Money Gone Wrong: 10 Money Mistakes That Cost a Fortune


Have you ever been in a situation where you thought that everything was going great with your money, but suddenly it all seemed to go wrong?

It can be easy and expensive to make mistakes when managing finances.

From overspending on seemingly small purchases to risky investments, money missteps can cost big bucks.

Read on for 10 of the most costly money mistakes people make and how to avoid them!

1. Baby Bills

Woman with baby
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While having a child can be a wonderful and life-changing experience, many users share that it was the most financially burdening event in their life. And the bills hit harder, especially when you’re not ready for one! 

Having a child can be costly between the hospital bills, an endless supply of diapers, and baby gear until your little one passes college. 

2. Bunny Business 

Cute child with pet rabbit
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Who knew a tiny ball of fur could wreak havoc on your wallet? This user certainly didn’t.

What started as an innocent pet bunny gift for their children soon became costly vet visits and vaccinations. But hey, can they be blamed? Those fluffy tails and floppy ears are too cute to resist!

3. Floss or Pay the Cost

Woman at dentist
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Multiple users share their regret of not following up with their dental appointments.

Neglecting their oral health was incredibly costly and left them with a mouthful of expensive procedures that could have easily been avoided.

4. Little Plastic Devils

Man with credit cards
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One user shares their horrible tale of getting credit cards without knowing how to handle one.

As a result, they now find themselves paying $400 a month in interest. Yikes!

5. Scholarship Snub

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An individual mentions their regret of paying the total price for an MBA program when they had a 100% scholarship at another university.

Talk about a costly detour on the road to financial enlightenment! 

6. Financial Hangovers

Drinking and driving
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We have all made mistakes, but some are more expensive than others!

One member says he learned the hard way that drinking and driving is a surefire way to drain your bank account. It’s safe to say that one DUI and totaled car later, he learned his lesson. 

7. Coaching Catastrophe 

Two business man discussing
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In hopes of becoming the next Tony Robbins, one found himself paying a whopping $5,000 to a ‘business coach’ who ended up teaching him only manipulation tactics.

But you live, and you learn, right?

8. Multi-Level Mayhem

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When the promise of easy money comes knocking at your door, it’s hard to resist! An individual shares they lost a lot of bucks being trapped in a multi-level marketing scheme.

It turns out the only thing that was multi-level were the levels of debt and regret piling up! Do you have anything to add to this list?

9. Money Going Up in Smoke

Jeep Grand Cherokee
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Well, it looks like someone learned their lesson the hard way; the Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t an easy-maintenance rider.

This poor soul found themself buying one for $15,000 back in the early 2000s, only for the engine to completely ruin three years later. 

10. Winter Woes

Car stuck in ice
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Imagine yourself on a cold, busy morning when you jump into your car, turn the key, and hit the window washer fluid button like it’s no big deal. Suddenly, it sounds like your windshield got struck with a hammer.

It turns out you just broke your frozen windshield. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to one user. You can never be too careful.

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