18 Things We’ll Lose Forever After the Last Baby Boomer Generation Passes


Do you remember the way your grandparents used to do things?

From cooking meals with little fuss but big flavor to reminiscing over stories that made them chuckle? 

For anyone born towards the tail-end of the Baby Boomer generation or in Generation X, you know firsthand how these memorable moments are slowly slipping away as each day passes.

These older generations have experienced some of history’s most extraordinary events; they have witnessed technological and societal progress, unlike any other period in time. 

With their passing comes a melancholic understanding that certain traditions and items will be lost forever. 

Here is our list of 18 items bound for eternity once we lose those who were born between 1945 and 1965.

#1. Shopping Local

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Shopping at the local corner store or the family-run grocery was a staple of Baby Boomer life.

The convenience and personal touch that came with it have been replaced by larger, more corporate chains in our modern-day society.

#2. Unannounced Visits

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The Baby Boomers prized the time they spent with their family and friends. 

Unannounced visits were common in those days, as a way to show your love and care for one another.  

With today’s intricate schedules, these surprise drop-ins are hard to come by and will be long forgotten once our elderly Boomers pass away.

#3. Carpeting Throughout The House

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As the Baby Boomer generation ages, so will their tastes and preferences in home décor.

And while carpeting may have once been the norm, its popularity has already begun to wane and is likely to continue doing so.

Rarely do you see homes with wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house, and this trend will continue as the home with this décor gets remodeled.

#4. Cable TV

simple ways to watch tv without cable

The advent of Netflix paved the way for the downfall of cable TV. 

Nowadays, most popular TV shows are no longer on cable but on various streaming services. 

Better yet, you could easily get similar channels for less via streaming and spend less overall by getting out of your cable package. 

Plus, the added benefit is not having to deal with five minutes of ads or more during every commercial break. 

Once the boomers are gone, cable TV might be gone, too.  

#5. Rain Checks

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Rain checks, the once commonplace method of guaranteeing a product or deal’s availability after it has run out, will soon become a thing of the past.

As the baby boomer generation ages and younger generations take over the consumer market, the use of rain checks is bound to diminish.

The instant gratification culture that has taken over will likely steer consumers towards more immediate options, leaving Rain Checks to fade away into nostalgia. 

#6. Writing Checks

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The modern world is digital. 

It wouldn’t be unwise to assume that most younger people don’t know how to write a check, let alone have them somewhere in the house. 

The reality is that writing a check is time-consuming and potentially dangerous if it isn’t sent or someone finds a way to manipulate it. 

Most people are more accustomed to digital transactions as it’s instant and easier. 

While there may be some limited uses for checks, we likely won’t see them around much longer.

#7. Suits in the Workplace

man wearing watch
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Many people are stressed out about what they will wear to work. 

After all, you should wear a nice suit to impress everyone, right? 

Not necessarily. 

While this may have been customary for boomers, it turns out that the new generations are more focused on comfortable casual wear in the workplace. 

You still won’t show up to work in sweats, but you probably won’t see many people wearing suits.  

#8. Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

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Insurance has all gone downhill, and almost any younger generation will agree with that sentiment. 

What was once designed to offer buyers legitimate protection and care is now primarily designed to extract the most wealth while offering the least benefits, so buyers have to invest more. 

One type of insurance that will probably disappear entirely is long-term care insurance policies. 

This form of insurance covers the type of care expenses that aren’t covered by regular health insurance or social programs later in life. 

Unfortunately, many of them have been butchered over the years, and it’s doubtful that anyone after the baby boomers will see much value in buying this type of insurance. 

#9. Humor Surrounding Not Liking Your Spouse

Happy couples
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There’s generally a particular type of humor associated with each generation, and one type of humor commonly associated with boomers is the “I hate my wife” type. 

Even young people today are likely familiar with these kinds of jokes, and it’s not something that they tend to enjoy. 

Once the boomers are gone, so too will this type of humor.

#10. Hands-On Customer Service

woman hanging up phone at work
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This one isn’t necessarily great, but it could be realistic. 

Baby boomers grew up during a time when there was always someone to support them if they were in a store and looking for help. 

There was always someone catering to them, which they became accustomed to. 

However, this was long before they were introduced to the internet or bots. 

The introduction of the internet and bots made it so that more companies could field questions without having to make direct human contact with prospective or current customers. 

Hands-on customer service won’t go away entirely, but we might not see the same level of interaction close to what boomers anticipated.

#11. Fax Machines

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Fax machines have been a staple in offices for decades, but their days are numbered.

As baby boomers retire, the demand for fax machines will likely plummet.

With new technology emerging every day, it’s no surprise that fax machines are becoming obsolete.

While it may be sad to see them go, it’s exciting to see what the future holds.

Goodbye, fax machines, it was nice knowing you.

#12. Random Phone Calls

man on cell phone
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Have you ever picked up the phone and called someone? 

If you’re not a boomer, probably not. 

The days of random phone calls are over. 

Younger individuals would much rather text, and it’s to the degree that some even jokingly say voicemails might make a disappearance, too!

#13. Smoking

Woman saying no
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Vaping might still seem relatively cool to some people, but one thing that seems to be going out with the boomers is smoking cigarettes. 

The tobacco industry has taken a massive hit over recent years, and most people have wizened up to the adverse health effects of regularly smoking cigarettes as well as the addictive properties of nicotine. 

As such, with the exception of communities specifically targeted by cigarette companies, it’s mostly on its way out. 

#14. Bridge

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Bridge is a card game that some have heard of but few have played. 

It’s apparently more common among baby boomers, and it turns out that they don’t even know that many people still play Bridge. 

It might be dying out completely!

#15. Fine China and Silverware

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Fine china and expensive silverware, once a staple at family gatherings and holidays, may soon become a relic of the past.

As baby boomers age and downsize, the younger generations show less interest in inheriting these delicate and often expensive pieces.

With a move toward more casual entertaining and a preference for durable and convenient dishware, these items may soon be relegated to antique shops rather than dining room tables.

The passing of this tradition is bittersweet, but it also reflects our society’s changing tastes and lifestyles.

#16. Strip Clubs

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Strip clubs have always been a well-known part of society, but are they still as big as they once were?

It turns out, no. 

With the internet in our pockets, the adult entertainment industry doesn’t need as many in-person venues for such entertainment. 

They may still be around in big cities, but they won’t be found as easily anymore or in the future.

#17. Print Encyclopedias

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With the boomers being the last generation to truly appreciate the weight and smell of a hardcover encyclopedia set, it’s no surprise that sales have been in decline.

The digital age has brought a wealth of information at our fingertips, making physical encyclopedias seem like relics of the past.

It’s bittersweet to bid farewell to something that has been a source of knowledge for centuries, but it’s time to let go and embrace the future.

#18. China Cabinets

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This cabinet was once a staple in many homes throughout the last century, a place to display the best dishes and treasures collected over a lifetime.

However, as the newer generations are leaning towards more minimalistic and functional styles, the China cabinet may not have much of a place in the modern home.

While these cabinets may hold sentimental value to some, they are no longer the must-have centerpiece they once were.

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