24 Jobs You Wonder Why People Do


Have you ever thought to yourself, why in the world would someone do that job?

In a world full of different jobs, some just make us scratch our heads. 

From the most bizarre to the thrilling, certain jobs make you wonder, “Why would anyone do that?” 

Whether it’s the draw of adventure, the everyday need for the task, or the joy that someone might get from the unusual, these jobs are some of the most interesting and unique.

Some of these go beyond the likes of those found on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, expanding our inner worlds to the intriguing daily lives of the people around us.

If you’ve ever wondered about the strange jobs people have, some you may have never heard of, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve scoured the internet for 24 messed-up careers people actually get paid to do with real-life stories to back them up. 

Ready to explore some of the most unusual jobs out there? Let’s get started!

#1. Last Responder

Chinese rescuers carry the body of a victim found in disaster
Photo Credit: ChinaImages via DepositPhotos

This is one unique job where you are responsible for recovering the bodies of people who have died during natural disasters, accidents, and other tragic events. 

Some might find this job a bit grim or unsettling, but those who’ve chosen it their career view it as a vital service that helps bring closure to families and loved ones.

#2. Sewer Cleaner

sewer cleaner
Photo Credit: kataklinger via DepositPhotos

This job can make your stomach queasy, so those who choose this career would have to have a strong stomach. 

Sewer cleaners are responsible for maintaining and cleaning the sewers, which can involve dealing with all sorts of unpleasant waste.

#3. Industrial Laundry Sorter

Industrial laundry sorter
Photo Credit: Lopolo via DepositPhotos

Industrial laundry sorters are responsible for sorting laundry from hospitals, hotels, and other large facilities.

Before washing the laundry, the sorters watch for and remove any contaminated items, such as needles or bodily fluids.

#4. Snake Milker

snake milker milking green viper
Photo Credit: kampwit via DepositPhotos

Snake milkers have one of the most unique, dangerous jobs, and it is not for those who fear snakes.

They are responsible for extracting venom from snakes, which is used to create antivenom for snake bites.

#5. Pest Control 

Pest control contractor working in the flat
Photo Credit: Elnur_ via DepositPhotos

You probably don’t think much about what a pest control technician does until you have to call them to get rid of bugs or other pests in your home.

But this job involves much more than just spraying chemicals; pest control technicians often have to deal with difficult or uncomfortable situations, such as removing pests from a tough-to-reach space, such as a crawl space, or dealing with aggressive animals. 

#6. Special Agent Footage Reviewer

Private agents monitoring CCTV footage
Photo Credit: motortion via DepositPhotos

Being a special agent footage reviewer might sound exciting, but it’s also one of the most difficult jobs.

These professionals are responsible for analyzing surveillance footage of child abuse cases and such, which is horrific to watch, to say the least.

#7. Pet Cremation

Cremation urn for pets. black background
Photo Credit: PantherMediaSeller via DepositPhotos

Pet cremation technicians specialize in the cremation of pets who have passed away, and it takes both physical and emotional strength with the ability to have compassion for grieving pet owners.

They may also have to deal with heartbreaking cases where pets have been abused or neglected, adding another layer of difficulty to an already challenging task.

#8. Flavorist

Testing strawberries chemical flavor in lab
Photo Credit: dusanpetkovic via DepositPhotos

Making flavors for candy and other products might not sound like a tough job, but being a Flavorist requires tastebuds with receptors that allow them to detect the most subtle flavors. 

They also need to have a deep understanding of the chemistry behind flavor combinations and how they interact with different foods.

#9. Correction Officer

A strict prison guard in uniform guards cells with prisoners
Photo Credit: fpphotobank@gmail.com via DepositPhotos

Another tough job is that of a Correction Officer, who is responsible for maintaining order and security in prisons.

Just imagine how you would feel having to lock someone in a cell and do a head count, knowing that your life could be in danger or that they might be innocent.

#10. Turbine Repair Technician

Man repairs windmill
Photo Credit: anytka via DepositPhotos

The person who does this job must not fear heights or confined spaces, as they have to climb up tall wind turbines and work inside the turbine’s tight space.

This is one job that you would need to have specialized knowledge and skills, as well as physical strength and endurance.

#11. AI Breeder

Farmer worker doing an artificial insemination procedure on a cow
Photo Credit: manuelpugafotografia.gmail.com via DepositPhotos

Artificial insemination is a common practice in the livestock industry, and AI Breeders are responsible for collecting and storing semen from male animals and using it to impregnate female animals. 

They must be able to handle large animals, be willing to get very dirty, and, of course, wear rubber gloves that go up to their armpits.

