Teachers Gone Rogue: The 15 Wildest Things Ever Confiscated from Students


Have you ever wondered what kind of things teachers manage to confiscate from their students over the course of a school year? 

There’s no telling what sort of outlier items might end up in teachers’ hands due to misbehavior or simply because students weren’t aware that certain items aren’t allowed, but it’s safe to assume that there have been some pretty wild finds over the years! 

Today, we are showcasing the craziest discoveries, from live animals to ice picks; you may be surprised as to what has been confiscated from the classroom. 

We’ll take a look at why these objects landed in trouble and where they ended up afterward. Ready for the wildest adventure into student mischief gone wrong? 

#1. A Sock Full Of Change

Man counting coins
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One teacher observed a student carrying a sizable sock filled with loose change, which the student clarified was his lunch money. 

The teacher confiscated the sock and returned it to the student solely during the designated lunch period.

Despite the student’s explanation, the teacher still advised him to use more appropriate methods for carrying money.

#2. Crochet Hooks

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This teacher encountered an interesting scenario involving a student who would come to class with an abundance of crochet hooks. 

However, instead of focusing on studying and paying attention, this student would passionately crochet during class sessions. 

Remarkably, if all of his hooks were confiscated, he resorted to crafting new ones from branches over the weekends.

#3. Spirits

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Several educators had students bring spirits to school. One teacher found a second grader in possession of a bottle of Jack Daniels, and another remembers a student who brought whiskey to school that had blue food coloring added to it to disguise its actual contents.

A third teacher had a student who accidentally brought her mom’s work thermos to school. The thermos was filled with rum and coke. Where did her mom work?

#4. World War II Relic

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A student brought a WWII-era tank shell for show-and-tell day at their school.

The family assumed it was inert and used it as a doorstop. Law enforcement was called, and the shell was confiscated, never to be seen by the student and their family again.

#5. Nail Clippings

clipping nails
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You might not think that nail clippings is a weird thing to bring into school.

But what if it was a jar of nail clippings the kid has been saving?

One student brought in a mason jar filled with their nail clippings from their life.

Instead of throwing them away, the kid likes to save them for some reason.

#6. Tasers

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There are a couple of stories about Tasers being confiscated. A few teachers report students bringing police-grade Tasers to their classes.

Police Tasers are designed to help officers subdue a suspect faster than the design of civilian-grade Tasers. Some other teachers say they’ve found students with miniature Tasers that resemble pens.

#7. Paninis, Anyone?

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Some enterprising kids with a knack for food service started a pop-up deli in the back of a classroom.

During lunchtime, the students used a portable electric grill to make paninis, which they gave to other students. It didn’t take long to shut it down, but you have to admire their ingenuity.

#8. Ear Piercing Equipment

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A substitute tenth-grade math teacher recounts witnessing a student give another student an ear piercing during class.

The equipment was sanitized with Germ-X hand sanitizer. They thought that piercing someone’s ear in school was a good idea.

#9. A Hot Lunch

Doubtful looking teacher shrugging shoulders
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A third-grade teacher in the discussion had to confiscate a bottle of siracha and a bag of Lays BBQ potato chips from a student.

Dad allowed the kid to pack his lunch without checking the contents first. The teacher insisted his student eat the school-provided lunch that day.

#10. Homemade Flamethrower

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Lighters are generally banned from being taken on school property, but that didn’t stop one student, a teacher recalls.

The student used the lighter and an aerosol can of deodorant as a makeshift flamethrower. Someone was watching too many episodes of MacGyver.

#11. Fogger

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Another student stole a fogger that contained insecticide to destroy pests. He actually set it off, but didn’t know what he was doing.

In the end, the only person that was hurt was him. He had to be treated for poisoning.

#12. Pets

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A couple of educators experienced close encounters with the furry kind. The first explains how they had a student who didn’t want their pet cat to be lonely at home, so they snuck the kitty in their backpack and set it free in the middle of the classroom.

The second teacher had someone bring their guinea pig to school to show their friends.

#13. Ice Pick

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One student brought in an ice pick to class.

The kid had been punished for bad behavior and and the teacher assumed the ice pick was brought in as a weapon. Luckily, the student didn’t get the chance to use it.

#14. Voodoo Chile

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Teachers understand they may have students who don’t like them. They may not understand a student who makes a voodoo doll of their teacher and brings it to school with pins embedded in it.

How does a teacher even begin to react to seeing something like that?

#15. He Could Not Tell a Lie

Shocked woman
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A teacher’s aide in a fourth-grade classroom describes how they found a student with a small hatchet in his backpack.

He was showing it off to his classmates, and after it was confiscated, he was asked why he brought it to school. He explained that his parents were divorced, and he took it from his mother’s house to his father’s.

At least he wasn’t chopping down cherry trees.

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