Are You an Entitled Karen Deep Down? Take This Brutally Honest Quiz & See!


Are you dealing with an inner Karen? 

Do you sometimes feel entitled to more than your fair share and expect special treatment just because ‘you’re worth it’?

If you find yourself nodding along, don’t worry! 

We all have our moments of believing that we deserve something a little extra. 

But could this entitlement be costing us in the long run? 

Take a look at these brutally honest insights to discover if your behavior is indicative of having a slightly too-entitled mindset, and learn how to reign it in so that others don’t perceive you as The Worst, A Karen!

#1. Only Your Opinion Matters

confused woman
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Do you find yourself prone to believing that your opinion is the only correct one, regardless of what anyone else has to say?

The truth is, in a democratic society, every voice should be taken into consideration and respected. 

Valuing yourself doesn’t have to mean putting down others or disregarding their opinions – just remember that everyone’s entitled to an opinion!

#2. “You Can’t Tell Me What To Do!”

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Are you someone who finds it difficult to take direction, especially from a perceived “authority” figure?

It’s ok to have opinions and disagree with those in charge, but it’s not ok to completely disregard their advice or instructions without any rational explanation.

Listen to what they have to say and assess the validity of the information before making decisions about how to proceed.

#3. You Often Play the “Do You Know Who I Am?” Card

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Karens frequently resort to flaunting their perceived status or connections to intimidate others and gain an advantage.

This tactic exposes their need for recognition and respect, often compensating for insecurities or a lack of authority they possess.

Using this approach reveals their desperation for validation and further alienates those around them by creating a hostile and tense environment.

#4. You Frequently Ask to Speak to the Manager

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The phrase “I want to speak to the manager” is almost synonymous with Karens, illustrating their relentless pursuit of superiority and control.

They deploy this phrase with hopes of bypassing dialogue and negotiation, aiming directly for authoritative intervention to sway outcomes in their favor.

This constant call for a manager shows their need to be in control and their refusal to sort out problems amicably.

#5. You Always Play the Victim

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Karens masterfully manipulate situations, projecting themselves as aggrieved parties to gain sympathy and support.

This calculated tactic aims to deflect responsibility and reshape narratives to depict them as the oppressed.

By resorting to this tactic, they dodge accountability and manipulate the surrounding perceptions to their advantage.

#6. You Create Never Ending Gift Lists

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Karens are renowned for maintaining detailed gift lists, focusing more on their desires than considering the giver’s budget or intentions.

They equate the value of a gift with the value of the relationship, creating room for personal gestures.

This meticulous attention to receiving what they desire underscores their self-centeredness and entitlement.

#7. You Get Mad at Friends When They Disagree

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Karens are intolerant towards differing opinions, often expressing anger when friends express viewpoints that contrast with theirs.

They fail to see these disagreements as opportunities for discussions; they perceive them as personal attacks that require immediate resolution.

This rigidity and unwillingness to consider alternative perspectives reveal a rooted need for affirmation and validation.

#8. You Always Make a Scene

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Making scenes in public spaces is a hallmark Karen maneuver, relying on dramatic displays to draw attention and sway opinions in their favor.

These fabricated outbursts are strategically designed to elicit sympathy and support while undermining opposing viewpoints.

This frequent recourse to public spectacle unveils their need for dominance and control, often leaving a trail of discomfort in their wake.

#9. You Never Apologize for Mistakes

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Karen’s admission of fault is a rare spectacle, preferring to divert blame or minimize the impact of their actions instead.

This reluctance to acknowledge wrongdoing stems from an inflated sense of self, obstructing paths to resolution and reconciliation.

This stubbornness strengthens their divisive personality and continues the cycle of rudeness and disrespect found in Karen behavior.

#10. You Believe The Rules Don’t Apply to You

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Karens believe that rules and standards should apply to everyone except themselves because they are ‘superior.’

This attitude of disregarding established guidelines shows a sense of entitlement and a troubling lack of responsibility.

Such behavior only worsens things, causing tension and frustration for those dealing with them.

#11. You Refuse to Wear a Mask

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Karens tend to defy mask mandates, considering them infringing on their freedom and autonomy.

They feel entitled, prioritizing their comfort and preferences over their well-being.

This blatant noncompliance not only demonstrates their disregard for norms but also poses a risk to the safety and health of others.

#12. Your Parking Takes Up Two Spaces

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With their blatant disregard for established norms, Karens often opt to park inconsiderately, which usually consumes two spaces.

This denotes a lack of consideration for others, demonstrating a preference for their convenience over communal harmony.

This clear display of selfishness and disrespect is typical of the quintessential Karen attitude.

#13. You Allocate a Separate Budget For Botox

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For Karens, maintaining an appearance is important, and they allocate significant resources to cosmetic enhancements such as Botox injections.

This emphasis on appearances highlights how much they value approval and admiration.

Their relentless pursuit of perfection often overshadows essential aspects of their lives, indicating skewed priorities.

#14. You Complain Even When Complimentary

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When Karens are offered compliments, they still find reasons to complain, which showcases their constant dissatisfaction and endless pursuit of perfection.

Their endless craving for flawlessness leads them to nitpick and criticize, disregarding any appreciation for acts of generosity directed towards them.

This ongoing unhappiness shows their inability to be grateful or satisfied, making positive actions seem negative.

#15. You’re Keen on Leaving Negative Reviews

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Karens wield negative reviews as a weapon, using them to voice their displeasure and influence businesses and services.

Their frequent complaints about minor issues show their tendency to overreact and endless desire for perfection.

The many negative reviews damage businesses’ reputations and emphasize the Karens’ need for control and payback.

#16. You Demand Exceptional Service All the Time

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Karens expect unparalleled service at every instance, regardless of the circumstances.

Any element that falls short of perfection triggers discontent and an immediate request to converse with the manager.

They cannot tolerate standard service, escalating minor inconveniences into substantial issues.

#17. You’re Quick to Call the Authorities

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Karens won’t hesitate to summon the police or relevant authorities over trivial inconveniences or disagreements.

This tactic is deployed to exert dominance when they perceive injustice or situations that don’t lean in their favor.

This frequently results in heightened tension and distress for everyone involved, magnifying the existing conflict.

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