13 Insanely Overrated Companies the World Needs a Timeout From


We’ve all seen the biggest companies in the world grow exponentially over time, becoming synonymous with global success. 

But is it really deserved? 

Today, we look at 13 of these companies that have been bombarding our minds and wallets with their relentless marketing to find out if they are worth all those billions or if they’re just big ballooning egos bloated by too much attention. 

Now we assess whether these brands have earned their fame or tricked us into believing everything glitters is gold!

#1. Instagram

Photo Credit: Mactrunk via Deposit Photos.

People used to love going on Instagram to look at amazing pictures from around the world.

Those posting took pride in ensuring the pictures they took were top quality.

But to make money, Instagram pushes videos, and most of the content is from wannabe models, influencers, and memes.

If that isn’t enough, plenty of ads will also annoy you.

#2. X (Formerly Twitter)

Photo Credit: bloomua via Deposit Photos.

First, Elon Musk bought the company and began to crack down on what he felt were issues with how the company was handling some users.

Then he changed the name to X, creating another controversy.

At this point, most people, most people are over it and want to get on with their lives.

#3. Luxottica

Photo Credit: grufnar via Deposit Photos.

You might not know the name Luxottica, but they are in the eyeglass industry.

So why do people not like this company?

Because similar to Signet Jewelers, Luxottica owns everything.

This includes Oakley, Ray Ban, and more.

They also run Pearle Vision, LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, Target Optical, and more.

#4. Uber

Photo Credit: Olegkalina via Deposit Photos.

There is not much love for Uber.

While the service they provide is great, the company as a whole has issues.

As one person noted, “The company burns through so much money, has never been profitable, has no moat, has a ton of competition, is banned in some countries/cities, and still has a market cap of $80 billion.”

Then there is the pay that drivers receive. The issue is that the amount varies by location and type of ride.

One driver shared this look behind the curtain.

“In the U.S., if a driver accepts a ride that pays $100, they will lose $25 in primary fees plus an extra $1 to $3 in secondary fees. However, they will still keep at least 72% of the fare.”

“The problem occurs with low value rides. A $15 trip will result in a primary fee of $3.75 plus a potential secondary fee of $3, which means the driver may only keep 55% of the fare. If the cost of gas and car depreciation is taken into account, if not supplemented by a tip, they may make under 50% of the fare.”

#5. Hello Fresh

Photo Credit: AntonMatyukha via Deposit Photos.

Hello Fresh is one of the first meal kit companies out there.

While many people swear by the service, many others have issues.

Some point to making people work during the pandemic, while others say the price is too high to be worth what you get.

Others mention that their deliveries would routinely be missing ingredients, which defeats the purpose of having a ready-to-eat meal kit.

#6. Beats by Dre

Photo Credit: ArturVerkhovetskiy via Deposit Photos.

These headphones were a status symbol from the start.

The build quality has always been poor, and the sound quality is just as bad.

Some people did point out that now that Apple owns the brand, the quality has increased, but not to the point that the headphones are worth buying.

#7. Nestle

Photo Credit: LarisaBozhikova via Deposit Photos.

There is a lot of dislike for Nestle out there.

People claim the company doesn’t care about the environment, pays workers a poor salary, and more.

#8. Google

Photo Credit: nd3000 via Deposit Photos.

Google has been the dominant force behind web searching for decades now.

But things are as rosy as they once were for the tech giant.

Instead of creating innovative services, the company focuses on share buybacks to prop up the stock price.

When competitors release new services, Google now plays catch up.

And it gets worse.

Many people are fed up with the search results not showing what they seek.

Others have given up on the search company because they feel it censors web results.

#9. Zales

Photo Credit: Boykung via Deposit Photos.

Many agreed that Zales and other large chain jewelry stores have high markups and poor customer service.

As a result, people recommend buying from local, family-owned jewelry stores.

To further the point, Signet Jewelers owns Zales, Kay Jewelers, Jared, Blue Nile, and more.

#10. McDonald’s

Photo Credit: VadimVasenin via Deposit Photos.

McDonald’s was a great place to get cheap food that was decent quality.

You knew you weren’t getting high quality, but you accepted that because of the low price.

But now, the prices for everything at the fast food restaurant have increased, making it not worth it.

For the same amount of money, you could go to a local restaurant and get a much better quality of food.

#11. Bud Light

Man saying no to alcohol
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The beer brand has dominated the news for most of the year after it’s controversial partnership made headlines.

While the media has started to move on, there are still occasional news stories about the future of the brand.

#12. Old Navy

Sales time. Confused caucasian guy choosing shirt at shop, free space
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Old Navy used to be a great place to get decent clothes cheap.

The quality was never top rated, but with the low price, it was a trade off we all accepted.

But prices have drastically increased and the quality has stayed the same, making them not worth it.

Yet we are still subject to all their commercials that are downright annoying.

#13. Verizon

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

You could argue that all the telecom companies could be listed here.

Most complain about the horrible customer service.

Many people said trying to close an account for a deceased loved one was the most complicated thing they have ever done.

I can relate.

When my father passed away, getting Verizon to transfer the account to my mother was like pulling teeth.

In addition, they had the nerve to try to charge her a $75 account transfer fee.

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