15 Money Questions You Need To Ask Your Significant Other


Are you and your significant other on the same page when it comes to finances? 

Money can be a major stressor for couples, so whether you’re just starting out or have been together for a while, it’s important to have open conversations about your money. 

To start the conversation, here are 15 questions you should ask each other to tackle topics like budgeting, managing debt, saving goals, and money responsibilities. 

By communicating honestly, you can ensure both of you stay financially secure. 

#1. How Do You Feel About a Prenuptial Agreement?

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Before starting a relationship, openly discussing and establishing a mutual understanding about a prenup is crucial, especially if there’s a difference in assets between both parties.

This prevents future complications and builds trust, transparency, and mutual respect. 

It strengthens your partnership and provides emotional and financial security for both individuals involved.

#2. Do You Have a Savings Account?

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It’s important to get on the same page when saving money. 

When couples talk about how much they save, why they are saving, and how they can use the money in case of emergencies, it helps them prepare for challenges and align their financial goals. 

#3. Would You Consider Yourself a Spender or a Saver?

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Discussing spending habits is important for understanding each other’s financial goals and values. 

Setting spending boundaries before getting into a relationship helps manage expectations and makes couples more aware of each other’s money habits.

#4. What is Your Credit Score?

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Knowing what measures your significant other takes to maintain a favorable credit score and sharing credit ratings and debt management practices fosters an understanding of each other’s financial behavior and aids in future planning. 

Open discussions about our credit scores provide insight into your options for significant purchases, such as a home or a car.

#5. How Much Debt Do You Have?

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Knowing if your partner has debt is crucial, and having open and constructive conversations about debt is even more important.

It helps you understand each other’s financial boundaries and principles better.

Set guidelines for paying off debts together. Figure out which ones you’ll share and how you’ll divide them. 

#6. What Is Your Income?

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Talking about money can be a touchy topic, but it’s super important to have open conversations. Sharing income info builds trust and financial transparency and helps with budgeting, saving, and setting goals.

Getting a glimpse into each other’s finances helps us plan for big buys and long-term savings together, creating a team effort to reach financial stability.

#7. Do You Follow a Budget?

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Open discussions about budgets can give couples valuable insights into how they allocate and spend their income. 

Regarding finances, honesty is key, with no room for deceit or hiding expenses! 

By communicating openly and effectively, they can work together to create a practical and realistic budget that meets their needs. 

#8. What are Your Financial Goals?

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These thought-provoking questions are really valuable for getting a deeper understanding of each other’s financial goals.

It allows you to discuss topics like saving for retirement, paying off debt, and investing in the stock market. 

Conversations about future plans will keep you on track and empower you to handle any challenges that come your way with confidence and readiness.

#9. Do You Use Credit Cards?

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How they handle money says a lot about them. 

It can show what matters most to them and reveal our spending habits, whether they are thrifty or love splurging on the latest gadgets. 

Talking about this is key for partners to understand each other’s money styles and find solutions that work for both.

#10. Have You Filed for Bankruptcy?

petition for bankruptcy
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Having this conversation may be challenging, but it’s important. 

While it may feel uncomfortable, knowing if your partner has experienced bankruptcy is crucial. Understanding their financial history gives you insight into their past debts and responsibilities, which can impact your future. 

Openly discussing money builds trust and strengthens your bond.

#11. Do You Financially Support Family Members?

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Having discussions like these can give you valuable insight into a significant other’s financial priorities. 

Plus, it’s a chance to see how committed your partner is to their family and whether they plan to provide for them long term. 

By openly talking about finances, both of you can be on the same page and make a shared plan for your future.

#12. How Do You Handle a Financial Emergency?

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When dealing with a financial emergency, figuring out who will take the lead is crucial.

Will they focus on paying off debts or saving for retirement? Do they have an emergency fund set up for future support?

By asking these questions, you can understand how your partner handles financial crises and evaluate how well your money decisions align.

#13. What Would You Do With a Large Sum Of Money?

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If your partner were to come into a large amount of money, it’s important to consider how your partner would handle the funds. 

Will they invest, save, or just spend it? 

Exploring these questions can give you some cool insights into your partner’s financial values and help you evaluate how well your financial goals align.

#14. Do You Prefer Joint or Separate Bank Accounts?

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The debate about joint or separate bank accounts is one that many couples face.

Have you and your partner discussed whether you’d prefer joint or separate accounts? 

Are you both cool with sharing access to your finances? 

It’s important to openly discuss this topic as it can sometimes lead to disagreements over money. Talking about your values and preferences will help you both find a way to manage your money effectively.

#15. Who Will Handle the Finances?

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Discussing money is super important for couples, especially when both of you work and contribute financially. 

Talk about how you split bill payments, track expenses, and save money. Or will you share these responsibilities equally?

Asking these questions helps find solutions that work for your relationship and keep your finances in sync.

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