16 Legit Ways Anyone Can Get Free Clothes


If you constantly blow your budget on new clothes, how about getting some of those clothes without spending your hard-earned cash?

Who doesn’t love new clothes and what’s even better? Free clothes!

If your wardrobe is ready for a refresh and you want to save money, check out these 16 tricks for scoring free clothes

We chose these ideas as most people can use them to get clothes, regardless of where you live in the U.S.

1. Clothing Swaps

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How about considering hosting a clothing swap party with your friends or looking for one that is happening in your area? 

Clothing swaps are fun for everyone involved. They’re a great way to add new items to your wardrobe and get rid of items you no longer wear.

2. Product Testing

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Many clothing companies want feedback on their products before they hit the shelves, and they will send you free clothes in exchange for your opinion.

You can sign up for product testing programs through companies’ websites, and then you get to try out new clothes for free.

3. Online Giveaways

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If you love clothes and follow your favorite clothing brands on social media, look for contests or giveaways they may be hosting. 

You never know when you might win a free clothing item or shopping spree.

4. Craigslist

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It pays to check out Craigslist’s free section. 

People give away clothes they no longer want or need instead of having a garage sale.

You never know; you might find hidden gems and add them to your wardrobe for free.

5. ThredUp

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ThredUp is an online consignment store where you can buy and sell your used clothing.

For every item of your clothing they accept, you can receive cash or credit towards purchasing clothes you want from the site.

So not only do you get free clothes, but you also declutter too.

6. OfferUp

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OfferUp is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell used clothing.

You can sell your clothes and negotiate prices directly with the seller, making your money go further.

7. Start a Fashion Website

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If you love clothes, why not start a fashion website or YouTube channel?

Initially, you will have to buy the clothing, but since it is a business expense, you can fully write it off on your taxes.

Grow your brand, and designers will work with you, offering free clothes in exchange for promoting their items on your site or channel.

8. Reward Points

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Many companies offer reward points or loyalty programs for buying their clothes.

You can use your reward points to get free clothes or discounts the next time you make a purchase.

These programs are free to join, but you can increase your points by signing up for a store-branded credit card. Usually, you earn extra discounts or can take advantage of special shopping days to earn bonus points. This could be a great option if you manage your spending and not go into debt.

9. Freecycle

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Another website you will want to check out for free clothes is Freecycle.

On Freecycle, you can add new pieces to your wardrobe from gently used clothing in good condition that people give away for free.

10. Facebook Marketplace

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Many people list their unwanted clothing for free or at a very low cost on Facebook Marketplace instead of messing with having a garage sale. 

This is a great way to find free clothes, especially if you want a specific clothing item like maternity wear or a particular brand.

11. Yard Sales

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You might think you always have to pay for yard sale clothing, but that’s not always true.

Sometimes, people want to get rid of their old clothes and will give them away for free, especially at the end of the day or on the last day of the sale.

And even if the clothes are free, you can usually make a low-ball offer and have it accepted.

12. Rehash

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Like other resale websites, Rehash is where people can trade and sell gently used clothing. 

But what makes it different is that it also has a section for free items, so you can refresh your wardrobe without spending any money.

13. TrySpree

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This is an awesome website that combs the internet for free clothing samples and offers, then passes them on to you.

It’s super easy to try the clothing samples; sign up for an account on their site and select the free clothes you want.

14. Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix offers a referral program where you can earn credits towards free clothing by referring friends to try their styling services.

If you have lots of friends and family, the credits can add up quickly, and you can get free clothes without even leaving your house.

Alternatively, if you start a brand on social media, you can use this outlet to refer even more people.

15. Consignment Stores

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You can find plenty of free clothes if you visit a consignment store in your area.

Some consignment shops have a deal where you can get a free item if you give an item for free. Others offer free clothes on certain days of the week, so check out all the shops in your area and see their policies.

16. Charitable Organizations

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If you are in need, contact local charitable organizations and churches. Many will have free clothes to offer that others have donated.

Some may even hold special events during the year where they organize all their clothing, and those in need come and shop for free.

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