new bedding to go with it.

An extra $2,000 would more than cover the bed and all the accessories, improving their sleep quality and hygiene.

#2. A Vacation

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Vacations are rare for many people, especially if they don’t have the salary or the benefits to give them a few weeks to take time off and go elsewhere.

Whether it’s a cruise, a flight to a new country, or even a staycation, people would use their $2,000 to get some much-needed them time.

#3. A Gaming Computer

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Gaming is a hobby that went from relatively affordable to costly as games upgraded graphically and started becoming AAA experiences.

Those who love PC gaming and want a new setup to meet their demands would easily spend $2,000 on a gaming computer.

#4. A New Wardrobe

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Whether you’ve lost weight, gained weight, or haven’t gotten anything new to add to your wardrobe recently, clothes are a top answer.

$2,000 could help many people stock up on the essentials and accessories they enjoy wearing.

#5. Treating Someone You Care About

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An extra $2,000 would help many be able to treat those around them as well as themselves.

Many people said they would give family gifts, take friends and family to nice restaurants, and even splurge on special presents they know those close to them deserve.

#6. Luxury Spa Day

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This is a list about treating yourself, so it stands to reason there would be people who would use the money to take a luxury spa day.

With $2,000, they could get the works, including massages, facials, and other spa services they might not enjoy otherwise.

#7. LEGO

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LEGO is a popular brand that has since branched out to cater to older individuals who like building mini-models.

$2,000 would buy you a ton of LEGO sets, especially some larger, more expensive builds that are typically unaffordable for the average person.

#8. Game Figurines

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Game figurines are quite popular among collectors, but they can easily run in the hundreds for high-quality pieces.

$2,000 might run out quickly, but those with their eyes on certain pieces could get their money’s worth.

#9. Airplane Seat Upgrade

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Air travel is by no means cheap these days, and flying economy isn’t always desirable.

Those who have a trip planned in the future would use the extra funds to upgrade their tickets for a better travel experience.

#10. A Used Motorcycle

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Some would spend the money on a used motorcycle so they can have something to get around with or that they can have fun with when they want to.

Of course, it might be difficult on a strict budget, but others might just put $2,000 towards a used motorcycle and the funds they already have saved up.

#11. A Guitar Amp

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Musical instruments and equipment are major investments, but they’re also investments that last.

The type of equipment might vary from person to person, but one musically talented person said they’d spend the extra money to purchase a new guitar amp.

#12. PlayStation 5

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The PlayStation 5 was unavailable for a while, primarily due to low production, high demand, and a host of scalpers who purchased them and then raised the price to turn a profit.

Now that it’s much more attainable those waiting would spend their money on a new PS5 and likely some games and accessories.

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