Don’t Get Duped By These 14 Products Counting on Shopper Stupidity


As any savvy shopper knows, there are certain products on the market that rely on consumer gullibility or lack of understanding to make money.

Whether it’s overcharging for an item that can be found cheaper elsewhere, hiding vital information from shoppers, or egregiously marketing items as better than they actually are, these products play upon our tendency to take things at face value without doing proper research.

In this article we’re going to explore 14 of those products and give you some tips on how to protect yourself from getting duped when out shopping. 

#1. Too Good to Be True Products

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You know them when you see them, the products that make outlandish claims, like curing cancer or washing your clothes without soap.

If it sounds too good to be believable, you need to walk the other way.

#2. Seat Belt Blanks

Car with seat
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Even though seat belts save lives, many people refuse to wear them.

But the issue is the annoying beeping from your car.

Enter seat belt blanks.

These clip in so your car doesn’t beep any longer and you can drive belt free.

#3. Buying Excessive Amounts of Alcohol

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Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with having a drink occasionally.

However, not everyone drinks in moderation.

Some people are shocked by how much others will spend on craft beers and expensive bottles of whiskey to stock their personal bars with.

Buying copious amounts of alcohol isn’t just a sign that there might be an underlying problem. It’s a significant financial disaster waiting to happen if you don’t have the funds to continue drinking the same way in the future.

#4. Continually Investing in Hobbies They Don’t Pursue

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Everyone needs a hobby that they enjoy doing when they have some much-needed time to themselves.

That said, hobbies are sometimes more fun as a concept for some people than an actual activity.

As a result, they’ll buy everything they need to do the hobby, never actually follow through with it, and then move on to the next one while their previous hobby stuff takes up space in the home.

Always follow through if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on hobbies you don’t engage in.

#5. Going on Expensive Vacations Annually

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Not every vacation has to be expensive or lavish.

It’s unaffordable and takes away from the purpose and fun of a vacation.

Alternate between big trips and little trips annually, refueling your energy bar as you take off from work without burning through your cash at the same time.

#6. Waiting Too Long on Repairs

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Things often break at the most inconvenient times, and repairs are expensive.

This is why many people will put getting repairs off.

While this might seem logical, it will only cost you more when the issue behind the needed repairs worsens.

Take care to deal with repairs immediately rather than hoping they’ll go away and spending more money later.

#7. Not Talking to Their Partner About Money

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Relationships take a lot of work, but one thing you might not often hear about is the financial aspect of relationships.

Both partners have to have the same mindset regarding money, which doesn’t always happen.

Some partners may not value money as much, might lack foundational knowledge about how to spend or save, or might not care about how much they spend at any given time.

Always talk to your partner about money to make sure they’re financially compatible with you.

#8. Not Building Upon Their Financial Literacy

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Continued financial education is crucial to leading a financially successful life.

Don’t ignore important lessons you need to learn as you navigate life.

Make it a priority to always be learning something new so that you can make your money work for you.

#9. Failing to Develop an Emergency Fund

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Emergency funds are one of the most critical savings you can have.

Let’s face it; emergencies happen at the most unexpected of times.

An emergency fund gives you access to the cash you need without worrying about choosing between the emergency and other essential costs you have to cover.

#10. Thinking They’ll Be Able to Magically Make It Through Retirement

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There are, unfortunately, a lot of people in older generations right now realizing the consequences of not properly preparing for retirement.

In some cases, this was due to factors outside of their control.

In other cases, they spend money without thinking about investing and saving.

Either way, it’s important that you focus on retirement now before you reach a stage where your money isn’t going to help you get through your golden years.

#11. Buying Flashy Things They Can’t Afford

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There’s a major obsession with status throughout the U.S., and this can lead people to make purchases they don’t need.

Whether it’s luxury vehicles, designer clothing, or high-end accessories like watches, breaking the bank to create the illusion of wealth is always a bad financial decision.

#12. Taking Out Mortgages That Are Too High

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Owning a home is necessary to establish security for yourself, invest in something that continues to grow in value, and develop generational wealth.

The problem?

Many overcommit without understanding the financial repercussions or responsibilities that come with owning a home.

Taking on a mortgage that is too high can leave you in a precarious financial position if you find yourself without income or savings to pay your mortgage. 

#13. Eating Out Regularly Rather Than Occasionally

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There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and eating out now and again.

But for some, eating out is a regular occurrence.

While eating out can seem like it’s saving you money, it can actually be more expensive than if you were to go to the store and prepare food for yourself, especially if you’re relying on restaurants and fast-food establishments for multiple meals.

Eating should be reserved for celebrations and rough patches, not for survival.

#14. Gambling Money Away

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Why would you throw away hard-earned money?

To make more money, of course.

The idea of gambling can be attractive, and some people do win.

However, most people walk away with nothing, which can be a major issue if it becomes routine.

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