Rookie Riches: 13 Online Opportunities for First-Timers to Actually Start Making Bank from Home


Making money online has opened the door for many wanting to generate income seamlessly from the comfort of their homes.

However, the landscape of online money-making opportunities is always changing.

Understanding what you might be able to pursue as a beginner can make the process much easier.

If you’re looking to earn a living or just a couple of bucks here and there online, here are 13 real ways to make money online from home as a beginner in 2023.

#1. Joining Survey Sites

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Survey sites might not always offer the highest payouts compared to all online opportunities, but they’re always beginner-friendly and free to join.

From Swagbucks to Survey Junkie, see if there are any survey sites out there that are calling your name.

Many offer multiple ways to make money, which can help you maximize your earnings.

#2. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

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As long as professionals have work they don’t have time to take care of or have no desire to do it themselves, virtual assistants will always be in demand.

If you’re able to conduct independent research, make calls for others, manage data entry, and take care of other basic administrative tasks, you might be able to become a virtual assistant by contacting organizations directly or finding platforms designed specifically for aspiring Vas.

#3. Selling Your Skills via Freelancing

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Developing professional skills doesn’t just support you if you want to land a job.

Many leverage their skills online to generate additional income via freelancing.

Whether you excel at writing, graphic design, or something else that organizations constantly need, make a profile on the many freelancing sites out there (or your own website) and start reaching out to clients.

#4. Starting a Blog

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Blogging has taken off in recent years.

After all, you can spend most of your time writing about things you enjoy and making money from it.

Blogging requires a learning curve and an upfront investment, but you can start making money through ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

If you want to dip your toes in the water, consider revenue-sharing sites like HubPages or platforms like Medium.

#5. Online Tutoring

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Tutoring is a safe bet because tutors are always in demand.

If you have a college degree in the subject, you’re passionate about and a knack for teaching children, see if you can find people online in your area or beyond who need support as they navigate their educational careers.

Getting started can also be as simple as joining online tutoring platforms where you can more easily land jobs.

#6. Flipping Products

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Are you always on the hunt for a good deal?

Some people make their money online by flipping goods.

You can do this by finding great deals and flipping them as-is or finding products that need a little TLC, putting in the work, and then selling them to the right buyer.

#7. Making and Selling Digital Goods

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Digital goods are easy to produce, require no space in your home, and don’t have to be shipped to customers.

Some of the best digital goods worth selling include printables, e-books, journals and worksheets, and other items people need to express their creative side or navigate their lives.

#8. Starting Your Own Print-on-Demand (POD) Shop

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POD shops eliminate the hassle of stocking up on inventory and brand products with designs on your own.

Instead, you upload your design to the POD platform of your choice, display it in your POD shop, and then the platform manages the fulfillment process once someone buys something from you.

Some platforms you might want to look into include Zazzle and Redbubble, just to name a few.

#9. Offering Online Consulting Services

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Many new businesses and entrepreneurs need guidance toward growth and profitability.

Your advice might be valuable if you have any experience in this area or in specific industries.

Sell your consulting services online at a high rate, and you’ll be able to earn good money online in no time.

#10. Tapping Into Transcription Platforms

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Transcription is listening to audio and transcribing it into a basic, easy-to-read script.

While transcription can be tougher to get into, there are beginner platforms that can help you break into transcription so that you can access more lucrative opportunities.

Just make sure you know that you’re often paid by the audio hour, not by the number of hours you worked.

#11. Managing Someone Else’s Social Media

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Social media is a thing that you typically get, or you don’t.

If you understand social media and what it takes to grow accounts, offer your services as a social media manager to help brands gain more visibility online.

#12. Selling Photos or Photography Services

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Are you good with a camera?

Are you looking to sell your photos or your services?

If so, this is another way to make money online.

Whether you sell photos individually through sites like Shutterstock or look for online gigs where you’re asked to take specific pictures, opportunities abound for the right photographers.

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