How the Wealthy Have Hijacked These 12 Aspects of Life, Leaving Us All Asking “What About the Rest of Us?”


Do the wealthy and privileged have it all? 

It certainly feels that way when we look around at all the advantages they enjoy. 

From special access to education to preferential treatment in the job market, there are hundreds of ways those with money and power can use what they have to squeeze out success. 

But as inequality grows ever wider across social and economic divides, we cannot help but ask: What about everybody else?

 How do our basic rights stack up against those of the elite few when it comes to everyday life? Today, we take a look into 12 critical areas of life where unfairness is pervasive. 

From healthcare to housing, leaving us asking what exactly has been hijacked by moneyed interests.

#1. Cars

Couples buying car
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Cars aren’t a luxury, they’re essential.

But it’s hard to afford a car these days.

Because the rich can spend more and because they control the industry, they can price their cars however they want, and it’s just getting higher and more out of control.

Even used cars are costly, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a good deal for something you need to get around.

#2. Healthcare

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The healthcare industry is a mess, and most people can’t afford it anymore.

Health insurance is either tied to employment or costs a ton of money, and even then, you’re paying a lot out of pocket while already profitable insurance companies will do everything in their power to avoid supporting you.

This is unlikely to change anytime soon.

#3. Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks
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Pickup trucks used to be used primarily by farmers and those in occupations requiring heavy materials.

Today, pickup trucks have almost become a status symbol.

As a result, the rich have made pickup trucks quite unaffordable for the people who need them for their functionality, not the insane designs and all the extra bells and whistles that accompany them today.

#4. The Middle Class

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The middle class is and has been eroding for some time.

Yes, it is the rich’s fault.

Through greed and raising prices, corporations suppressing wages, and the rich getting richer while withholding wealth from everyone else, being middle class is not nearly as attainable as it once was.

People are generally either struggling or are well-off and continuing to make moves that will bring in even more money.

#5. Lobster and Other Widely Popular Foods

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Remember when things like lobster and oxtail used to be affordable?

Not anymore.

Rich people have considerably raised the price of seafood and certain cuts of meat, and now they’re generally unaffordable for the average person.

#6. Thrift Stores

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If you’ve always loved a deal, chances are you used to like to thrift.

But thrifting doesn’t offer as good of a deal as it once did.

The rise of flippers means that many places are consistently cleared out of anything good, and many thrift stores have raised their prices because they know they’ll make more money catering to this market.

It’s unfair, but it’s how the rich have made it.

#7. Burning Man

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Music festivals are something that plenty of people would attend if they could afford it.

Festivals like Burning Man are much more expensive, and the breed of rich people that flock there are generally entitled and poorly behaved.

Most people agree that the best time for Burning Man is when all rich people leave.

#8. The Housing Market

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If there’s one thing rich people obliterated, it’s the housing market.

Of course, this is intentional.

Buying up all available properties and pricing prospective homeowners out of the market allows them to effectively rent these properties out and keep more people renting so they can continue to line their pockets.

Is homeownership just a dream now?

Only time will tell.

#9. Climbing Mt. Everest

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Climbing Mt. Everest is somewhat about skill but mostly about money.

Nowadays, it’s mainly the rich who can make the dangerous ascent.

This is because they have money to spend on the expensive materials needed to get to the top.

If you don’t have money to throw around, it will take time to reach your goal.

#10. Government Support

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Government support in the form of welfare has always been looked down on.

But it’s something that the rich are more than happy to take advantage of when they can.

From PPP loans that many didn’t need to government bailouts, the rich will look down on people who need help while scooping up all of the available resources and support for themselves.

#11. The Retro Games Market

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Gaming is a popular hobby, and while it’s expensive, certain areas are costly for other reasons besides new hardware and things like inflation.

The retro games market has been flooded by people who want to make a ton of money by buying these games cheaply and then reselling them for exorbitant prices.

As a result, many can’t get the games they want for their collections and refuse to pay these prices.

#12. Artistic Neighborhoods

college students
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Artistic neighborhoods used to be places worth celebrating, and they also used to be somewhat affordable for the creatives who wanted to live there and make a name for themselves there.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find artistic neighborhoods that are affordable in any capacity.

Rich people tend to move in, raise the rental prices and, snatch up all the real estate, then move on to the next trendy place to do the same.

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