17 Entry Level Work From Home Jobs


With remote positions on the rise and likely to stay, more and more people have started looking for ways to gainfully employ themselves from home.

Fortunately, there are a ton of entry-level work-from-home jobs that you can break into to make your dream of working from the comfort of your own space a reality.

Here are 17 entry-level work-from-home jobs worth looking into.

#1. Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants handle scheduling, research, and other administrative tasks that the employer doesn’t want to have to take on themselves.

If you’re good on the phone and the computer, can easily manage tasks for others and have valuable skills like using Microsoft Excel, this should be quite manageable.

#2. Data Entry Clerk

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Data entry has always been a suggestion for those interested in WFT positions, and for good reason.

Data entry is the process of entering information into another database or compiling it into a single sheet.

If you can find these jobs and are happy with the pay, they’re certainly a good option.

#3. Customer Service Representative

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Customer service jobs from home are probably one of the most well-known WFH jobs out there.

However, they can be hard to find, and many scammers run check scams and might try to trick you into thinking you’ve landed such a gig.

#4. Social Media Manager

Social Media
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Do you know how to get social media content in front of an audience and get the engagement you want?

If so, there’s no shortage of companies needing social media support (and you don’t even have to go into the office to do the job).

#5. Writer

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Writers make money working from home by producing content such as blogs and articles, as well as copy for webpages, emails, and other online platforms.

If you have an affinity for the written word and can pitch yourself to companies that produce content or need help with copy, you can absolutely make money from home doing this.

#6. Proofreader

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It’s easy for mistakes to slip through in writing, regardless of whether AI tools are being used.

As someone with an excellent eye for grammar and spelling, you can use your skills to become a WFH proofreader and ensure all published materials are error-free.

#7. Copy Editor

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If you’re a great proofreader and can edit pieces to ensure they meet company expectations, you might want to try your hand at being a copy editor instead.

The demand for these types of roles is a bit higher, but you should be satisfied with wherever you land.

#8. Tutor

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Where there’s education, there’s a need for people who can explain concepts and teach.

A teacher might be unable to work from home realistically, but remote tutors have become the norm.

Use your higher education and make some money by becoming a tutor with a company or even with a school district.

#9. Sales Representative

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Do you have a golden tongue?

Are you able to sell seemingly anything?

If so, sales is always a great career choice.

Entry-level sales positions are never in short supply, and you can easily find a remote job selling things to others.

#10. Transcriptionist

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Transcriptionists are responsible for converting audio to easy-to-read scripts.

It’s not for everyone, but you can break into it as a side hustle and show proof of your abilities to companies willing to hire you.

#11. Search Engine Evaluator

Computer Engineer
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A little more niche, search engine evaluators are responsible for scoring search results when looking for specific terms.

Companies offering this type of job are a little more challenging to find, but you should keep this in mind as you look for opportunities.

#12. Translator

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Speaking multiple languages isn’t just helpful when you’re traveling.

Companies out there will pay you to translate for them, no matter what industry they’re in.

See if there are bilingual, trilingual, or even multilingual job opportunities you can take advantage of.

#13. Bookkeeper

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Keeping tabs on your personal or business finances is crucial to ensure you’re in good financial health.

Tackling that yourself can be a difficult task.

You can become a work from home bookkeeper to make sure others are in good financial health and get paid reasonably well for it.

#14. Flipper

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Flippers are entrepreneurs who find valuable things at low prices and flip them to make a profit.

Some of this involves knowing where to find goods or things that need minor repairs to increase their value.

With the right strategy, it can produce a decent income if you’re willing to put in the work.

#15. Chat Agent

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Bots run more and more forms of online support.

However, companies still need real people to deal with more complex issues.

If you’re more comfortable at the keyboard than at the phone, consider becoming a chat agent to work from home in a way that best suits you.

#16. Online Moderator

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Moderators are necessary for any online platform where discourse occurs, and people post things that need moderating.

Some jobs are less demanding, and others require you to look through content that could be damaging.

Make sure that you know what you’re getting into and have thoroughly evaluated the job to see if this position appeals to you.

#17. Voice Actor

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People with unique voices and those who can make a wide range of voices could make a living voice acting.

As long as you have the right recording technology and space to record audio and can stand out to various producers looking for voice talent, you have a fighting chance to make some money being a voice actor for cartoons, shows, games, and beyond!

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