Boomer Wisdom Obsolete? 10 Pieces of Advice You Can Safely Ignore


As the Baby Boomer generation passes the torch to Generation X and Millennials, is there still any relevance in their wisdom?

Values that older generations might have lived by don’t necessarily translate well into today’s world.

From ‘never talk about politics’ and ‘work hard’, to ‘don’t trust anyone over 30’, much has changed in the last few decades, making many of these adages seem outdated or off-base.

In this article we’ll look at ten pieces of advice that you can safely ignore as you navigate life’s decisions. Read on for some interesting insights!

1. Carry Change 

Man counting coins
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When was the last time you scrounged for change? 

“My great grandma always said keep all your spare change in your car, and you will always have gas money,” a user shares.

While this tactic may not always come in handy for some, it’s perfect for times when you need to add air to your tire or pay an exact toll.

2. Drink Milk

Woman with milk
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Just like I don’t know anyone who lives without a credit card, I don’t know anyone who can drink milk without getting sick.

It used to be a warning to drink as much milk as possible to build strong bones, but almond milk and oat milk raised the bar.  

3. Balance the Checkbook

Man paying in check
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On the off chance a landlord asks for payment in checks, you’ll need to know how to balance the checkbook, but most places accept other forms of payment. 

4. Buy, Don’t Rent

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Unless you’re making six figures and live in an area with super affordable housing, you’re probably renting, living with roommates, or with family.

Today, buying a house for the market value isn’t feasible today.

But there isn’t anything wrong with renting. For several years, renting aired a negative connotation. Let’s subjugate those opinions! 

5. Get a Job in Person 

Woman getting interviewed
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Loads of users write boomers advised them to secure a fantastic job by waving goodbye to online applications and walking into an establishment, shaking the manager’s hand, and handing them a resume.

I worked at Barnes and Noble for a year, and the general manager despised it when anyone would try to come to talk to her in person for a job. 

6. Don’t Take Your Vacation Time

Woman traveling
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Who needs a vacation when you work 40 hours a week and have unlimited paid time off? 

“I heard this so much growing up that I felt both ill and guilty every time I took a vacation after I finally had a job where I got vacation days.

Even if the vacation was for a few days,” a non-boomer writes. 

Another millennial speaks to the anti-vacation mindset, “In my job, if we don’t take our holidays, we get put on a report, and our boss tells us off.

Also, if we take all our holidays, we get an extra week but have to use it that year.”

7. Stay at One Job

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Depending on the job, workers constantly shuffle to new workplaces with various bosses.

For example, my friend works in the film industry and travels to Kentucky and Atlanta multiple times a year to work as a production designer on film sets.

She’s shifted between bosses to keep her career alive.

If she remained at the same job for the span of her career, she wouldn’t be able to grow or learn. 

8. Work in the Office

Woman discussing with staff
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After the pandemic, remote work became the norm.

Donning a nice shirt for the Zoom camera and leaving your pajama pants on became a workplace staple.

Without increased office attendance, there was no real need to keep offices open, so a good chunk of people resorted to remote work.

Since this method worked, remote work remained. 

9. Don’t Get a Credit Card

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I don’t know anyone today who lives without a credit card.

A few decades ago, they were considered harmful to your livelihood and credit.

Still, today, you need one to build a credit score, take out a loan, or buy anything. 

10. Get That Degree

college students
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While college can be an excellent tool for learning and advancing individuals to their desired fields, it is not needed to be successful.

Many people don’t go to college and make six figures, have happy lives, and have great work ethics.

Some professions remiss of degrees include real estate agents, truck drivers, and electricians. 

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