15 Luxury Items Only the Mega Rich Can Afford


To most of us, things like high-end fashion and luxury car brands like Lamborghini represent the pinnacle of wealth.

But those with enormous amounts of wealth are buying things that the average person wouldn’t even think someone could buy.

To show just what millions and billions of dollars could get you, here are 15 mind-blowing luxury items only the mega-rich can afford.

1. Live-in Pet Nannies

Teen Pet Sitting
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Live-in nannies are a relatively well-known concept, and you don’t necessarily have to have a ton of money to hire your own.

But did you know some wealthy people have live-in pet nannies?

These highly-paid individuals are responsible for every aspect of pet care, from feeding to vet appointments.

2. Disposable Clothing

Fashionable pale brunette in long green dress
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While not necessarily a specific product, some people have enough money to never wear an outfit more than once.

Instead, some buy new clothes, wear them, and then throw them away once they’re done with them.

Most people limit the amount of clothing they own and wash them constantly to be able to re-wear them for years.

3. Man-Made Lakes

Man made lake at Palma de Mallorca
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Backyard pools can seem luxurious to some, but did you know that the mega-rich sometimes own their own man-made lakes?

They have these bodies of water constructed so they can enjoy swimming, jet skiing, and doing whatever else they want when the mood strikes.

4. Public Storage for Art 

Woman Visiting Art Gallery
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Most of us have a limited amount of artwork that we use to adorn empty wall space.

But what if you had more money than you knew what to do with?

In this case, you might purchase entire museum wings to store all of your unused art when it’s not in your home.

5. Super Yachts With Shadow Yachts

super yacht
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Yachts are a sign of having excess cash, but the ones we’re accustomed to aren’t even close to the luxury they could be.

The wealthiest own super yachts that are massive in size, and these super yachts typically have shadow yachts (smaller yachts that follow closely behind).

6. Buying Land to Preserve Views

house in large piece of land
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Having a nice home is great, but being able to look out your windows and see stunning views is even better.

This is why some rich people will buy up other properties and turn them into extra spaces or gardens, bulldozing homes that prevent them from being able to look out at the landscape.

7. Rotating Garage Floors

Garage of a modern European house
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Backing out of your garage doesn’t seem like too big of a task.

But that doesn’t mean that others are necessarily a fan of it.

If you’re rich enough, you can invest in rotating garage floors so that you never have to back out of your garage again.

8. Buying a Whole Apartment Floor for Parties

Happy young people having party at home
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Those living in apartment buildings, even the high-end ones, might not feel like they have enough space for all of their extracurricular activities.

There are stories of some rich people who bought whole apartment floors to ensure they had enough space for parties.

The good news?

They did invest in the building and soundproofed the area so those below them were comfortable.

9. On-Call, All-Day Food Service Help

Asian woman is pouring ingredients that are prepared to make a salad
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If you have enough money, you never have to worry about running out of food or having meals ready again.

Food service staff are tasked with making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cooking on a whim, and making sure the fridge and pantries are always stocked.

10. Horses (and Staff to Ride Them)

Young rider woman riding bay horse
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Owning a horse isn’t out of the budget for some.

But some people have so much space and so many horses that they don’t have enough time to ride them all or give them all enough attention.

In situations like these, the mega-rich will hire several horse caretakers to make sure they are cared for and ridden regularly.

11. Buying New Items Instead of Replacement Batteries

new smartphone
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Have you ever purchased something that took batteries and decided it was too much effort to buy new batteries when they died?

If you’re rich, you might have.

Some people will spend thousands on a replacement device instead of buying batteries for the one they already own, throwing away the old one in the process.

12. Art Movers

Art Painting
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Having too much art comes with the challenge of displaying it all in a way where you can appreciate your entire collection.

If you have money that you don’t need to put toward living essentials, you can just pay someone to move around your art every so often so that all of your art gets displayed in your (likely massive) home throughout the year.

13. Smart Showers

Master bath in luxury home
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If there’s a way to add technology to it, there’s likely a smart version of it out there.

In this case, people have talked about rich individuals who have installed smart showers so that the shower can do all the work with an abundance of settings for whatever bathing needs they might have from day to day.

14. Electronics Managers

Man connecting charger cable to mobile phone
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Nothing is worse than dealing with tech or recharging the tech you need throughout the day.

The mega-rich have managed to solve this issue by hiring electronics managers, who are essentially people who go around the house to make sure things are charged and in working order for their employers.

15. Seasonal Furniture

seasonal furniture
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You probably have seasonal decorations and things like throw pillows that you swap out from time to time.

However, the rich aren’t going to do something as basic as that.

Those with obscene amounts of wealth will have seasonal furniture that they switch out with their current furniture once they’re ready to redecorate.

The only way you could one-up this is to buy different homes you can travel to throughout the changing seasons.

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