Is Your Work Ruining Your Chances At Love? These 12 Jobs Might Be


Are you struggling to find someone special? 

Have your attempts at relationships ended in disappointment despite your best efforts? 

We’ve got some bad news; it could be that the job that you’re working is actually ruining your chances for a successful relationship. 

If you work certain types of jobs, no matter how well-intentioned or attractive you are, your romantic success could remain out of reach. 

Keep reading to learn about 12 careers that can harm even the most solid potential love interests and what healthier options might be available for those looking for lasting employability and partnership.

#1. Car Salesman

Car Sales
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People who work in car sales have a tendency to be dishonest, whether they’re looking for a quick sale or attempting to manipulate customers.

The general public typically doesn’t trust people in this profession, which can create an obstacle when it comes to building relationships.

If you’re currently a car salesman and want to pursue successful dating, it might be time to consider switching to a less shady career.

#2. Bartender

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Bartenders often make a good wage, but they also tend to work long hours and don’t get paid for overtime.

They might also be exposed to various people, ranging from ex-girlfriends and spouses of customers who come in regularly to intoxicated strangers.

Working in this environment can lead to suspicion from potential partners that you are engaging with customers in more ways than just serving beverages.

These perceptions can make it difficult to establish a successful dating life, as your potential partners might think you are engaging in questionable activities while on the job.

#3. Celebrities

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Society treats celebrities like gods, which is one reason people wouldn’t marry them. However, there are several other reasons why people warn against marrying celebrities.

Some celebrities have issues that could affect the marriage down the road. Others aren’t in love with constantly having their relationship and personal life under the microscope.

With all these reasons listed, this might be a relationship worth reevaluating should it ever happen to you.

#4. Adult Industry

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people are not interested in dating someone who works in the adult industry, even if it is as tame as selling feet pics. There is potential for jealousy from their partner and the need to constantly push the envelope to remain popular.

While the money is nice, they will eventually be pushed out of the industry and have no skills or meaningful relationships.

#5. Comedian

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Everyone loves having a good laugh, but never at their expense. Unfortunately, that could be precisely what happens to the unlucky individual who decides to marry someone who makes people laugh as part of their career.

One person shared their own experience, “Standup comedian. Dated one who said she wouldn’t use me as standup material. That turned out to be wrong after we broke up. She used a lot of personal, private details about my life for a 15-minute bit. Can’t imagine what would happen after a possible divorce.”

#6. Divorce Lawyer

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For many, marriage is rewarding yet challenging work. But when you’re reminded day in and day out that marriages don’t always work out, it might be harder to stick to your own. This is why some will recommend not marrying a divorce lawyer.

One person noted, “True story…I used to record commercials for a few attorneys. Mostly injury lawyers. One was a husband and wife team who used to be divorce lawyers, but they changed over to ambulance chasing because – and I quote – ‘divorce cases were causing us to lose our faith in humanity’.”

And another person added, “I would never date another lawyer again. Two people who argue for a living having an argument about how to load the dishwasher was the breaking point for me.”

#7. Police Officer

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Being a police officer can be a touchy topic in today’s world, and it’s important to remember that there are good people out there who are in a profession that isn’t highly respected. With that said, many people warn against marrying a cop, and for numerous reasons.

Some are worried about their personalities and the type of actions or behaviors that they may exhibit in their positions. Others cite the high domestic violence rate, which puts them and their children at risk of abuse.

Others have just had a bad experience and don’t recommend it. Whatever the reason, this is quite a popular answer.

#8. Restaurant Owners

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While small business owners were mentioned many times, a lot of people pointed specifically to restaurant owners since they are usually busy on nights and weekends, making dating difficult.

One person said, “My brother is currently dating a restaurant owner. If we plan our get-togethers three months in advance, she might be able to make it for a few hours sometimes.”

#9. Influencers

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Celebrities aren’t the only people who often suffer from a lack of privacy and have to put their lives on display for the world to see. Influencers who have a large following have to do the same. Unfortunately, they do so willingly and likely won’t change unless they suddenly switch career paths.

Those who decide to marry these individuals must become part of the journey and share everything with that person’s audience. One person spoke about dating an influencer themselves, “I went on a date with someone that took a picture a day to put on Facebook and wanted a pic of us on our first or second date. I now join a pantheon of probably everyone she ever dated somewhere on the internet, like an emasculating hunters trophy.”

#10. Soldiers Or First Responders

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Having a partner who sacrifices themselves for the greater good can demonstrate that you’re married to a selfless individual and fill you with pride. But the same line of work you’re proud of could be a major source of stress and anxiety.

Those in these positions must work tirelessly, spending long hours away from you doing what they do. Even more impactful is that you never know whether or not they’re safe when they are working.

While these jobs don’t make someone a bad person, they can be highly stressful on spouses and be a significant problem if the job does take away their lives.

#11. Small Business Owners

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A small business can mean financial independence for those willing to invest their time. It allows you to leave the 9-to-5 and take complete control of your career path. The problem?

Marrying someone who runs their own can have more downsides than benefits. One person said, “My wife’s best friend and her husband own a sports-related store, and it takes up 90% of their waking time. They are active in the community to promote the store and heavily use Facebook and Instagram to further promote the business and announce events, giveaways, etc. They’re doing well for themselves, but the business and sport it serves is the only single thing they talk about now. My wife and I haven’t had a simple ‘couples night’ out with them in years because their free time is mainly spent promoting the business or going to outings with their ‘sports’ family.”

#12. Politicians

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Politicians can be a problematic group of people to marry, especially if they don’t align with your beliefs or ideals. If they’re someone who does hold high-value ideals and beliefs, this may not be a problem.

But if they’re engaging in behaviors that are problematic or supporting ideas that could hurt others, this could be a cause for divorce down the line. Still, some people warn against marrying them even if they are in your political party.

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