15 Creative Ways to Spend an Extra $1,000 Monthly


Imagine an extra $1,000 every month just for yourself. 

The possibilities are endless, and we all love to daydream about how we’d spend that money. 

Maybe a little shopping spree here and there, a luxurious vacation worldwide, or perhaps even donating a portion to a worthy cause. 

Just envision the potential of turning your dreams into reality with that little extra each month. 

The thought of gaining financial freedom is both thrilling and overwhelming at once.

In this article, let’s explore the optimal ways to utilize these newfound funds if they were to grace our pockets month after month. 

From prioritizing experiences over material possessions to investing in personal growth, join us on this quest for the most effective utilization of extra cash flow.

#1. Stop Relying on Credit Cards

Man with credit cards
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The first step to making the most of your extra money is to reduce existing debts.

Though credit cards and microloans can be helpful when used correctly, they can also become a major expense if not handled properly. 

By paying off debt with any additional funds you may receive, you’ll be able to ease the burden on your finances and free up extra cash for other use.

#2. Invest in Experiences

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Though we all can appreciate material possessions, experiences tend to be the most memorable and rewarding investments you could make with your money. 

Whether it’s a weekend away or tickets to a special event, experiences are far more likely to leave lasting memories than buying something you’ll eventually discard.

Additionally, investing in experiences can help you make the most of your money by encouraging shared experiences with friends and family that wouldn’t be possible if you had spent your money elsewhere.

#3. Make Mortgage Payments Ahead of Time

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Mortgages are more desirable to those stuck renting because they’re often cheaper than rental payments. 

Still, affording a mortgage can be tricky, and missing payments means losing your home. 

Rather than falling behind or remaining stagnant, some wish to leverage the extra $1,000 they would receive to get ahead on their mortgage payments. 

This would give them greater peace of mind knowing they’re chipping away at their loan to own their house outright and reduce overall costs. 

#4. Move Somewhere and Retire

Young couple carrying big cardboard box at new home.Moving house.
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$1,000 a month is a great bonus. 

Some would put it towards various wants and needs, but others have become more crafty. 

Some have said that they would take that money and retire. 


Likely a place that’s both nice and has a much lower cost of living, like the Phillippines. 

Even though $1,000 isn’t much here in the U.S., the dollar would stretch further.

#5. Pay Off Debt

Never gets to the root cause of debt
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An extra $1,000 a month goes a long way, especially when you have debt. 

Many people would use that money to pay off debt that they’ve defaulted on and work towards getting caught up on existing debts. 

Some of the most common debts people would pay off first include student loans, credit card bills, and car loans, to name a few.

#6. Get Their Teeth Fixed

Woman at dentist
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It’s no secret that healthcare is unaffordable for most in the U.S. 

But while healthcare is often highlighted, dental care might not be as discussed. 

The reality is that dental care is often less accessible and more expensive than healthcare, especially if you haven’t been able to get proper care for a while and your oral health isn’t as good as it should be. 

While it will take a bit to save up the thousands needed, many people agreed they would use the extra money to fix their teeth. 

#7. Get Their Hair Cut and Colored Professionally

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Hair care can add up quickly, especially when you’re a woman. 

A good cut and color at a professional salon can easily cost over $100. 

Add this up each time you need to get it done, and that’s a nice chunk of change stashed away. 

There are a lot of women who do this on their own at home who would gladly use the extra $1,000 each month to get it done instead of having to do it all themselves. 

They’d still have a ton of money for all kinds of things.

#8. Build Their Savings

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Inflation and economic stagnancy have made it much harder for people to live on the same amount of money that they used to. 

Unfortunately, it’s also made it difficult to put money away so that people can work towards their goals or stay prepared in case of emergencies. 

This is why building savings would be one of the top activities if people had access to an extra $1,000 every month. 

#9. Stress Less

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Living on a low income can produce several adverse side effects, but arguably one of the worst is chronic stress. 

Chronic stress can do a number on both physical and mental health, and the burnout that comes with it makes it harder to get work done and navigate daily life. 

One of the most significant impacts that an extra $1,000 a month would have on the lives of those getting it would be that they could stress less. 

They would have more room in their budget, less anxiety about their finances, and more time to relax. 

#10. Upgrade to a Better Living Situation

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Depending on how much you’re spending on rent, an extra $1,000 could make all the difference. 

Some respondents immediately said they would spend money finding a better place to live. 

With that extra $1,000, they could get some new furniture and other essentials.

#11. Spend More Time With Loved Ones

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Not everyone who works hard is necessarily compensated for what they should be getting. 

Because of this, people need to work long hours regularly to get their hands on the money they need to survive. 

For many, an extra $1,000 a month would be life-changing, allowing them to spend more time with their loved ones and treat them to things they might not be able to with the money they’re currently earning. 

#12. Work Fewer Hours

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This ties in with spending more time with family and less stress, but many people called this out specifically. 

With more money in the bank, they could step away from spending so many hours on side hustles or their full-time job to relax and do whatever they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

#13. Reach Out to a Therapist

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We’ve already covered healthcare and dental care. 

But what about mental health care?

The reality is that resources in the mental health space are often hard to find, very expensive (if you can’t find a therapist that works on a sliding scale or free resources), and may result in additional costs (specialists, medications, etc.). 

Even though it’s essential, it’s often out of reach financially for many. 

Whether it’s getting their own care or helping someone else, plenty of people would use the extra $1,000 to access mental health support. 

#14. Invest in Yourself

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Some people understand the income they earn is the biggest driver of wealth.

So the more they can earn, the more they can save and invest, and thus the more wealth they will have.

As a result, they would take the extra grand a month and reinvest it into themselves, improving skills and other things so they could earn more money.

#15. Get Laser Eye Surgery

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Optical care is expensive, especially throughout life, as you get new lenses and glasses. 

Sometimes, people may not even like the look and feel of glasses. 

This is why laser eye surgery was a response for some. 

It’s a reasonably affordable procedure, super quick, and would make it so that they wouldn’t have to wear glasses or contacts to see the world around them.

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