Living the Dream: 12 Jobs That Pay Amazingly Well Without Much Effort


There are a lot of jobs out there that people target specifically because they’re high-paying.

Generally, these jobs pay so much because of the extensive education and experience required.

But are any jobs that pay well and don’t require such expertise?

Let’s look at 12 jobs that pay well for no reason.

#1. Tech Support Manager

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Tech support managers don’t engage in the same tech support activities that those working under them do.

Instead, they’re paid to ensure that tech support doesn’t get out of line with those calling for help, making for an easy job that pays fairly well.

#2. Repairing Slot Machines

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Machines in casinos and other places don’t just stay up and running independently.

Those who repair slot machines seem to be making well over $30 an hour for basic fixes, which leads to an easy job for those who don’t mind doing much of the same thing in their day-to-day.

#3. Tech Talent (During Hiring Surges)

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We have recently seen a wave of layoffs in the tech space, but those who managed to get in during the hiring surge might still have benefitted greatly.

While not permanent positions, those hired in the tech space during hiring surges often get high salaries and limited job responsibilities, giving them a nice paycheck before they get laid off and have to find something more stable.

#4. Management Consultant

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Management consultants are like any other consultant. The level of work required isn’t typically demanding.

Many describe their role as a management consultant as “listening to their bosses complain.”

#5. Certain Postal Positions

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Not all postal positions require little work or pay well for no reason, but there are some.

Some mail carriers say that they make good money, and others say that their job at the plant is ideal because they get a high salary and far less responsibility.

No matter how you cut it, this might be a career path worth looking into!

#6. IT

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Information technology is a mixed bag.

While IT used to require in-depth technical knowledge and professionalism, more people are getting in and landing positions that demand far less.

This is, of course, good news for those looking for jobs like this in the broader IT space.

#7. Lawn Maintenance

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It’s important not to get lawn maintenance and landscaping confused.

Basic lawn maintenance pays well because people don’t want to mow their lawns and deal with upkeep.

It’s generally not physically demanding and can land a nice chunk of change if you play your cards right.

#8. Medical Administrator

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The term “medical administrator” might sound like a job that’s well-respected and reasonably paid, but that’s not what others in the healthcare space describe this position as.

While reception is generally hostile, medical administrators don’t mind.

They get paid excessively high salaries to, as others describe it, drag out problems that they hold meetings for and then never find a real solution for them.

#9. Event Technology

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Are you good at setting up speakers, microphones, and other tech that public speakers and performers need?

If so, even technology might be right for you.

The above encompasses most job responsibilities, and the compensation is relatively high if you can do all that.

#10. Optics

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Most people would assume you get highly paid if you were an optometrist, but people who work in the office and sell you glasses get paid well, too.

With a base salary and commission as well as ample benefits, this is a job that pays a ton and doesn’t require a lot in return.

#11. Professional Job Recruiter

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To put it simply, recruiters are middlemen who help companies find employees.

What you might not know is that recruiters can make a ton of money if they’re good at doing their job

It’s low-stress.

They reach out, connect to potential applicants, move them through the interview hiring process, rinse and repeat.

#12. Cannabis Shop Employee

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Cannabis shops can be a great place to work due to how much they generally bring in.

While the pay is on the lower end in comparison to some of the other jobs here, it still brings in good money and only requires you to make sure the dispensary is safe and that you know how to recommend products to people.

After all, the product sells itself.

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