#12. Slaughterhouse Worker

Close up of woman holding wrapped meat in grocery store
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Another job that deals with animals is a slaughterhouse worker, which involves slaughtering, butchering, and processing animals for food consumption.

It can be physically demanding and emotionally taxing. Workers must handle large animals and must have a strong stomach, as they are constantly exposed to intense smells and sights.

#13. Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Investigation
Photo Credit: paulfleet via DepositPhotos

This job seems like it would be one of the hardest jobs to do, and it makes you wonder why anyone would want to pursue it as a career. 

However, crime scene cleanup is an important job that helps to restore a safe and clean environment after a traumatic event.

#14. Mortuary Transporter

orkers of Al-Rayaan Funeral Home in Brooklyn where traditional Muslim rituals performed move dead body
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Like a crime scene cleanup worker, a mortuary transporter deals with difficult and often emotionally difficult situations.

They are responsible for transporting human remains from the place of death to funeral homes or morgues. 

This requires careful handling of the deceased and providing support for the grieving family during a difficult time. 

#15. Olfactory Scientist

Olfaction test. Female scientist examining vanilla smell
Photo Credit: microgen via DepositPhotos

Being an olfactory scientist may seem glamorous at first glance, but imagine having a nose so sensitive to smells that you can design scents for cleaners and fragrances.

To do this job, you have to have a highly sensitive nose, which means you could also smell even the faintest foul smell, which could be very challenging.

#16. Content Reviewer

Photo Credit: alexey_boldin via Deposit Photos.

Facebook content reviewers are responsible for ensuring that all posts and advertisements comply with the platform’s community standards.

This can involve reviewing disturbing or graphic material, making this job emotionally demanding. 

#17. Kennel Tech

Dedicated girl training dog in kennel
Photo Credit: photography33 via DepositPhotos

Just loving dogs might not make this job worth it, considering the responsibilities of a kennel technician, such as the daily care and well-being of animals in a boarding or animal shelter setting.

However, this job also requires workers to deal with sick, neglected, or abandoned animals and with animals being euthanized if they are not adopted.

#18. Fish Baiter

Sea worm - a classic bait for sea fishing
Photo Credit: nenovbrothers via DepositPhotos

Many people enjoy fishing, but why would anyone want to take on a fish baiter’s smelly and unpleasant job?

Fish baiters handle and prepare live bait, such as worms, maggots, or crickets used as bait, and they have to work in extreme weather conditions, too.

#19. Bird Chaser

after landing at PRG Airport in dangerous situation can caused bird strike
Photo Credit: rebius via DepositPhotos

Bird chasers are important for the safety of planes and other vehicles because they are responsible for keeping birds off the runway and away from aircraft. 

But why would someone choose this job, which requires strong nerves, great reflexes, and long hours of chasing birds away?

#20. Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

service engineer checking on waste water treatment plant with pump on background
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This job can be nasty and requires a lot of physical labor, technical knowledge, and attention to detail. 

Why would someone choose this career path? One reason could be the satisfaction of knowing that they are playing a vital role in maintaining clean water for drinking, recreation, and wildlife. 

#21. Portable Outhouse Cleaner

Portable Toilets Being Cleaned
Photo Credit: Gudella via DepositPhotos

Here’s another job that leaves one thinking: why in the world would someone choose to clean, repair, and maintain portable outhouses for events and construction sites?

Despite the unpleasant tasks and odors that come with this job, maybe they enjoy a flexible schedule or the opportunity to work outdoors.

#22. Pet Food Tester

Pet food quality control test. Measuring dry pet food kibble on digital scale
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Believe it or not, pet food testers try pet food samples and judge them for taste and quality. 

This job requires a strong stomach and an open mind, as some food may not appeal to human taste buds.

#23. Asbestos Remover

Professional asbestos removal
Photo Credit:
arjan1 via DepositPhotos

The job of an asbestos remover is crucial for the safety and well-being of others, but it certainly can be dangerous for the person doing the removal.

Asbestos is a hazardous material that has been used in building construction in the past, and removing it requires specialized training and equipment.

#24. Dairy Farmer

Dairy Farmer Feeding Cows
Photo Credit: robert_g via DepositPhotos

If you’ve never been to a dairy farm, you may think it’s all cows grazing in grassy fields and milking in a sparkling clean barn.

But the reality is that working on a dairy farm is a very dirty job, from scraping the cow manure in the lot and washing the cows before milking them to cleaning the barn after milking and hiking through the mud to feed the cows, even if it’s raining.

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