Living Large and Don’t Know It! 16 Sneaky Clues You’re Wealthier Than You Think


Do you ever notice how some of your friends or family seem to have stable incomes, nice homes, and fancy cars, all while claiming to have normal lives with no money worries? 

It makes you wonder what wealth really is, right? 

It turns out there could be more to finances than meets the eye. 

Surprisingly, we can hide our wealth without even realizing it! 

We might be missing out on pretty apparent hints that we or our loved ones are sitting on a hidden fortune. 

Here are 16 sneaky signs that you or your friends and family might actually be millionaires in disguise!

1. Not Having Debt

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The first and most obvious sign of wealth is having no debt. 

This means that you have enough money to pay your bills in full each month without having to worry about how much interest you’re accruing or late fees.

When you don’t owe anybody any money, it’s a great feeling that shows you are keeping ahead of your financial situation.

2. Having Extra Money at the End of Each Month

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Another sign that you’re wealthier than you think is if you have extra money left over at the end of each month. 

This could be either from budgeting smartly or having a higher salary than usual, but either way it indicates that you are doing well financially.

3. Respectful Millionaire Attitude

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Another responder suggests that people with old money are respectful to those around them. In elementary school, they were friends with a person from a family with old money.

His family and friends treated them with much respect despite them being from a low-income family. They did not try to stick out the fact that they were rich. In contrast, newly monied people are flashy and flaunt their wealth obnoxiously.

4. You Look Homeless

Homeless young man living on the street

Finally, a Beverly Hills worker reveals that on their first day, their boss told them that if a person comes in looking borderline homeless, they should help them immediately.

Those are the wealthy clients. They found this to be true. Loaded people downplay their wealth because they genuinely do not care. Do you have any other signs you could add to this list?

5. You Drive Average Cars

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If you see someone with a high end car as their main ride, in most cases, they aren’t wealthy, but are trying to show off.

The majority of millionaires drive average cars, like Toyota’s and Honda’s.

They may have a high end sports car, but this is for fun on the weekends, not something they drive every day.

6. A Low Profile

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If you are on a mission to look well-off, there is no need to have multiple pictures on social media.

A user indicates that the monied has no digital footprint. They claim that loaded people pay to keep information about them off the internet. Their cars are reliable and blend in nicely.

7. Expensive Hobbies

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How much do your hobbies cost? Many say that the well-to-do have expensive hobbies, which they maintain casually. Some of their favorites are skiing, golfing, and sailing.

They always find a way to engage in such activities, even in areas where those hobbies aren’t readily accessible. For example, if you’ve been surfing in the Midwest since you were ten, you’re probably well-off.

8. You Reaction To Money-Related Emergencies

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How do you react to an emergency that involves money? The things you worry about define your level of wealth. One person breaks down how poor people react when their bike is stolen.

It’s a big problem because it’s their primary method of transportation, which sustains their ability to work and make a living. In the eyes of well-to-do people, a bicycle is a fun way to get some exercise in, and they can replace it easily if gets stolen.

9. First Edition Books

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A forum member replies that they had a loaded running buddy.

The old books on his bookcase were not for reading purposes. They were an investment and cost more than the electronics in his place.

10. You Don’t Wear Brands

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Several thread contributors agree that moneyed people prefer clothes without any brand identification.

One adds that they knew a person from a newly wealthy family who would buy top brands and remove the tags. He didn’t want anyone to know what brand he wore.

11. Nothing Shakes You

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Being a calm and collected person has always been my goal. This is getting hard amidst the current economic times. I want to scream every time I’m at the grocery store. 

Contrary to this, an individual writes that the wealthy have confidence, calmness, and a sense that everything will work out. They remember being around an opulent guy when he was hosting, and something broke.

He said, “….huh, oh well, I’m sure we have a guy for that.” My point? He did not spend any moment registering that as a problem.

12. You Are Quiet

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Well-to-do people have nothing to prove.

Somebody states that most are quiet about their money but never flinch around a bill. They’re choosy when picking friends.

13. Clean Tires

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Do you run your tires down until they’re unsafe? That’s not wealthy people’s behavior. Someone with a real estate friend explains that they evaluate a prospective client’s money or credit by looking at their tires.

If the client has clean tires with good tread, the senior staff handles them as they are a good prospect. The new guys handle clients with dirty and almost bald tires, as getting them approved requires tons of footwork.

14. Small Circle of Friends

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Most people with wealth keep a small, select circle of friends.

This is done mostly because of trust.

They want to keep the appearance of not being overly wealthy, so they only share this information with a select few.

15. Frugal

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The wealthy have many options when it comes to buying what they want.

More often than not, if someone has money, they will say no to a purchase and not give in to spontaneous spending. 

16. Eating Healthy

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While health is important to most people, the wealthy can often be seen making more healthy options when they sit down for a meal.

From going out of their way to have fresh vegetables to portion control, those with money take the extra step towards healthy eating.

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