24 Useless Expenses to Cut From Your Budget Today


Each of us has expenses in our daily lives that we think are absolutely necessary, whether it’s stopping to get that daily cup of coffee or our multiple monthly subscription services.

But have you ever really considered the amount of money you’re spending on things that may not be as essential as you originally thought?

Even the most budget-conscious person can overlook and unintentionally waste money on expenses that could easily be cut out.

If you’re saving for a rainy day, paying off debts, or planning a big purchase, trimming unnecessary expenses can boost your financial situation.

So, it’s time to take a good look at your finances, trim any unnecessary expenses from your budget, and eliminate anything draining your bank account.

In this post, we will explore 24 common expenses that seem necessary but are, in reality, useless expenses that are eating away at your bank account every month.

We have chosen the 24 expenses that cost you the most and explained how getting rid of these useless expenses will save you money and give you more control over your finances.

So get ready to start cutting out those unnecessary expenses and start saving money every day.

#1. Coffee Stops

cup of coffee on table in cafe
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Although you might think you can’t live without your morning coffee shop stop, it’s a small expense that can add up quickly.

By investing in a French press, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee at home and save a surprising amount of money each week.

Or better yet, eat healthier foods and go to bed earlier. You might find with the proper nutrition and enough sleep, you don’t need your cup of coffee.

And if that sounds too hard, exercise when you first get up. Do some pushups, bodyweight squats, and jumping jacks to kickstart your day.

#2. Bank Fees

Hand inserting ATM credit card into bank machine to withdraw money
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If your current bank charges monthly maintenance or ATM fees, you should switch to a different bank.

Plenty of banks offer accounts without monthly fees, including most online banks. Your first step should be to think about how you use your account. Do you deposit cash often? Use the ATM? Write checks? Knowing this information can help you find the right account for you.

#3. Impulse Buys

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Do you grab a candy bar or a magazine as you go through the checkout line at the grocery store? Do you get lured by ads while scrolling through Facebook?

While it may not seem like much, these impulse buys can add up over time, so make a list before heading to the store and stick to it.

#4. Eating Out

man paying bill at fancy restaurant
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With our busy lives today eating out can be very convenient and enjoyable too, but it can also be a major expense, even if you choose a cheap place to eat.

If you cook most meals at home and only go out for special occasions, you will save lots of money and enjoy those meals even more.

#5. Weddings

Guests attending a beach wedding ceremony
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Do you get invited to a lot of weddings, even some from coworkers you hardly know?

Instead of buying new clothes and gifts for all those weddings, choose only the weddings of your closest friends and family to attend.

#6. Gym Memberships

gym weights
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Who needs a gym membership when you have the great outdoors?

You can save the money you spend monthly for a gym membership by going for runs or hikes outside and utilizing free outdoor fitness equipment in local parks.

#7. Full Price Buys

looking at clothes and price tag
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There is no reason to waste money paying full price for items with all the coupons, discounts, and sales out here.

You can go online and find deals for almost everything, from groceries to clothing to electronics.

And when shopping in person, simply ask the cashier if there are any discounts or coupons. You may be surprised at how many times you get a small discount just for asking.

#8. Expensive Pet Items

Litter of Terrier Mix Puppies Playing in Dog
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Do you buy expensive dog food and toys for your furry friend, even though they still prefer to chew on your old shoes or a simple tennis ball?

You can save money by buying a more affordable brand of food, and your pet will still be happy and healthy, and your wallet will thank you.

#9. Commuting Costs

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Commuting can be a major expense, especially if it’s long or you have to pay for parking.

You can save the money you spend on commuting by carpooling with coworkers, using public transportation, or even biking and walking if your workplace is nearby.

Additionally, try to keep a steady speed when driving, properly inflate your tires, and remove excess weight. All these things will help you to save money on gas.

#10. Gift Giving

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We all enjoy giving gifts, but you can end up spending a lot of money on birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.

Be choosy about whom you buy gifts for, then consider homemade or thoughtful, lower-cost options and stick to a budget to avoid overspending.

#11. Brand Names

Woman deciding what wine to buy and shopping in supermarket
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If you think brand names are the way to go, you are wasting your hard-earned money.

For almost every product, there is a store-brand or generic option, which often offers the same quality at a much lower price.

#12. Credit Card Debt

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High-interest credit card debt can eat up your budget quickly, leaving you with nothing to pay important expenses.

Try to avoid carrying a balance on your credit card whenever possible, and make sure to pay off any debt as quickly as possible to avoid excessive interest charges.

#13. Salon Haircuts

Hairstylist giving a haircut to a customer at a beauty salon
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Instead of going to a fancy salon for a haircut that costs a fortune, try going to a beauty school or training salon.

You can also try cutting your own hair or asking a friend with some hairstyling skills to help you out.

#14.Specialty Drinks

Group of people doing cheers with their drinks
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When you meet friends to catch up, it’s tempting to splurge on expensive specialty drinks.

However, this can add up quickly; instead of ordering something fancy and expensive, try something simpler that costs less to drink.

#15. Housekeeping Services

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Of course, hiring a housekeeper to clean your home can be convenient, but it can also be a waste of your money.

Instead of paying for housekeeping services, try doing the cleaning yourself and work at keeping it clean to save yourself some time when cleaning.

#16. Unused Subscriptions

Subscription business model
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The word unused is a dead giveaway that you don’t need it, and you most likely have been paying for it every month.

Take the time to go through your bank statement and cancel any subscriptions you’re not using, such as gym memberships, streaming services, and magazine subscriptions.

#17. Bottled Water

Bottled water
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Drinking plenty of water is important, but buying bottled water is expensive.

Instead, invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up with tap water to take with you wherever you go.

#18. Apps and In-App Purchases

using mobile phone with icon application
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With so many apps and games available for our phones, we can get caught up in buying new ones or making in-app purchases.

To save money and prevent impulse buying, limit yourself to downloading only free apps or setting a budget for in-app purchases.

#19. Cell Phone Data

ceo using cell phone mobile app
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Do you use all of your monthly data allowance on your cell phone?

If not, switch to a lower data plan that saves you money and connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Alternatively, look at low-cost carriers like Cricket, Visible, and others. You can get the same service for half the cost.

#20. Dry Cleaners

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Do you take clothing to the dry cleaners that could be washed at home?

By using a steamer or hand-washing delicate items you can save all the money you have been needlessly on dry cleaning bills.

#21. Landscaping

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Do you hire someone to mow your yard and do other landscaping and gardening chores?

If you do it yourself instead, you will not only save money but also get some exercise and fresh air.

#22. Life Insurance

reviewing insurance policy
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If you don’t have kids and you are young and healthy, you may not need life insurance.

Life insurance is a financial safety net that protects your spouse or children in case of unexpected events, but it is unnecessary if you aren’t married and don’t have dependents.

#23. Heating and Cooling

man turns on air conditioner
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Do you turn up the air conditioning during the hot summer months and keep your home very warm in the winter?

By investing in a smart thermostat, you can save money by programming it to adjust the temperature when you are not at home or during off-peak hours.

#24. Lottery Tickets

filling out lottery ticket
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It’s tempting to buy lottery tickets, especially when the jackpot is high, but the odds of winning are extremely low, and the cost of tickets can really add up.

Instead of buying lottery tickets, take the money you would spend and invest it into something that will bring you a return, like stocks or mutual funds.

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