Regretful Spending: 16 Expensive Mistakes You Can’t Undo


Do you frequently find yourself knee-deep in regrets after reaching for the plastic? 

Dreams of budgeting mastery quickly cave into stress and panic as your bank balance starts to shrink. 

We’ve all been there, whether it’s splurging on a designer outfit we could barely afford or dropping hundreds on a flashy new gadget just because it looked cool at first glance. 

Financial slips like these can add up quickly, leaving us wondering why we ever thought those purchases were such great ideas in the first place. 

Today, you’ll learn about the 16 most common expensive mistakes that people make but cannot undo, plus some simple tactics to help prevent them from happening again. 

Don’t let money stress get the best of you; take control of your finances today!

1. High-Interest Loan

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High-interest loans are a common mistake, especially when used to purchase items like cars or furniture. 

The high-interest rates can quickly add up and become difficult to manage over time. 

To avoid this mistake, shop around for the lowest interest rate possible and prioritize paying off the loan as fast as you can.

2. Artistic Mishap

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Almost everyone has hung a nice art piece in their living room.

One individual, after hammering in the nail noticed their wall was leaking.

It wasn’t long before the small leak became a raging waterfall, leaving them with a hefty repair bill.

3. Expensive Vacation

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We all get offered travel insurance but few take advantage of it because we feel the chances of something happening are slim.

But one person shared how she missed out on a $10,000 vacation because of a health scare.

If it wasn’t bad enough to lose out on the money she paid for the vacation, she now had a huge medical bill on top of it.

4. Funerals

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Planning a funeral is never easy, especially when the death is unexpected. Most are probably unaware of how much they cost.

In California, the average cost is $7500 to $9000. The casket is usually the costliest aspect, so some elect for cremation. 

5. Failed Septic System 

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Plumbing issues are something that must be addressed and addressed. They always seem to come at the worst time too.

One individual voices, “Our septic system just failed. It will be about 25 thousand when it is all done.” That is quite a sizable price. 

6. Home Repairs from Accidental Damages

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Any kind of surprising home repair can be expensive. But many responders discuss the damages caused by storms or accidents as the most costly.

A tree falling into your home or the effects of a hurricane can damage a house’s roof, windows, or entire structure. One has to simply find the best deal without sacrificing quality.

7. Mold Damage

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Purchasing a home is expensive, stressful, and often difficult. You should be able to rely on home inspections to alleviate some concerns.

Not everyone is that fortunate. One unlucky homeowner shares, “Mold damage was missed on our home inspection. It cost us about 40-60 thousand by the end, even with us doing much of the work ourselves.”

8. Car Repairs

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Similar to the other responses shared, car troubles come unexpectedly and can cost a pretty penny.

Any issue is a necessary expense, whether your car is damaged from an accident or needs brake or electrical repairs. Ignoring any car problem can be dangerous and cost you even more. 

9. Pets

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Pets are one of our most cherished joys of life. They bring us endless amounts of happiness and fun and are good for our mental health. But pets can also be very expensive, from food to medical needs. Sometimes these needs are unexpected and very costly, even with pet insurance. 

But despite the cost, most would not change a thing. A pet lover laments, “Our first dog had many issues. Over his 11 years, his surgeries, meds, and hospital bills probably cost us $50,000 or more. I would do it again to have him back.” I’m sure most pet owners feel precisely the same.

10. Broken Glasses

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As someone who must wear glasses, I can attest to the expense. I’ve worn glasses since childhood and can not see clearly without them.

In today’s age, frames and lenses are more affordable than they once were, thanks to establishments like Warby Parker.

But it’s still a somewhat expensive necessity that is out of our control and that not everyone has to deal with.

11. Replacing Stolen Items

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Having anything stolen is an awful experience. Not only are your possessions gone, but you feel violated. Insurance can help cover the loss. But often, this support is minimal.

Someone claims, “My house was robbed. They stole all my hand tools and my PlayStation 4. The total value was around 2,300 dollars, and my insurance reimbursed me 150.” This poor soul cannot even come close to replacing the items with that amount.

12. Tax Audits

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When the tax man comes knocking, it’s hard to get him to leave.

The sad truth is the wealthy can afford to pay big bucks to attorneys to settle any case.

But for the average person, you’ll likely be paying late fees, interest, and fines, which could total thousands.

13. Quarantined Hotel Stay

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Hotels these days range in price, but at least we typically have options and can choose what works best. But sometimes those choices aren’t there. One person shared a miserable experience when they got Covid on the last day of their cruise: “At the time, Canada had a ten-day quarantine. [I spent] an extra $4000 on a hotel in Vancouver.”

There wasn’t a significant number of accommodation choices which is why they had to spend so much. This is not a fun way to end a vacation.

14. Medical Bills

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Medical bills are the most common response. The reasons run the gambit from ER visits and necessary surgeries to cancer treatments and dental work. Unless you want to ignore pain or illness completely, you can’t let these things go and hope they get better.

But tending to your medical needs often comes with hefty payments, particularly when insurance only covers so much. These issues remain one of the most severe and frustrating expenses today.

15. Forgotten Freezer

organized freezer
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One person shared how they accidentally left the door open to their upright freezer in the basement overnight.

Most of the food thawed out and was no longer salvageable, and the food that was not spoiled, there was no room in their smaller upstairs freezer.

Not only did they lose hundreds of dollars worth of food, but the freezer broke because it was trying to cool the entire basement overnight.

16. Speeding In A School Zone

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Racing through a school zone is dangerous, which is why the fines for doing so are so expensive.

But one person shared how his $500 was completely absurd.

Not only was he ticketed for speeding through the school zone in the evening after school had finished for the day, but it was during the height of the pandemic, when there was 100% virtual learning!

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