From Boomers to Gen Z: How Different Generations are Breaking Workplace Stereotypes


As we all know, each generational group is unique, and brings their own set of views to the workplace.

From Boomers to Gen Z, each one has grown up influenced by different societies, cultures, and technologies.

However the traditional way of looking at these generations is that there are commonly-held beliefs about how they should behave in the office.

But with an ever-shifting market as well as changing attitudes towards work, these stereotypes may no longer be true for every person.

In this article we’ll explore how generations from Boomers through to Gen Z are breaking down conventional approaches and bringing new levels of creativity and innovation into our places of work!

#1. Boomers Are Responsible

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When Boomers were asked how they described themselves, they mentioned being responsible, dedicated, and cooperative.

Gen Z cited that Boomers are responsible regarding their workload when asked to describe Boomers.

#2. Burn Out

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Along with the growing popularity of smartphones came the always-connected job. Over time became an unwritten expectation that your boss could message you at 9 pm, and you would respond.

But after many years of this, burnout ranks high as an issue for most employees. In fact, 72% of Boomers and 78% of Gen Z are experiencing this feeling.

The most common reason for burnout among Boomers is additional responsibilities at home. Gen Z, it is being asked to do work outside of their job descriptions.

Additionally, 64% of Gen Z and 65% of Boomers say their mental health has negatively impacted their lives, citing that their jobs interfere with personal interests and time spent with family and friends.

#3. Work Motivation Is Critical

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Motivation is critical for workers to stay at their current job. What does motivation look like? Over 40% of Boomers and 35% of Gen Z are motivated when their work is challenging and meaningful.

Of those questioned, 40% said that lacking motivation is the main reason they seek a new job.

#4. Gen Z Is Also Responsible

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When Gen Z was asked to describe themselves, they mentioned hardworking.

Boomers said Gen Z was more responsible than hardworking regarding work.

Interestingly, other generations, except for Boomers, labeled Gen Z lazy or selfish. Boomers were most likely to label Millennials as lazy or selfish.

#5. Setting New Work Boundaries

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The good news is that while burnout is real, workers and managers agree on setting new boundaries for work.

In fact, 91% of Boomers and 87% of Gen Z are comfortable leaving work during the day to attend to personal matters as long as they complete their work. Many people noted that their bosses encourage them to step away during the day as long as it does not interfere with getting their job done.

Don’t think that workers are lazy by taking time away. Over 40% of people say they take on tasks not part of their job description to help out their colleagues, with some working through lunch occasionally.

#6. Quiet Quitting

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The term quiet quitting is all the rage these days. While many think the term means you stop working without telling your boss, workers define it differently.

Workers surveyed say quiet quitting is “taking time for oneself during the workday.” Most workers, including 93% of Boomers, say they see their co-workers participating in this behavior.

But both Boomers and Gen Z agree that quiet quitting is a good thing. Taking a few minutes during the day to reset leads to higher productivity. Unfortunately, most employers see this phenomenon as a negative thing.

Many workers report conversing with their boss and other leaders about this topic.

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Data for this article are from a recent survey by Indeed.

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