15 Grocery Store Items That Are Never Worth the Money – Stop Wasting Cash Now!


Are you tired of wasting money on expensive products in the supermarket? 

Do you wish that your grocery shopping trips could be more wallet-friendly? 

We’ve all made those occasional purchases where we thought one item would offer maximum quality and convenience, only to get home and find out it was a total waste. 

Well, fear not; today is your lucky day! 

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of 15 common grocery items that are never worth their high price tag. 

With this resource, you’ll save yourself precious time and money by easily spotting which items aren’t worth the cash at checkout, so you can bid goodbye to wasted funds once and for all!

#1. Pet Food

Teen Pet Sitting
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Pet food is at your grocery store, so why shouldn’t you get food for your pets while you’re out getting food for yourself?

Pet food at the grocery store is convenient but won’t help you budget much.

Chances are there’s a major chain of pet stores or even smaller pet stores in your area you can take advantage of.

They’ll typically always offer sales and discounts, and they may even have a rewards program that you can use as you shop there.

#2. Baked Cookies and Pastries

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It can be hard to resist the smell of delicious fresh-baked goods, but you should stay strong to keep your finances in order.

You’re paying not only the price of the goods but of the services of the workers in the bakery department.

Always go for store-bought cookies and pastries (that are pre-packaged), or buy the ingredients to make your own when the mood strikes.

#3. Greeting Cards

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Greeting cards have always been overpriced, but even these products are not shielded against inflation.

If you need a greeting card, a birthday card, or another card to celebrate a special occasion, try a dollar store where you’ll find equally great yet affordable options.

#4. Precut Fruits and Vegetables

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Precut fruits and vegetables might seem like the natural choice when you need something quick for a party or want a quick snack.

However, these types of platters or containers are rarely cost-effective.

You can spend much less on the produce, wash it, cut it yourself, and get far more out of the deal.

#5. Alcohol

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Alcohol isn’t generally cheap, except for certain types like wines or vodka, which can often run cheaper if you choose the right brands.

However, cases of beer, other hard liquor, and even seltzers can be priced way higher than they’re supposed to be in grocery stores or convenience stores.

See what types of deals your nearby liquor store offers, or consider a store dedicated solely to alcohol if you find yourself spending way too much while getting groceries.

#6. Magazines or Books

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Granted, I doubt many people out there are going to the grocery store to purchase magazines and books, but if you find yourself intrigued with one there, don’t buy it.

Magazine subscriptions are incredibly affordable for most types of magazines, and you can buy books for cheap at thrift stores or even online if you have an e-reader.

#7. Batteries

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Batteries have never been cheap, and while you may think you’re getting a deal at your local grocery store, chances are you’re not.

So, where are you supposed to get batteries?

The best place to visit is your nearby Costco or online in bulk on sites like Amazon.

While prices may be comparable sometimes, you may even want to visit your nearby CVS when they’re selling batteries.

#8. Diapers

Baby Wipes
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Diapers are another common product sold in stores but are rarely worth the exorbitant prices the stores ask for.

Always go to a big box store for these parenting products instead of spending the big bucks to get the same thing while buying other groceries.

#9. Laundry Detergent

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Doing laundry is no longer an affordable endeavor, especially if you’re doing laundry for the home family.

It’s best to get your laundry detergent from Warehouse stores or even retailers like Target, especially when they’re having a sale on home products.

#10. Cookware and Bakeware

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The cookware and bakeware you might find alongside kitchen utensils in one secluded grocery store aisle are overpriced and poorly produced.

Rely on home goods stores to give you better affordable cookware and bakeware options built to last.

#11. Name-Brand Products

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Name-brand products are more expensive yet rarely provide anything unique you can’t find in generic options.

If you do have your heart set on certain name-brand products, there are some types you should avoid.

One such example is cereal, for which prices for name-brands have been rising exponentially.

Another great example is chips.

#12. Frozen or Prepared Meals

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Frozen and prepared meals or snacks are convenient when you’re on the go and have little time to prepare something for yourself.

However, they’re also quite expensive and only give you one serving of what you want.

Avoid these products and squeeze in time for meal prep to stretch your dollar further.

#13. Party Supplies

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Party supplies shouldn’t be as expensive as they are, especially when you see them at the grocery store.

Party supplies should almost always be purchased from party stores unless you find good deals at other retailers for essentials like themed plates, disposable utensils, and other basic products.

#14. Bottled Water

Bottled Water
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Bottled water is often majorly marked up, and the quality isn’t always much better than what you’ll get at home.

If you want to make more room in your grocery budget, consider investing in a water filter for your sink and a reusable water bottle to always have a drink on the go.

#15. Makeup

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Grocery stores often get people with high prices by offering them convenience.

If you’re at the store and need makeup anyway, you might purchase it.

The problem?

Makeup is never cheap at the grocery store.

Always go to a dedicated cosmetics store for the best prices on your favorite makeup items.

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