Career Nightmare: 10 Jobs That Aren’t What They Seem


No one likes to feel duped when it comes to their job. You may think you’re signing up for a dream job, but what if your career nightmare is actually waiting at the next turn?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in high-paying positions and promising titles without taking all possible factors into consideration.

Unfortunately, some jobs are anything but straightforward; instead of providing a comfortable living with plenty of stimulating work, these 10 jobs can be more than ordinary folk bargained for!

Read on for insider tips that can help protect you from making bad career choices and experiencing heartache later down the road.

#1. Flight Attendant

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Something is exciting about the prospect of being able to travel the world. This is why some people might look for a job where they can do so, like becoming a flight attendant.

However, some people have cautioned against this. One of the key reasons cited is that it’s just consistently going from hotel room to hotel room and not being able to do as much as you thought you would (or being able to relax at home).

Another reason is the fact that they have to deal with passengers constantly. While there are great people out there on flights, the ones that stand out are the ones that are rude and create problems.

Consider looking for a similar job with less face-to-face interaction!

#2. Academia

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Getting a degree in a field you’re passionate about can be exciting. Some choose to use this degree or start their own business or find a job doing what they want to do. Others will instead look for a job in the academic field.

But while teaching others might seem rewarding, academia isn’t always what it appears to be. One describes academia as full of narcissists scavenging for funding and going against each other for what little attention they can get.

Many people believe they’re better than others, even if they don’t say it aloud for the world to hear.

Those who did work in academia described how their choice to leave was one of the best choices they’ve ever made, even if it was a bit harder to find a job using their acquired degree.

#3. Doctor

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Many people view doctors as high-status in our society. A medical degree is often considered a one-way ticket to the good life.

However, there’s a lot more to consider than just the money. Many talk about how depressing it can be to be a doctor, especially when you have to deal with patients who are unkind or who, at worst, pass away.

It’s frequently discussed that doctors don’t actually talk about their feelings and instead compartmentalize and force down their emotions.

This is made worse by the burnout accompanying this position, as doctors work long hours with little sleep and have major expectations placed upon them.

Some end up with serious mental health issues due to this behavior. Others become far more desensitized and display less humanity even when faced with mistakes that would shock or horrify others.

Some people manage this career choice well, but even more out there realize that the significant investment required to get the degree and the promised outcomes simply weren’t worth it.

#4. Zookeepers and Related Animal-Centric Jobs

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There are a lot of people who have a deep passion for caring for animals. Unfortunately, this desire to tend to other creatures doesn’t always result in a dream job.

Take, for example, zookeeping. Most people talk about the fact that there’s a lack of jobs available, that the jobs available pay very little in return for the hard work required, and how the work is often quite rigorous and not as glamorous as others portray it to be.

Of course, this seems to be a trend across the board as other groups have described similar conditions working at animal shelters or even as a vet.

Even if you’re deeply passionate about something, that doesn’t always mean you’ll love doing it!

#5. Railroad Worker

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There are some universal experiences that people share as children. One that you may be able to relate to is having a love for trains stemming from a train set that you received when you were younger.

Some people may take that passion to the next level by choosing to work on railroads.

But no matter what you’ve heard, those who have made this a career were unhappy with their choice. This field is extremely dangerous, with many handling materials that can put their lives in danger (and some having stories of coworkers passing due to such an occurrence).

The hours are long, many work late into the night, and there’s little time off to enjoy life. Of course, this has become more common knowledge due to recent railway accidents and new legislation regarding railways.

Even if trains appealed to you when you were little, the chances that you wouldn’t like doing these jobs today are relatively high.

#6. Retail Jobs (After Working Physical Jobs)

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Many people aim to avoid physical jobs. This is because, even though some pay well, they wear your body down quickly and may impact your quality of life later on in life.

Some people who are currently in these positions may dream of a retail job or another type of job where there’s far more sitting around and free time to enjoy.

However, the people who have made the switch have described that the switch hasn’t offered much fulfillment.

With their physical job, they felt like they were accomplishing something.

Many may also become bored quickly after this switch, given that they’re less occupied throughout the day. As the saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

#7. Working With Celebrities

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Working with celebrities comes with a host of perks. You get to meet famous people, get paid well, and do what you love in such a way that it feels much better than styling everyday people.

However, it’s not always as glamorous as it sounds. Many celebrities are not as kind or as easygoing as they’re said to be, which can make the job insanely stressful.

There’s also the constant worry that you might lose a client if you make a mistake, which can lead to chasing down others, repairing your reputation, and trying to find a way to supplement your income if you’re still growing your business.

Overall, working with non-famous people may just be the better path.

#8. Non-Profit Work

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There seems to be a trend here that people with passion end up with some of the worst jobs.

While not always the case, some companies may leverage a passion for getting people into positions where they’re underpaid and overworked.

An excellent example of this is some jobs at non-profits. While many people go into non-profits to make a difference, they talk about how their role simply didn’t pay them enough to exist outside of work and how they were required to carry a workload that was impossible to manage alone.

Some end up switching to corporate jobs because they get paid more, even if they don’t make as much impact.

#9. Audio Engineering

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Most people think of creative careers in music as strictly performance. But a lot goes on behind the scenes to bring the magic to life.

One person discussed going into an audio engineering career. At first, it was fun. However, there were numerous problems they faced throughout their career.

The first was that they were always on the road and could never rest and enjoy themselves at home. They stated that they didn’t make a considerable amount, and much of it was taxed because they were independent contractors rather than employees.

#10. Teaching

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It doesn’t take someone in the teaching profession to understand what a nightmare teaching can be.

Teachers have been woefully underpaid around the country for years, which doesn’t seem to be changing, regardless of how many teachers strikes there are.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Teachers are often exposed to many dangers in the workplace, mainly because their hands are tied should a student act out.

There’s also a growing number of jobs targeting this position, which makes it difficult for teachers to do their jobs effectively.

Overall, many people have talked about how becoming a teacher wasn’t worth it, even if they love working with children and helping educate the next generation.

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