14 Splurges Women Prioritize Over Saving When They Have Extra Money


Have you ever looked at your checking account and decided it was time to break out of the emergency fund/savings goal mindset? 

You might have felt like treating yourself or splurging on something special. 

As women, we know that money isn’t always about necessity; sometimes, it’s also about enjoyment. 

But what do women traditionally prioritize when they have extra funds? 

Here in this article, we cover 14 splurges that most of us prioritize over saving when we can spare some extra cash! 

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to treat yourself without feeling guilty, keep reading for our top picks!

#1. Girl’s Night Out

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 Let’s start with the classic. 

You deserve to have some fun and let your hair down once in a while. 

Whether it’s drinks with friends or dinner out on the town, going out for an evening can be a great way to relax and blow off some steam without breaking the bank.

#2. Their Fur Baby

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No matter how much you love your pet, they can be expensive!

From toys and treats to vet bills, taking care of furry friends can add up quickly.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on them every now and then, a new collar or bed can make them feel like the most pampered pup in town.

#3. Personal Care Products

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A lot of people don’t realize how expensive personal care and skincare can get. 

While the former category can encompass anything that brings you joy or helps you properly care for yourself, the latter include face creams, moisturizers, masks, and other products that can add up quickly. 

This is why it’s a top category for women with a disposable income, ensuring they can get their hands on all the products they need to ensure their skin is in stellar condition. 

#4. Vices

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Rarely does a disposable income come without hard work. 

Women want to kick back and relax after a long day or week. 

For many, this means buying various things that will help them to do so, with the top responses being items like weed and wine. 

For those fortunate enough to be in a state where medical or recreational cannabis use is legal (or those who use hemp-derived products), good cannabis products can be an excellent way to wind down with ease. 

If weed isn’t the way to go, a good bottle of wine seems to be the next go-to for many women.

#5. Traveling the World

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Traveling is another significant expense, especially for those who want to hop on a flight on a whim. 

Some women have an extensive travel log, using their money to visit many countries and see the world themselves. 

If you have a bit of extra cash and have been bitten by the travel bug, this can be an excellent source of inspiration.

#6. Fitness Gear

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Fitness gear and fitness wear are top items for many women. 

With athletic wear being hot right now, getting an outfit you can wear to the gym and when you’re on the go is something that many women want. 

For those who are also on a serious fitness journey, buying the right equipment to burn fat and build muscle is also a major focus.

#7. Random Fun Things

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Many women have funds they contribute to with their leftover money. 

They then use these funds to buy whatever they want or do things they might not normally do if they didn’t have that extra room in their budget.

Some ways they use this money include justifying going out on lunch dates, buying things like artsy mugs, or even seeing a movie when they feel like it. 

This helps them get their daily dose of joy and ensures they’re not just grinding away without enjoying life.

#8. Books and Gaming

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Technically, books and gaming would fall into the hobby category for some. 

However, entertainment generally falls into its own expense category for those who need something to keep them occupied and prevent them from being bored at home.

Books and gaming have become much pricier, especially if you don’t buy digital copies. 

Some women will spend money on their favorite books and games when they can so they have something to do during their free time.

#9. Investing

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Women will spend their disposable income on things that bring them joy, but they may also spend a portion on things that bring them security. 

An excellent example of this is investing. 

Some women stash away their income in a 401(k), high-yield savings account, or another type of account to help them grow their money to feel more secure and ready for retirement. 

It’s never too late to get started!

#10. Guilty Pleasures

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A lot of women are strict about their diet. 

While not restrictive, they may not indulge in certain foods because those foods aren’t great for them, and they want to maintain better daily health. 

With their disposable incomes, they can enjoy those foods when the mood strikes or they want to enjoy themselves. 

Some top foods that make the list include tacos, chocolate, and even pizza. 

If you can’t treat yourself with your money, what can you do? 

#11. Hobby Materials

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Hobbies are often discussed as being essential to becoming a well-rounded person. 

But one thing that’s not discussed as often is the price of hobbies. 

Whether knitting, painting or even candlemaking, hobbies require a lot of upfront investment. 

This is why women with disposable incomes tend to put more toward these expenses. 

From the equipment needed to start the hobby to materials like yarn and wax, many women spend money making sure they can continue their hobbies.

#12. Botox

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Botox is one of those things that has a lot of negative stigma around it. 

But that stigma is slowly being stripped away, and many women will spend their money to get it. 

A lot of women get it as a treat to themselves and feel much more confident when they’re able to tackle areas of their faces that they weren’t as happy with or confident in. 

If you have the money to spend on it, why not?

#13. Self Care Items

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Many women prioritize spending money on self care.

This could be a massage, getting their nails done, or even buying a journal to write their thoughts.

#14. Spoiling Their Significant Others on Occasion

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Many women with children find themselves spending the bulk of their disposable income on their children. 

In the case of those who are childless, they’ve found that they have a lot more to spend on both themselves and their significant others. 

Besides some of the ideas listed above and below, many women will use their disposable income to spoil their partners as they get spoiled. 

This might mean getting them a special present, taking them on a trip, or doing something else for them that they’ve had their eye on. 

Bringing joy to another person is a gift in and of itself. 

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