Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Protect Yourself from a Cyber Pandemic


Can you imagine a world without access to the internet?

For many of us, this scenario seems unimaginable, but with the rise in cyber threats, a cyber pandemic could be closer than we think.

Failing to take preventive measures and protect yourself from these attacks leaves you vulnerable to data breaches, identity theft, and other malicious online activities that put your privacy at risk.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

It’s timee for our top tips on how you can safeguard yourself against a potential cyber pandemic.

Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023

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The World Economic Forum held its Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 discussion panel earlier this year.

At this event, 93% of cyber leaders and 86% of business leaders believe a catastrophic cyber event is likely in the next two years.

This event will have far-reaching consequences, touching the financial and geopolitical worlds, plus many others.

To a casual observer, a cyber attack may not sound scary.

That is until you realize how much your world is interconnected and relies on computers.

Food and Medical Spoilage

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Many foods and medications that require refrigeration will spoil without power.

This will dramatically impact the food and medical supplies many need to survive.

Water Supply Disruptions

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Many water treatment facilities rely on electricity to treat and sanitize water so it is ready for human consumption.

A power outage could cause tremendous issues in water delivery to your home.

Public Safety Issues

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Streetlights won’t work, and most hospitals will experience disruptions in the life-saving care they need to provide due to not having power.

Sure, most have backup generators, but they can’t constantly power everything in a hospital for weeks or months.

The Rise of Diseases

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Without the ability to heat and cool, some diseases on their way out could resurface, creating a new set of problems for society.

A lack of sanitation could allow diseases to spread more quickly.

And this isn’t talking about life-threatening diseases only.

It could be minor illnesses like food-bourne illness as a result of unclean food.

All Part of The Plan?

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Time to put on your tin foil hat.

Many people point out that the World Economic Forum has a plan called The Great Reset, which by 2030, everything will be digitalized, and you will own nothing and be happy.

Could this cyber event be a precursor to getting the world there faster?

They would have to show how the benefits would stop future cyber events like this.

But it could be done.

After bailing out the big banks in 2008, the Dodd-Frank bill was passed to break up the large banks so another recession of that magnitude never happens again.

Did it work?

It had the opposite impact.

The big banks are even bigger, and no new banks are being created as there are too many regulations to start one.

Communication Breakdown

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If the power going down isn’t bad enough, communication will also go down.

No calling from landlines or cell phones.

There won’t be any internet connectivity at all.

Financial Disruption

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When a cyber-attack happens, you won’t have access to your money.

The banks will be closed, and the ATM will not be powered up.

You can’t use credit or debit cards since computers power them and there is no electricity.

The only way to pay for things is cold hard cash.

Power Outages

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We’ve all experienced a power outage.

For most, we suffer for a few hours until the power is turned back on.

Few of us have experienced a severe failure, like when a hurricane hits.

The entire grid will be wiped out with a cyber-attack, meaning the entire country will go dark.

And the power won’t come back on in a few hours.

The best-case scenario is weeks if not months.

Social Unrest

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Back in 2020, people were fighting for toilet paper in stores.

And it wasn’t only a one-time thing.

You saw it over and over.

Now stop for a minute and think.

Back then, we still had the conveniences of everyday life.

All we were asked to do was stay home for a few weeks, and people lost their minds.

Now imagine how people will act if there is no electricity, no shows to watch, no getting money from the bank, no grocery shopping, etc.

And don’t forget, gas pumps won’t work either, so no one will travel much.

The social unrest will be at a level no one has seen before.

Should You Start Planning?

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This is where there are two differing views of society and the future.

One side trusts the government and believes society will be taken care of.

The other side distrusts the government and is making plans.

They are prepping by stockpiling items to survive an event like this.

The question is, what side are you on?

Social Engineering

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Social engineering is an increasingly popular attack vector for cybercriminals. 

Through ingenious methods, such as phishing emails and malware-filled documents, hackers can steal data or infect systems with malicious code. 

To protect your organization, you must educate your staff on the risks of social engineering and have a sound security policy in place.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Sorting Office Workers
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Without power, stores can’t notify their distribution centers of out-of-stock items that need replenishing.

They also cannot place new orders or pay for orders, causing massive supply chain issues.

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