Misery at Work: Unveiling the 10 Most Despised Professions


Nothing’s wrong with making some money after an honest day’s work, but not all jobs are created equal.

For many people, there are certain occupations that exist that tend to – how can we put this nicely – rub people the wrong way.

Call it a lack of respect for certain professions or simply not liking the business practice itself, but people are not shy about identifying particular jobs that they absolutely do not care for.

1. Tow Company Operators

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Out of all professions, tow company operators seem to be universally hated. We get it – it’s a thankless job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Nobody likes getting their vehicle towed against their will, but it happens – and the sticker shock that follows is what hurts most.

“It’s legalized theft and extortion,” one person declared. “The prices they’re allowed to charge to return your property tend to be hilariously poorly regulated as well.” We absolutely understand the hate, and we haven’t even gotten our car towed in a long time!

2. Payday Loan Sharks

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There are a few necessary evils in the world, and many people believe payday loan sharks are one of the biggest evils out there.

“I acknowledge there is a need for short term, high risk lending,” someone rationalized. “But it’s the predatory practices that force people into a debt trap that I have an issue with.”

Indeed, many people agree with this statement and can’t understand why predatory loans continue to exist in today’s society.

3. Call Center Scammers

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We can’t even tell you the last time we answered the phone without knowing who was calling us, but we’d bet money that we dodged some scam callers in the process.

One person in particular summed it up perfectly: “People really have full-time 9-5 jobs dialing random phone numbers to steal money,” they said.

We agree wholeheartedly – it’s not the most honorable job out there.

4. Ticket Resellers

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The ticket reselling business was in the crosshairs of many people calling out the jobs they respected the least, and for good reason. “It’s such a scummy business model,” one user scoffed. “Everyone involved thinks their so smart and savvy.”

Count us in as people who don’t approve of this business strategy. We can’t remember the last time we paid face value for a concert ticket from a 3rd party reseller.

5. Animal Poachers

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One particular person was brutally honest in their assessment of animal poachers. “I get major schadenfreude when I see an article about a lion killing a poacher,” they said.

They weren’t alone in their sentiment, either, as countless other people were quick to support their rather-aggressive wish.

6. Day Traders

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On the surface, we weren’t sure why day traders received so much hate. It wasn’t until one person put it all in perspective for us.

“They provide neither a good (like a drug dealer) nor service (like a prostitute) to contribute to the economy. They just extract wealth from the system. They are parasites,” the person said matter-of-factly.

Practically nobody refuted this statement, which honestly makes us look at day trading in a new light.

7. Paparazzi

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We love candid photos of Hollywood stars as much as the next person, but it’s clear that the mere mention of paparazzi strikes a nerve in many people.

“How is stalking legal for them?” someone cried out. While being involved in paparazzi activities isn’t technically stalking, it’s a job that doesn’t come with much respect from people – in Hollywood or anywhere else!

8. Televangelist Ministers

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Don’t get us wrong, religion is a crucial aspect of society and it’s one of the pillars of modern-day nations. However, many people believe that televangelist ministers and priests have no right to operate the way they do.

One person, who went on the record by saying they have no respect for televangelists, lamented the fact that they “have hundreds of millions, don’t pay taxes, and tell people they don’t love God if they don’t keep donating.”

Fortunately, this user offered a solution: “Preach. Have a TV church,” they suggested. “But don’t scam people out of millions a month!”


9. Certain Animal Breeders

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Predictably, animal lovers came out in droves to express their disapproval of certain animal breeders and operators of puppy mills.

We’ll let one specific person’s argument against them do the talking for us: “Animals are literally bred to suffer and live horrendous lives because of them. Mothers are forced to breed at unsustainable rates and are often left malnourished and gravely ill.

Their puppies develop serious illnesses very early in life and many of them die within weeks of their adoption. It benefits nobody but the cruel, irresponsible breeders.”

Clearly, that person held nothing back in their scathing critique of animal breeders.

10. Alternative Healers

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Alternative-medicine healers round out our list of professions that get zero respect from people. It isn’t the fact that they are attempting to help individuals that drives many people, however.

Rather, it’s the fact that they impersonate medical doctors along the way, as one user suggests. “You want to suggest herbal remedies and physical manipulations, fine,” they said.

“Just don’t call yourself a doctor, because you’re not.” We agree – impersonating an actual medical doctor is a big no-no, no matter how you rationalize it.

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