19 Frugal Things to Do With Friends at Home


A lot of adults feel like they’re limited by their budgets.

Rather than going out, they’re forced to stay in, missing out on important moments and dodging relationships they should develop. 

While it’s true that you don’t want to push yourself financially to keep up with those around you, it’s important that you don’t forget plenty that you can do for fun without ever having to leave the house or spend a ton of money.

You can still have those important interactions without breaking the bank. 

But what might be some good ideas that your friends could get behind if you propose a night in?

Here are 19 frugal things to do with friends at home that you can use for inspiration. 

#1. Host a Game Night

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Game nights are a great way to stay entertained for hours, no matter what you and your friends like to play.

Whether it’s a casual board game, a card game, or something more strategic and time-consuming, see what the gang wants to play and make a night or an afternoon out of it. 

#2. Suggest Cooking As a Group

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Are you and your friends looking for something more exciting than your average potluck? If so, one suggestion is to cook or bake together as a group.

This turns your meal into a whole event, making it more exciting as you work together to figure out what you should make to eat. 

#3. Have a Movie or TV Show Marathon

movie marathon at home watching TV with friends
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One of the top suggestions for spending time with friends at home is having a movie or TV marathon.

There’s literally no shortage of media to delve into, so this could become a regular event at your home for years. 

#4. Learn a New Hobby

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Everyone wants to pick up a new hobby, but very few people have the time or the motivation to actually follow through on doing that.

If you and your friends decide to try out a new hobby together, it can be fun for all of you.

Even better, some hobbies require very few or very cheap materials. 

#5. Play Drinking Games

friends playing game guess who and having fun at home
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It’s important to remember always to drink responsibly and never to let any of your friends drive home intoxicated.

With that out of the way, many friends will inevitably play drinking games when they get together.

If you and your friends want a night in rather than a night out, this will be a fun way to make it happen and cost you significantly less than going to the bar. 

#6. Engage in Some Good Old-Fashioned Scares

Communicating with ghosts through spiritual board under candle light
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Are you and your friend group into some spooky stuff?

If so, why not engage in some good old-fashioned scares?

Some obvious ideas include playing with an Ouija board, calling out to Bloody Mary, and creeping yourself out with some horror movie classics. 

#7. Squeeze in Some Video Game Time

Gamepads on the table
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If you have a friend group that likes to play video games rather than board games, you know how difficult it can be to actually find the time, especially given the time and focus modern games demand.

You can turn a day or a weekend into a video game day, playing your favorite games together on a console or PC. 

#8. Make It a Spa Day

Doing pedicure at home with friends
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Spa days are relaxing and often much-needed in today’s hectic and stressful world.

An at-home spa day for you and your friends can be just what the doctor ordered.

While you may not have some of the amenities offered in modern spas, manicures, pedicures, and face masks are all quite affordable and achievable. 

#9. Clean Out Your Garage or Closet

Friends Packing in Home Garage
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So many of us have too much junk and need to either sell it or give it away.

However, getting to this on your own can be a difficult task.

One idea is to have your friends come over and tackle big projects like cleaning out a garage or a closet.

Chances are that you’ll find something they might want, and you can always rotate houses to make sure everyone’s home is clean and see what they might have for you. 

#10. Turn a Broadcast Into a Party

Cheerful friends smiling while sitting on sofa at home and watching tv
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Events like the Grammys are so much more to so many people.

If you and your friend group are incredibly into events like these, turn your broadcasts into a watch party.

You can dress up, play games related to the event, and watch the whole thing together. It’s fun, and something to do that doesn’t cost everyone a ton of money. 

#11. Learn More About Each Other

friends playing how well do you know me game
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Some friend groups can be rather casual.

This isn’t a bad thing, but everyone might be looking to learn more about the people they’re spending time with.

Icebreaker games can be a great way to learn more about your friends.

You’ll never know what you might learn about those you enjoy hanging out with until you ask. 

#12. Gossip and Catch-Up

chatting with friends at home
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There’s nothing quite as free or as satisfying as gossiping with friends.

If it’s been a while since all of you have been able to sit down and just talk, chances are that there are a lot of things that you missed in someone else’s life.

A friendly get-together could be the perfect way to spend time with others at your home. 

#13. Partake in Some Karaoke

Group of friends playing karaoke at home
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Nothing’s more fun than singing terribly with your friends.

Whether you have a karaoke machine or like to turn on YouTube videos and sing along to lyrics on your TV, consider having a karaoke night with those closest to you.

Just make sure to remember any noise ordinances in your neighborhood. 

#14. Spend Some Much Needed Time Soaking Up the Sun

Friends at BBQ summer party
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If you have a backyard big enough for you and your friends to hang out in, you should definitely make an effort to spend time outside.

With or without a pool, kicking back in nature is relaxing and might be a luxury not everyone in your friend group can enjoy. 

#15. Take a Virtual Class Together

online meeting on computer
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Virtual classes abound in today’s digital world, which makes it easy to get together with friends and participate in the same class without ever having to leave home.

No matter what you’re interested in learning, consider taking a virtual class together. 

#16. Set Some Intentions

planning and setting goals with friends
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Are you and your friends the type to set goals for the future? It might sound just a tad cheesy, but this is easily something you can do together.

Whether through vision boards or another medium, get together with your friends and see your vision for yourselves.

This can add an extra layer of accountability to make sure that you actually get there, too. 

#17. Make a Time Capsule Together

Bury a time capsule in the ground
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Time capsules used to be all the rage, but that doesn’t mean that you can no longer make one.

Making a time capsule with friends can be fun because it’s a great way to peer into the past to see how much everyone has changed.

Gather some things you don’t mind parting with and ask your friends to do the same.

Then, figure out where you can bury it and record the exact location so you know where to retrieve it when you all decide to dig it back up. 

#18. Bust Out the Coloring Books

coloring book
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Coloring books used to be for children, but adult coloring books have become a therapeutic way for adults to relieve stress and cultivate greater mindfulness.

If coloring is something that you and your friends like to do, why not do it together?

It’s an extremely cheap activity that can keep most people entertained for hours, especially if they’re chatting or doing something else along with coloring.

You might even wish to incorporate coloring books into a broader art-themed activity day. 

#19. Workout Together

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Working out is hard, and following through on those good-intentioned fitness goals we make for ourselves doesn’t always pan out.

That’s why many recommend doing it with your friends.

If you can only get together a few times a week or on the weekend, do some home workouts together to hit your goals and have fun doing it.

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